Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The joys of dating

-Day 16.When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity. - Albert Einstein


My little brother Rick, I guess at 25 he's not that little, was over for dinner last night and we got to talking about break ups.

He then told us the following tale.

He was on a train with a new "girlfriend" who was working his last nerve by going on and on like a wind up pair of chattering teeth.

He said he finally got sick of her so at the next stop, he got up without saying a word and walked off the train leaving her sitting there with her mouth open. He never spoke to her again.

**I do not condone being this cruel to anybody but I have to admit to laughing my ass off.**

What I discovered about Rick was this, he is the reason they make this chew toy for dogs.

Sometimes I'm glad I'm in a commited, until death do us part, relationship.
This is for Chris @Serendipity Mine (and for anybody else that wants it).

Here's our "we believe button". He wasn't gonna be just any alien, he had to be bad ass!


  1. Am I really really first?

    I either get here super late or first. *sigh*

  2. Hey, so he got tired of all the blah blah blah, I say good for him.
    I did that once or twice, only it was just a phone and they hung up on me...HEY!

  3. I wonder how long it took her to notice he wasn't there.

  4. I love that one :D!
    Muah :D
    Serves her right ;)

  5. I bet she moaned about him leaving her too.

    "And of course, it was all his fault..."

  6. I think he should have said to her, "sorry but this isn't working out for me" how hard is that ?

  7. I talk a lot when I feel especially awkward. Maybe your brother made his girlfriend nervous. Maybe he kept staring at her chest and reciting poetry about the length of Pepperidge Farms summer sausages and she kept talking to get him to change the subject. Maybe the girl had Tourrette's Syndrome/ADHD/Bi-Polar/Schizophrenia and physically couldn't stop blabbering away. Maybe she was practicing for the Guiness World Record for non-stop chatting.

    So many possibilities and explanations, Bee.

  8. This is the type of break up story that will guarantee your brother lives in infamy as "that guy" among the women of the world. He'll always come up as the "Oh, I can top that!" anecdote when break up stories get bantered about in bars, living rooms and Starbucks.

  9. well, it's obvious that the girl probably took that same dumb mass course my MIL did about how to have an inane conversation--I think the next session probably covered how to listen but they both skipped that

  10. He could have said "Let's play the quiet game." kids always fall for that one.

  11. That is funny! I would have loved to be on passenger on that train just to see the reaction on the girl's face after he left. Maybe she just started talking to the person next to her (on the other side, of course)...

  12. I would never do that to a girlfriend! Am I off the hook now?
    A girl broke up with me once because I sang Black Eyed Peas - Don't Lie. She said I was telling her something without saying it?? The HELL?? I just liked the damn song!


    So wrong. But so damned funny.

    Pulling your button now :-) You rock!

  14. When I was younger, I dated a young lady from Brazil for a few months until summer came around and we went to the beach... that is when I discovered her toes were the size of 9V batteries... I was in shock.

    The reason I gave her for breaking up? "We need to break up, it is just too hard for me to understand your accent" (understood her perfectly well the first months, even learned how go speak some Portuguese). I was pretty mean... was...


  15. Oh man. If a guy ever did that to me I'd hunt him down something terrible. muaahaaa.

    Yeah, I bet it is nice to be in a state of matrimony. I've been single for...a while now. And for a while, it was fun fun fun. Now it's sort of...ok ok ok...what next?

  16. NCS:
    I would never hang up on you even if you were talking to me about childbirth… but then you’d have to hear me throwing up.

    She’s probably still on the train.


    Solomon Broad:
    She probably did.

    Dan, you are so in tune with what women want… you know how I feel about that…

    It’s funny that you would say that about him and poetry. I’ve been subjected to listening to an old guy recite poetry on a CD he brought and almost hara-kiri’d myself!

    I know I’ll be using it to top everybody’s stories! :o)

    jean knee:
    My brother has no patience whatsoever. I think I’ll use the quiet game on him one day!

    He said she just looked straight ahead as the train was rolling by him. It’s still making me crack up!!

    You were never on a hook! ;op
    You’re better off without her since she sounds kinda psycho.

    Yeah, I feel super bad for her but I love the comedic value!

    What would you think about my toesys? The look like little breakfast sausage links- only white.

    I believe you! :o)
    Sometimes, I fantasize about being single and able to sleep thru the night without an elbow on my neck or a knee on my spine… so happy.

  17. While I'm sure it made that girl feel like shit, atleast he got off that train before he married her, had some babies, bought a house, got a dog and then jumped off the train because he couldn't take it anymore. I say, good for him!
    And I want the alien button too. Can I use it? Please?


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