Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another bout of obsessivenes- eses

Day 3 of my journey to bring you 365 smiles this year. I'm beginning to lose touch with reality (again) I could have sworn I saw an image of myself looking back at me while I was brushing my teeth this morning. Only it was horribly distorted, almost as if the other me had woken up from a long deep sleep. No matter what I did, it wouldn't go away! I finally had to drag myself away from those cold calculating eyes and leave for work. I can only hope this voyage is worth sacrificing the rest of my sanity...

Aztec Calender

As a descendant of Aztec Royalty (I can't really prove it but I'm sure it's true, surprised?) I do my shopping for calendars with the utmost respect needed. I don’t want to disappoint my ancestors and the legacy they have bestowed upon me. I should be able to know what day it is by using rudimentary tools you say? It's a good thing I don't have a webcam cuz I'm making an obscene gesture right now, just for you!
Anyway, every year I go to my local Border's Bookstore and spend about half an hour (sometimes even longer) deciding which calenders will be lucky enough to come and live at my home, purse and office.
The one for my office has to be "I wish I was there right now!", the one in my purse has to be sophisticated-ly cool and the one I use for home has to be pretty enough to showcase it on my peninsula. I need to know what's going on in my life at all times so imagine how long it takes me to update all my sweet little calenders. Plus the one in my Blackjack.
What's interesting (OR NOT) is that I don't have a life!

That's my little calender tradition. I know everybody has their own calender quirks. Brian doesn't change his until the exact day it needs to be changed and Jean Knee waits until February (she never knows what day it is, IT'S FRIDAY JEAN KNEE!) (just kidding, my Aztec genes tell me it's Thursday).
So here is my "life", kind of sick huh?: (not included are the desk ones I have at work)


By the way, it's super cold here in Chicagoland. My cheeks look like a couple of freezer burned chicken breasts! The wind chill has us at 10 below zero. At least my pistachio ice cream won't melt while I'm eating it.


  1. Southern Transplant MJanuary 2, 2008 at 11:06 PM

    WOOO HOOOO!!!!!

    I Beat Brian...

    I Beat Jean...

    I first today!!!!!!

    Bee I'm soooo excited you are going to post everyday!!

    If it makes you feel better our little southern safe haven of the heinous cold of the north hit a comfortable 10 degrees today!

    Stay Warm!!!

  2. How do you know which one you've written that important meeting/event in?

    I buy the same one every year - a narrow one with Marilyn Monroe on it, but every year I usually manage to get given a second one.

    The funny thing is, I almost never need them. Maybe Jean Knee's got the right idea.

  3. How is it that I'm here at 5 A.M. on Thursday and am no where near the top? Not that I'm bitter.
    I too put a lot of thought into my calendars. I think that you really have to put a lot of consideration into them since you're going to have to look at them the rest of the year.
    I had the misfortune of being gifted three calendars this year (I had never gotten a calendar for Christmas before) and none of them are that special one. But I feel that I must use them so as not to offend anyone. I fear it may be a shitty year. (sigh)

  4. I need help to settle an argument I've been having with the wife for a few years, I say Sunday is the first day of the week, that would be why all weeks in a calender always start on Sunday then Monday ....
    She says Monday is the first day of the week and her explanation is that God created the earth and rested on the seventh day, Sunday.
    I tell her that has nothing to do with it.
    Brian, I expect a very well thought out researched response.

  5. When you teach kids to say the days of the week you start with Sunday.

    I like the one with the boot.

    my nephew is here from your neck of the woods. He wanted to sweat while he is here but it's not quite hot enough. I think our sense of humor is somewhat disturbing to him, he's adjusting well (except for the hoard--he told me his dad would be yelling about it,sigh)

  6. Remember that the Jewish Sabbath was Saturday, which is the seventh day if you start with Sunday. Jesus was crucified on a Friday, and rose on a Sunday.

    Early Christians wanted to distinguish themselves from Jews, which is why the rules for calculating Easter are so complicated (they have to avoid it falling on Passover). Romans also chose Sunday as their day off.

    In Greek the names for Monday to Thursday are simply "second" to "fifth".

  7. Which I suppose means that in theory Christians break one of the ten commandments, since they don't celebrate the Sabbath.

    Except that you can argue that the Jewish Sabbath was almost certainly arbitrary, so as long as you celebrate one of the seven consistently you probably won't burn...

