Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunshine and redness

-Day 28. Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.- James Matthew Barrie

Do you see this picture? Today was our first full day of sunshine! We celebrated, as is our tradition, by shutting the blinds!
Okay, I need some input from everyone.
I'm approaching the 31 day mark of posting daily and am now asking you if I'm getting on your nerves.
Do you find it a chore to come check me out everyday? I could probably keep it up longer but I don't want to over stay my welcome.
If you're tired of my on and on moaning-groaning-whack-'em-slap-'em stories just say the word and I'll come to your living room, office, bathroom only about 5 days a week. Maybe more if something exciting happens.
By exciting I mean me opening the mail and finding I've just won a vacation to Zimbabwe but I have to transfer 10 Grand into an over seas bank account.
Anyway, I'm going to bed early today because I can feel in my bones I'm going to have a long, difficult day tomorrow.
It seems Glynda The Good might be coming back to the Asylum. This is why it doesn't pay to be one of the good guys, they always get trampled on!
My new mission is to talk Andy into buying me this:
Red Blackjack Ooh Aah!
Some of the reasons I've given him are:
1) It matches many of my shoes.
2) It matches many of my purses.
3) It matches my nail polish.
4) It matches some of my jewelry.
5) It matches my laptop.
6) I'd be happy for at least a month.
7) IT'S RED!!!!!


  1. FIRST!


    Reasons why you will never be able to stop your daily blogging. Ever:

    1. Checking your blog is part of my morning routine. If you stop you will completely mess up my life.

    2. There are more opportunities to be FIRST.

    3. It's not as though you're short. Of comments, I mean.

    4. Your blog is red.

  2. There's a typo in your post. You said "talk Andy into buying me this". You mean buying himself this. After all, you've already got loads of red things, so he needs this so that he's colour-coordinated with you.

    What does the gadget do, anyway?

  3. Bee,

    We hearby release you from your NY resolution/promise. I think it brings a lot of stress to your life feeling the obligation to write a blog everyday.

    Not that I don't enjoy reading your blog, but I understand how difficult it might be for you.

    You did an entire month (almost), and that in itself is pretty good. Besides, it will keep me checking everyday to see when you post a new blog.

  4. Dear Bee,
    How could we ever tire of your wittiness? (Is that even a word?) I agree with Brian, you have somehow become a part of my morning routine as well and you would screw up my life too. And seeing as how I am a touch obsessive compulsive when it comes to my daily routines, this would not be good for me. Please Bee. Don't make me go back to crazy just because you don't want to blog everyday. Think of me.

  5. Please continue, I would be disconected from the family if you stop.
    Would you like some help with your bloging topics ?
    I can throw you a subject and you can write your opinion on it.

  6. K, so I don't make it here everyday to comment. Bad me. Bad me. But I do read all your posts via Google reader. I am always happy when I see you've posted.

    However, as someone who tries to blog everyday I know how hard it can be. And there have been many times when life just doesn't let it happen. Find some short quick posts for those days when you'd rather eat chocolate and watch tv than turn on your computer. :-D We loves You Bee!! We really Loves you!!

  7. I love reading you every day. But since I am totally void of anything to blog about ever again, I understand if you don't want to keep doing it daily (that's what he would never say)

    I'll just stalk you through e-mails

    or you could put up old posts most of us missed

  8. Thanks guys! Wow! Even though I didn't mean for it to be an ego boost it sure as shit is!

    I haven't run out of nonsense to talk about, I just want to make sure I haven't bored you guys yet. Will you promise to tell me when I do? All you have to say is "Bee, the sun is shining! Go outside and get a life!" and I will because you told me too. :o)

  9. Bee, the sun is shining! Go outside and get a life!

    And take your laptop with you, so the rest of us can see what this "life" thing is like.

    [Second attempt to post this - got weird message the first time]

  10. It'll give you something else to blog about.

    I wouldn't mind seeing some sunshine...

  11. De-lurking for a minute. Your stories make my day. I love that you post at night so that I can read them before going to work in the morning. You are alot of things but one of them is not boring. I selfishly hope you keep posting everyday and that the day you run out of things to say only last just that ONE DAY.


  12. Bee, you are an inspiration to all of us no-lives in cyber space.

    Is Glynda really coming back? oh the poor thing

  13. They say you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit, so you're already there! Woo hoo! Habit.

    My habit is coming around to check out yours.

    But here's a question. If it's 21 days to form a habit, why is it 28 days to brake one? Hmm. Except for working out. I can break that one about 23 minutes in.

  14. Ha! I wish I could make a habit out of exercise! Man I'd be soo skinny!

  15. I made an effort to find a better picture, but none of the other sites I could find showed it in red. Softbank and Tiffany's have created a phone studded with jewels and worth $94,000:

    Red Phone

    Maybe Andy'll get you one of those?

  16. NAISSSE! If I give him the choice of one or the other he might just get me the one I really want since it's cheaper. :o)


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