Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TGIHD-Thank God It's Hump Day.

Day 23. There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. - Mary Kay Ash

You guys know I'm doing the whole 365 day posting thing but today was a busy day so I will leave you with this question.

Knowing what an asshole OZ is to everyone (except me), why did I feel horrible when I met with him for some quick questions today and saw he was looking lost and haggard?

Okay, forget me leaving you with just this question. Now I have to tell you guys that the Bats are thinking I'm up for the role of Glynda! Little do they know I'm not into sparkly crystal pumps. More like these, the better to spear you with my dear!

Anyway, change is in the air...


  1. Que?

    "hump" must mean something different in American English ;-)


    You're getting old(er)...

    Glynda Bee:

    Becoming the new Glynda would be a selfless act - it would stop someone else from coming in and getting the same shit she did, and he'd never dare treat you like that. I think that for the good of humanity and batkind you should give in to your destiny...

    All right, all right, the real reason is that it would produce some entertaining (for us) blog material ;-)

  2. what you take the role of the Wicked Witch again ?

  3. don't do it, it seems wrong

    are you a nurse?
    run away

    no no Bee

    fear the unknown

  4. Happy spewing has returned to my house, apparently Lean's flu shot was defective---she has much better aim than Drew-

    see there's always a plus in every situation

  5. I think that you could totally rock the role of Glynda. Make it more edgy and in the words of the all-knowing Tyra Banks "more fierce!"
    And those shoes rock. I wonder if they make them mommy friendly?

  6. I say go for it. Step up to the plate and hit a homerun. Put the experience under your belt. Think of the future.

    I think I read somewhere: "There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. - Mary Kay Ash"... which one are you Bee?


  7. if there's a raise that's different

  8. I'd totally change if I could wear shoes like that. My name would probably have some hot little prefix or perhaps verb before it.

    But change...does it come with a change in how you're treated? Because that might tip a scale if it were me.

  9. Brian:
    Nope, means the same thing in all Englishes.
    Ain't nutin' but a number!
    He would have to pay me big bucks HUGE!

    Always will be the WW. Can they handle it?

  10. jean knee:
    No, not a nurse. He would need a nurse and an office manager.
    He would have to pay me big bucks HUGE!


    Thanks! I would not have as much patience as she did...

  11. SC:
    I'm def. a "maker" but I won't do it if he doesn't compensate accordingly.

    Yeah, I would have to let him know the first time he stepped out of line that I"m not one to be messed with! ;o)

  12. Change is good.
    Good is change.

    *Deep...I know!

  13. Prepare yourself....

    I totally agree with what NCS said, "change is good"!

  14. NCS-Esmeralda:
    Isn't there a song that goes something like "change is in the air" tada da da...
    Oh wait, I thing it says "love is in the air..."


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