Saturday, July 28, 2007

In Our Thirties Going on 13

My awesome hubby had a surprise for me today. He took me to the Chicago Botanic Garden
Unfortunately my camera was full from pictures I'd taken at the Lincoln Park Zoo last week but I was able to take a few. Scroll with me if you want to giggle.(unless you're and adult adult cuz if you're an adult adult, you might just tell me to grow up and then I'll be sad...)
The names of some of the flowers/plants/trees were too funny not to mention. My top three are:

<--Blazing Star Gay Feathers

<-- Chokeberries

the winner...
BLADDERNUT! AKA -Staphylea pinnata-.
Since I knew you wouldn't believe me, I took some pictures. I can't make this stuff up folks!

Let me say that we had an awesome time but we realized we are still very immature as evidence from the picture on the left. I made some crack (no pun intended) to Andy about how he just wanted to look at a fully naked dude and he responded by saying "Phst! I don't feel at all threatened by him!" and we giggled cuz we are, you know, dorks!

Anyway the best was when a kid of about 6 walked right up to this statue and proceeded to pretend punch him in the ummm... bladdernuts (come on, that was a little funny)! Andy and I busted out laughing and that's when we realized that we may be in our 30s but we still act more like teenagers! And not the cool teenagers mind you, but those dorky ones that laugh at anything!

Andy's lungs have been super strong since he quit smoking a year and a half ago! [please clap with me]
Do you guys want to know the name of the style of this Bonsai tree?
You won't believe me...

It was a fun day! I loved it there sooo much, I asked if I could live there but they said no...

Andy was great and his prophetic comment in the car on the way home was interesting. He said 'So your day so far has been nice right?' it was only 3 so I said 'yeah, so far.' I was feeling very peaceful cuz I had found my Zen place but Zennes has no place in the life of Bee!
Andy: [at other motorist] 'OH MY GOD GET OFF THE FUCKIN' ROAD FOR SHITSAKE!'
Bee holding on for dear life and hoping her ear drums will live to hear another day!
Bee: 'Chillax dude!'

Andy: [at beautiful wife who never swears or yells] 'I'M HUNGRY AND MY HEAD HURTS!'
Bee: [now ready to jump outta the car] 'STOP THROWING A TANTRUM! YOU'LL EAT SOON YOU BIG BABY!'
Side note: It took us 45 minutes to order our food, get it, drive home, take the dogs out and sit down to eat. So Mr. Hyde was around FOR A WHILE!
Love ya Babe!
If you're wondering why I did not post any pictures of me... My Ethereal Preternatural beauty cannot transcend onto futuristic gadgets I'm afraid! If someone tries to take a picture of me, my... curse... is that it looks like they took a picture of a toad trying to lick it's eyeball. Yeah, I know. I'm sad about too.


  1. How childish...

    Reminds me of when I had a tin of fruit with the name "Phuket" in big letters, which I later found out is a place where rich people go to lie on the beach (they call it "foo kay").

    Don't grow up, please ;-)

  2. brian: I will incorporate "phuket" to my list of non swear wrods I can use, ofcourse I'll pronounce it "foo kit"!
    RE: Growing up
    I think it'll never happen. We'll be in on our 70s laughing like Beavis and Butthead while we're watching TV!

  3. "Heh, heh! She said 'Butt'!"

    "Hey, Beavis, what happens if you ask a really hot chick if she's been to Phuket?"

    "I don't know. What happens, Butthead?"

    "There's one right now. Go find out. Heh, heh."

  4. bladdernuts rule ass! ;)


  5. duckman:
    LOL! Because of my (weird) fasination with fire I guess that would mean I'd be stuck/honored with being "Beavis".

  6. Haha 30 something teenagers! Can you call my boss up and advise her on how to to seek her inner child???

  7. berta:
    I'll talk to her for you. Once she hears the word bladdernuts she'll crumble like a cookie! :o)

  8. I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.


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