Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bladdernuts! My Ruby crashed!

Day 2 in my long journey to reach 365 posts.
I'm feeling a little tired and... thirsty.
I just looked for the sun and it's not where I normally see it.
Andy says it's because it's 10:00 pm but I think he's lying to me. He's trying to keep my mental illness out of our everyday conversation but we both know it's sitting right under the surface, the surface of what, I haven't decided.

2008 started with a "BANG!" for me.

As in, I banged my head on the coffee table 4 or 5 times because my beloved laptop Ruby crashed! I resuscitated her but now I'm scaurd! I hope that wasn't a bad omen...

Anyway... now that the gift giving hoopla is over, I can calmly tell you about the greatest gift Andy has ever given me (besides Ruby). He gave me a membership to the Chicago Botanic Garden! I posted about my first visit there in July where I found out about Bladdernuts (no, that's not what you think! They're not edible...) and I absolutely loved it there! Now I can go whenever I want!

Whenever. I. want! So happy...

I also finally got the Chia Pet I've always wanted! And stuff for my garden. If you didn't know before, I am a huge plant nut.

Okay, I'm off to see what I can make for dinner when I get home from work. My mom's on vacation and the hub-bub and I have gone thru our rations of Ramen Noodles. My sister took pity on us and invited us over for dinner tonight but there is only so much I'm willing to mooch off of her, she is 8 years younger after all.

I think I have some chicken breasts (that's what she said) in the freezer but I don't think I'm licensed to cook without a recipe so... wish me luck. It's a scary new year!


  1. Noodle-less:

    Only the 2nd of the year, and already out of noodles - scary times, indeed.

    Home Cooking:

    If you've not already got them you might want to fit smoke alarms. When they go off it means that dinner's ready...

  2. B, are you cooking for me on Wednesday's like my mom does ?

  3. Buy a crockpot, Bee. I swear you can throw anything into a crockpot with some frozen veggies and a can of cream of mushroom soup and by the end of the day it makes a legitimate meal that you can eat over rice or noodles.

    I own three crockpots. I'm an addict. Not a crackpot, though. A CROCKPOT addict.

  4. Are we both out of the top 30 now? This is a day of mourning and sadness, Bee. We need to organize a better clickety organization for 2008.

  5. Are you in luck or what? My MiL has a membership there too. Want me to set ya up a date? She talks constantly so you don't even have to worry about small talk. and the best part, you can trade stories about me.

  6. I clicked for both of ya before 10:00

  7. Jean Knee! Queen Of The Clicky Frontier!

    Bee, you're so good at shameless clicky whoring. I need to give it a try. You can be like my clicky whoring pimp, k?

  8. I can't believe they're going to put your picture on cans of SPAM, Bee. That is so exciting.

    I read about it over at in case anyone else is interested. Bee is just one banner click away from getting the lo-down on her SPAM can debut.

  9. i went out to my friendly neighborhood white hen-slash-whatever its called now and its fuckin freezing bee!! my boogers froze in my nose!
    stock up on those crap trays of fake cuisine you like so much that way you can give dan a nice meal to replace your moms. YUCK!

  10. Brian:
    Good idea!! Is that what you do?

    Sure!! But I would need you to bring the following ingredients:
    Bucket of Fried Chicken (from KFCs) some cole slaw, mashed taters, some biscuits mmmm... my mouth is watering already!

  11. EWBL:
    I have a crockpot but it's ginormous so I'm too lazy to cook use it for just the 2 of us. Wantta come over and show me how to use it? You can bring your whole gang!

    You went back to the top 30 where as I'm like 52 or something. ::sigh:: The seed woman is still in the top 20!!

    jean knee:
    I dunno... I mean you told me she makes you cry so I might push her down a waterfall. Or is that what you want??

  12. EWBL:
    Yup! My picture will be on cans of Spam alright! You can read al about it by clicking on the Yo-Yo icon on my sidebar. Find out if I will pose with or without my mustache!

    It's mighty nippy out there yonder! Many boogers have died from frostbite!

  13. When your mom is gone everyone knows that Dan is supposed to go & cook for everyone.



    Or maybe just lotsa pizza & Chinese :)

    Bee: porn & Vista don't mix you wickedwicked girl

  14. I love Chicago.
    I'm sure the botanical gardens are fabulous!

  15. no, no Bee. I make her cry. You'd probably stop her heart (MIL)

  16. I have to save you from this commetn Bee. I too am a risky cook and most often need to follow a recipe just to boil water. One night dinner did not get made for whatever reason and my husband said "Why didn't you make dinner?" I said "I didn't have a recipe to use" to which he replied "I bought you a laptop that you can go online from ANY room in the house. The great thing about this internet thing is that you can google recipes and never go without again."
    I felt burned and just a little angry. Save yourself Bee. Save yourself!!


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