Sunday, March 9, 2008

My replacements looks more like me than I care to admit! Might be the schnauze.

-DAY 68.

I'm excited to report that I have found the solution to my Spooning problem!
Who knew IKEA would come to my rescue in my desperate times.
I told my beloved hubby of ALMOST 7 YEARS COME APRIL 16th (day after the tax deadline, we figured we needed 2 things to stress about every year) that I was going to buy him a substitute to cuddle with.

Behold Hippodot:

She is huggable and squeezable with no danger of being strangled to death unlike her human counter part who wakes up after her air supply is cut off in the middle of the night. You know, that might explain why I've become so forgetful. Lack of oxygen to my brain...

If you think poor Hippodot has a pitiful look on her face now, imagine what she'll look like 7 years from now...
I did give him a choice between an alligator and a hippo but he left it up to me to choose. Of course I chose the one which would be better blog material! ;op


  1. Morally First ;-)

    Your replacement is quieter, doesn't spend money on shoes. On the other hand, she probably won't do as much around the house, so you might not be obsolete just yet...

  2. Am I the only one who sees that and thinks "phallus"?

  3. awwww, how cute. don't let Andy read that "phallus" comment :0)

  4. i think the alligator is cooler.

  5. PHALLUS!!!!!!!!


  6. The alligator is cute!! I like the green and blue color combo....

  7. Brian:
    Oh well, back to the drawing board!

    BWAHAHAHA! My "angelic" mind didn't even see it but you're right!

    jean knee:
    I knew you'd like the polka dots!

    Yeah but it's not as funny.

    Maybe I should have named it Vinny!

    Crazy Ez:
    What's the matter with the polka dots!

  8. Hippodot already bears the expression of one who has seen more than he ever imagined, and that which we can't even fathom.
    Peace be with you, Hippodot.

  9. Before you can declare one of those stuffed animals as a designated Bee replacement, you must first poke a hole somewhere around the nether regions.

  10. Am I the only one who sees it as WRONG that Bee'd make her hubby spoon a stuffed animal every night?


  11. FADKOG:
    Me and it both... :'o{

    EWWWWW. What about the clean up???

    I'll get you one when we go back Saturday.

    Shhhh, if he doesn't think it's weird, who are we to enlighten him??


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