Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lulu 12/25/35-1/9/08

After months of suffering, our beloved Lulu has left us. She was a feisty lady that loved us more than we deserved.
Saturday we will sit next to her sons and daughters and feel a part of their family because of her. We will share their grief.
Now you will be subjected to things I either learned from her or we fought about because I was too stubborn to change.
Don't leave your purse on the floor. It's bad luck. [okay, but only because I don't like getting my purse dirty]
No matter what you're doing, you should always look nice doing it. [we'd always dress up when we visited you but my toilet scrubbing does not warrant heels and make up :o)]
Take care of your husband. [I agree--sometimes--]
However, if that man is no good for you, kick his ass out of your life. [she lead by example]
Cold chile rellenos are not good. [we ate them anyway because we love you]
Guavas in a jar are de-lish! [although not as good as the fresh ones]
You can never have too much jewelry. [thank you for stocking my collection]
Nothing says love like a fresh Concha, coffee and gossip. [this one will be hard to do without you]
Always keep coloring books and crayons in a drawer. [it helped with my short attention span]
Find the sunniest room in your house and fill it with plants. [I tweaked that one a little and just put plants in every available space in my house]
Don't take shit from anybody. [AMEN!]
Don't take yourself too seriously and learn to laugh at what life throws you. [you were the best teacher]
I'm sure there's allot more...
We will miss you.

Life Ever After

Life filled with pain and sorrow, surrounded powerless
Fighting for yesterday, today and tomorrow
Sadness in knowing the pain this is causing
Comfort in God’s reward for constant suffering

Walking through fields of beautiful flowers
Their dizzying perfume and sent filling the senses
Watching the sun rise and set with amazement
Colorful birds singing their joy for God’s life ever after

Breathing God’s presence and knowing he loves us
Pleasure in watching loved ones lives fill with happiness
Hoping their love will strengthen their power
Looking as more arrive, enjoying their wonderment

Dancing beneath the stars, stretching and reaching them
Plentiful rainbows radiating brightness
Sun light and moon light together in harmony
Basking in God’s Love and Glory, knowing that fear no longer threatens

Flame that has not been extinguished only transcended all time and all matter
Gathering flowers, humming along with the beautiful music
Peacefully embracing memories, knowing that one-day we will all be reunited
Waiting patiently, lovingly smiling...