Friday, January 18, 2008

I'll take one for the team!

Day 18. Money is not the most important thing in the world, love is. Fortunately, I love money.- Anonymous

I heard in the news, that people can get sick from handling money due to the fact that germs and bacteria live on paper and coins with no way to disinfect them.
I, as a public servant, will make it my mission (I know what you're thinking "another mission Bee? Your selflessness in serving humanity equals Tom Cruise's intense desire to help the world heal itself thru scientology, our hero!" ) to keep these illnesses from afflicting you guys. I will sacrifice my health for you.
Just send me all your money but make sure you wear gloves while putting it in envelopes, or for you more wealthy people, boxes.
For you ladies that had the misfortune of contaminating your wallets or cool purses, send those to me too.
I'll make sure they're disposed of in a proper fashion. As in, I will wear them with my fashionable shoes.
Remember, this is what germ/bacteria looks like!
No need to thank me.
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  1. FIRST!!!!!

    & I think money may believe me to be a disease 'cause I nevber have any :(

  2. How selfless. You should have told me earlier, I've been and spent mine. On shoes.

  3. My God. I am just in AWE of your selflessness. I'm also considering throwing myself off a bridge since I know that I will NEVER be as good and wholesome as you.
    You truly are the Mother Teresa of our generation.

  4. sorry B but I have a high tolorance for germs so money doesn't make me sick.

  5. What is this money you speak of? It sounds strange and mysterious. I am now scared of it, yet a smidge intrigued by the idea of it. I fear it will haunt my dreams, thus provoking a fever. Of lust.

  6. I haven't touched money since an incident in 1972, involving 2 girls, one cup,and my drunken uncle Steve. Now I only pay with plastic

  7. I'm a germaphobe. But I'd still like to roll around on a bed full of dirty, filthy, stinkin money.

    Ooooooh baby!


  9. Bee, you are such a good woman.
    I hope that Oz knows how good and selfless you truly are.

  10. Babe:
    It's cuz you have a spendy wife, I'd show her who's boss if I were you!

    That's okay, I can wait until you make some more.

    Thanks! But as a future Mother T, I can't let you jump off bridges!

  11. Dan, you say that now but I've seen how your hair has been changing colors.

    Be very afraid! It's best you send it to me right away before it causes you any damage.

  12. JEAN KNEE!!!!:
    I thought we made a deal never to speak of that... THAT! ::shiver::

    You and me both!
    Uh... not you and me literally...

  13. NCS:
    We should spread the word. Maybe he'll give me his money too. Or at least pay me.

  14. Fortunately I have little enough money that handling it really isn't an issue.

    If you're interested, The Church of Scientology keeps nuking every one of these videos put up on YouTube. Here is a link that should still be good.


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