Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh Nachos! My Nachos!

-Day 27. Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up.- Joseph Barth

the hubs and I went to see Cloverfield and it wasn't as scary as I thought. I also didn't get dizzy, pukey, shaky, wobbly or woozy. Maybe I've become immune due to the fact that ALL our homemade movies look like a chimp had the camera.

While at the theater, we ordered our Nachos (wouldn't be a movie without cheesy crunchy spicy goodness) and I think I've said before what a passion I have for Nachos.
I pick the movie theater based solely on how good their Nachos are.
Over the years I've been tempted to buy my own cuz Andy will sometimes hog 'em, I don't of course, because they cost like $50.
An-y-way, he knows my Nacho love and yet, when it's his turn to have them on his lap, he doesn't eat them!
He just sits their watching the movie!
Now, correct me if I'm wrong but what is the point of watching a movie without eating Nachos?? Then he gives me the stink eye when I ask for them cuz I'm interrupting the movie-watching... he seriously needs to set his priorities straight! ;op

Something else I found interesting was that every preview was based on our bleak future via wars, diseases, aliens and one movie will take us back to 10,000 BC to tell us how bad our future might have been.
OH AND A NEW STAR TREK!! (I will leave it up to you to decide whether I'm excited or completely confused as to why).

We also saw this poster for the upcoming The Dark Night movie. I found it very disturbing.

Once home, Andy and I had a series of small disagreements. Nothing major, just everyday little pet peeves we have because not all is Moonlight and Margaritas in our little household.
After one of our battles, he walked away and Mocha tried to eat my cookie so I said "No Mocha!" you know I gotta protect my cookie, for some reason Andy thought I was saying something mean to him so he howls "what!?!"

Uh... I was talking to Mocha.
Sure you were!
Listen buster bananas! If I want to say something to you I'll say it!
Yeah Okay.
What? You think I'm afraid of you?

And so it continued until we each went to our corners, he not convinced that I'm more afraid of babies with guns than him and I not convinced Mocha wouldn't try to steal my cookie.

For some reason that took me back to fights I had with my brothers... what??
Are we the only ones that have dumb fights like that?

Anyway, hope you all had a good Saturday.

We saw 27 Dresses last week and I loved it! (Andy did too.)



    I might actually read the post later. Busy with Helena right now.

  2. So what you're saying is that getting married is NOT necessarily a sign of growing up......right?
    And I think I'm first cause I actually read your post! So neener neener!

  3. Most fights are dumb, so no, it's not just you...

    You'd have thought they'd made enough Star Trek films. I suppose with the writers on strike there's a limit to the kinds of films they can do ;-)

  4. We only have big fights about religion, politics and world domination. No way would we have little spats over big huge shoes making people trip in the living room or craft crap taking over the whole house.

  5. Why did the Dark Knight poster disturb you? Was it the image alone, or the image juxtaposed with Heath Ledger's death?

  6. Ok I have to ask..You live in a household that is childfree, I've seen you throw f-bombs on here before so I know you know how to curse..and you and Andy both seem to be, my question is..given all these facts, do you really call him things like "buster bananas?"

  7. the last fight Bee and I had she said just a minute here sister sad sack!!

    I cried for days

  8. ninthhhh !!!!!
    B once called me a Chicken Fajita Head, I still tear up when I remember this.

  9. did you go to Muvico like I told you to ?

  10. Esmeralda:
    Nieves says "Hola!"

    Carry on.

    Don't think we ever will grow up. We'll probably be in our 70s playing rocl paper siccors to see who ahs to call for pizza. :o)

    Hey! You're back!

    jean knee:
    Phew! Not just us...

    Nicklaus Louis:
    It definately was tied to Ledger's death. The poster was behind a glass case giving it an eeriness.

    Yeah, our arguments can get down and dirty but these were tiny little lover's spats. Those just warrant me calling him things like "chicken breath, toad poop,cactus head" etc. Another symptom of not being quite grown up.

    jean knee:
    But then I hugged you and gave you a Cris angel lollipop. :o)

    Sorry brother. I'll try ti behave.
    Muvico-no. How are their Nachos?

  11. Lori:
    I apologize, Andy was tickling me so I mis-spelled everything.
    "Rock Paper Scissors"

  12. I don't like that fake from the can "cheese" they use on nanchos. I only make my own.

    Hey, when I go to the movies I always stop at a my fav mex restaurant and bring a burrito. Hmmm. Burritos.


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