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  9. I'm half asleep. ISO 8601 has MONDAY as Day 1 and is used by almost everyone. US starts weeks on a Sunday

  10. So it's settled, Sunday is day ONE. So let's quote Michael Corleone's wife Apolonia:



  12. Oh, the killing... it's just too much

  13. Anyway, Day 1 is still Sunday in US and UK, but Monday is more logical. Dan's wife is wrong because her argument is based on God taking Sunday off, which didn't happen.

    My head hurts - you should try reading some of the Wiki stuff, or Maths of ISO 8601, after which the Babylonian calendar seems much more sensible...

  14. Whoa! My brain is still on vacation, therefore, I don't really know what day it is today and all that matters is the days that I have left...

    I also have made my selection for my personal 2008 calendar. (I will be returning 2-hopefully before it's too late and they won't want them anymore). I offered my DH, a very nice, red, leather calendar for his use and he chose to pass on the offer--said he probably wouldn't use it.

    Is it a girlie thing to have and use calendars?? (No offense Brian, you do mention though that you don't really need your calendars).

    Just wondering...

  15. I think it is a girl thing.
    I put up my Spain calender here at work and now I want to dive into whatever body of water is on Jan 31st!

  16. Leather red diary? Sounds like something I would like! Although, the one I got for my purse has a picture of a cool red boot.

  17. STM:
    Ha! Glad to be of service but I might need audience participation if I start drying up! Idea-wise I mean.

    I update all my calenders. My pops is a MM fan.

    You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to be first on this here blog. Of course it's probably because I post at around 10:30 pm each night.
    I hope the new year picks up for you! We're at the begining so it might turn around on ya yet!

    I hope Brian answered your question.

    jean knee:
    Tell your nephew he's missing out on the freezing cold temps, I'm sure he'll be upset!

  18. Yes he did, thank's Brain, from now on I'll consult you with all the doubts I have about life so you can do the research for me !!!

    Brain put it best but in order to finally win my argument with the wife I will use Jean Knee's response.

    - When teaching kids the days of the week you always start with Sunday- I WIN !

  19. I was expecting a more sientific expalnation from you B, after all your are the Aztec queen.
    Micheal's wife had unique boobs.

  20. what makes you think you have any, even a pich, of sanity left? I don't see it

  21. I got my Sunbum a calendar from The Dollar Store because she's an obsessive compulsive freak about scheduling and marking down dates. It has Labradoodles on it. You know, ugly little poodle/Lab mixes. It was only a dollar. Maybe for a dollar more you can get calendars with attractive dogs in bikinis or something but I wasn't willing to do that.

  22. Aztec calendar says we will all be finito by 2012.

    We should party like it's 2011 then! Prince better make a new version of his song soon.

  23. My Natalie has an Aztec middle name. It's Xotchitl the Aztec goddess of flowers and fertility.

  24. 2012 ? does it say that in the calender. Jan, Feb, the world is going to end in 2012 ?

  25. Actually, it will be December 21, 2012. The scary thing is that several ancient civilizations (including Nostradamus) predicted the end of the world to be on that same date and year!! As a matter of fact the Mayan calendar ends on December of 2012!! There was a documentary on the history channel "Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012" that looked into the Mayan calendar along with the other predictors of said date.

    Google that date, you will find tons of information. As a matter of fact, you tube has clips of the history channel documentary (google the date + history channel)...

  26. FYI: The History Channel will be airing that "Doomsday" episode on Monday, January 21st at 8:00pm (check your local listing).

    Check it out:

  27. Southern Transplant MJanuary 3, 2008 at 6:26 PM

    OK for someone who is on vacation....


    World renowned phychic Sylvia Brown says "the last year will be 2095 which will end with the comming of our lord"

    I like her prediction better...
    it gives us more time!!

  28. Judgement Day will come like a theif in the night.....I'll go with Jesus on this one, although Sylvia Brown is a close second.

  29. Ummmm... YIKES!!!
    No talk about end of the world please!
    But just in case, live love laugh!

  30. It was 15 degrees here, so not as cold as where you are, but it sure felt chilly while I was out running (I always run in my swimsuit. No, it's not a Speedo).

    Tomorrow you'll be more than 1 percent done with your goal! Keep it up!

  31. Here is is January 4 (I think) and I still don't have my new calendars up. Cuase I'm stressed every time I go into work and stare at what is left of the massacred 50 percent off calendars and can't decide what to get! I need at least three, and they must be perfect. I'm thinking sleeping kittens dreaming cute kitten thoughts aren't so much my style. But that's getting to be all that's left.

    Perhaps I should just construct a sun dial on my deck. Except I'd have no place to jot down dr. appointments and early outs. Thus, a conundrum.


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