Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bee the next Drew Barrymore!

Day... hold on, let me count the grooves I've carved into my forehead. One, two... This is day 5 of my wild and wacky trek towards posting every day in 2008.
I find myself inhaling helium every 5 minutes to prepare my voice for when I accept the award for 365 consecutive days of posting. It'll make my voice less squeaky and more sexy right? I wonder if the award will be made out of solid chocolate???

Since not allot of people frequent blogs during the weekend I've decided this post will be all about me amazing you with my morphing ability!
What does that have to do with few readers, you ask.
Morphing! I just got why they call it "morphing" - it makes you think you're high on morphine when you watch things transform before your very eyes!
Did you just call me lame?
Anyway, according to this website, my match is Drew Barrymore. Don't make fun of my big hair in the picture cuz it was the 90s and the Glamour shot people teased my hair to within one inch of it's life! Have fun morphing me over and over again, I know you will!

Okay till tomorrow my loony friends!


  1. So, my wife asked me to go to Bee's blog and type "I am the first"... so I did...


  2. HI!!!
    Did she also tell you that the first person gives me $100??

  3. "I" was supposed to be first. Not me telling you to comment about me being first, or is it me telling you to be the first to comment? I am confused now.

    bed time...

  4. Yeah go to bed turkeys! I am currently listening to Ice Ice Baby!!

  5. Now it's La Vida Loca and I'm shaking it!
    Living la vida loca!!!

  6. I listened to Rico Suave today. Can I get in on this action?

    When I do this morphing thing, I always morph into some old Chinese guy. Even when I tell those morphers that I'm all chick, all the time. I blame my fondness for the fortune cookie.

  7. Ha! When I uploaded a picture of my husband it gave me the choice for some weird looking transvestite! I immediately picked another picture which now has him as Michael Vartan, not too shabby for Andy!

  8. That Rico Suave guy probably has a kegerator instead of a six pack now.

  9. Not First:

    Maybe if I start getting up at 5am.

    Bee Barrymore:

    Maybe they'll let you be a victim in a "Scream" film.

  10. I like that Drew Barrymore...

    Bee, what are those red spots on yer face?? are they there all the time?

    I'm not morphing cause I know I'll be a man, baby!

  11. different girl--you gotta show em your rack--no more chinese guy

  12. Brian:
    Well, not to brag but I am a good screamer! Just take a listen:

    Good huh?? :o)

    jean knee:
    Red spots, it's probably my illness... :o(

    you said 'rack'! [snicker]

  13. Jean - Ha! Good thinking there! That's the ancient Chinese secret.

    And here's me, tempted to do it, just to see what would happen! Hello, new hobby...

  14. hey, try a picture of me.

  15. Bee:

    You don't need to be able to scream - they put those on afterwards - it's rarely the actors.

    You do have to look good whilst being hanged - something that your doppleganger did a good job of. The biggest star in that particular part of the film, though (Neve Campbell isn't in it at that point), is the popcorn...

  16. I'm going to spend the rest of the day here clicking on your picture.

  17. Butch Or Lipstick?January 6, 2008 at 6:36 PM

    Drew Barrymore?
    Is this your way of telling Andy that you like things "Rosie-Style" too?

  18. WHAT???? Is Drew a lesbian ????

    say it ain't so. noooooo

    I have nothing against lesbians it's just that the Hollywood ones are so obnoxious

    will Drew become obnoxious too?? noo no no nooo she's too darling to act like Rosie or ellen--it's just a dog for Pete's sake--you didn't even like it

  19. I'm going to spend the rest of the day here clicking on your picture.

  20. And by "rest of the day" I mean 5 minutes.

  21. DUDE! THATS ERIE! i was trying to see who was on the screen before i clicked and i couldnt figure out if it was you or drew barrymore.


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