Saturday, January 5, 2008

PSA# 5478 Hacking vs Coughing.

-Day 5 in my quest to not bore your lives with my everyday "musings". Musings... HA! More like mumblings! My dogs keep asking me when I'll give up, they mock me and call me names. One of their favorites is "Woofbarkwoofwoof!!" I don't know what that means but I know they're being jerky!-
Bad news.
I am now coming down with a cold. I know what you're gonna say "What? I don't think I can take your complaining anymore!" Well, you know what I'm gonna tell you, click Humor-Blogs on your way out.

Anyway, I want to give my fellow women some advice. When you're sick with an infectious disease, please don't spread it around as if it were cream cheese on a bagel!

This is the proper way:
Lady-like way to cough.
::cough. cough. cough.::
Into a hankie.

Wrong way:
Unlady-like way to hack.

Thanks allot Milton you disease-infested-super-germaniac!!!
Now I’m dying of a cold! Anonymous will be so upset!
By the way, if you're wondering why I would put a link to my shameful review, quite simply it's because I have no shame! Nah, the reviews weren't that bad but the score was pitiful. PITY-FULL! ;o)


  1. I hope you are not dying again (you know how Anon gets when you die).

    Buy Milton a mask or something.

  2. Uno, dos tres!
    Must be my lucky day.

    I like your template and I'm not even into colors, lines, flowers, red, eyes, hair, aquariums, fairies, black...

  3. NCS:
    Thanks for your votes I promise not break any promises. Unless somebody bribes me with coffee or chocolate!
    Yeah, I'll try to stay alive... it'll be hard!

  4. Only day 5 and already you're trying to wriggle out of your commitments.

    You'd better get yourself an account with Valhalla On Line, because dying is not an acceptable excuse.

  5. Mine review is coming. I'm skeered, Bee. :0

  6. I click and click for you until I can click no more.

    Anonymous should double click for you. You're a dying woman, after all!

  7. My Sunbum still hates your new template. She likes black. I bought her black nail polish for Christmas so she could fulfill her pre-teen EMO fantasies but it came out GRAY instead. That made me laugh.

  8. BEEEEEEE! I love your new blinkie/avatar thingie at humor-blogs!!!!

    The rest of you need to scurry over there via her GIANT humor-blogs button and see for yourselves.

  9. Well,I for one, like your template.

    Although my opinion may not induce fear and trembling in the upper echelons of the Humor-Blogs hierarchy, it is still mine to give.

    At least until the bank repossesses it.

    Please don't die.

    Unless it is a temporary stunt to improve your stats, in that case good luck and get live soon.

    I'll be back to check on you.

  10. Oh Bee, I've been down with a horrid head ache and just heard of your impending death due to the common cold. I'm so so sorry Bee.

    can I have yer shoes?

    I might want to look girly one day

  11. It's my assumption that your cold has introduced a plague in the nation. That's at least what I'm gonna credit this cold I have starting. That or we met and started making out and sharing germs, but I don't remember that happening due to the cold medicine I'm currently on. Regardless, I pray for the soul of our nation. And I vote for you.

  12. Brian:
    Wouldn't it creep you out if I sent you a message from beyond?? I was going to say from above but we have to be honest here!

    If you get bad reviews we will hunt those people down and take them to China Town! Where I will buy another Geisha doll to add to my collection and make them pay for it!!

  13. EWBL:
    Also, buy your daughter "Pat on Black" from Sally Hansen, I bought it Walgreen's, she'll love it!

    thanks for stopping by! Please coming back so you can click for me, each click equals 5 US dollars to be distributed in 2012.
    Oh and tell your friends! ;o)

  14. jean knee:
    I will definitely Will you my shoes, yes of course! It will be my dieing wish to have you in my leopard print I 5 inch Steve Maddens.

    Okay 2 things (maybe 3) you just made my husband's head explode and you confirmed my brother's suspicions! :o)
    I've always said, blogging can spread germs nobody ever believes me.

  15. EWBL:
    It's "Pat on the black"

  16. Pat on Black. Got it.

    That doesn't have bits and pieces of the Bromdinagian creature from "It's Pat!" in it. Does it? Well, does it?

  17. I think just part of Pat's fro...


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