Sunday, March 2, 2008

Don't call me yeller!

-Day 61. Patience is not passive; on the contrary, it is active; it is concentrated strength. Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
To celebrate the end of February and the beginning of March, I have decided to stop exclaiming so much. You heard me correctly, I will no longer abuse the power of the exclamation point both in blogland and in real life Beeland.

Next time I type "These pretzels are making me thirsty!" it'll be like this "These pretzels are making me thirsty." see no exclamation point in sight.

"Why?" you ask. (I know you didn't but that won't stop me.)

I'm hoping this will help me with my anger management. Maybe if I speak quietly and s l o w l y, all the people (and dogs) who exasperate me will understand everything I say.

Starting right now, I will not... damnit! I just messed up! Mocha was barking at imaginary people while looking out the window AGAIN!

Do you think dogs can see into other dimensions? That would be a good way to explain why she'll sometimes pick a corner and threaten to attack it if it so much as moves an inch.

Anyway, I'll try again. No more yelling.

Coming from a family of yellers this is going to be hard. We can't communicate without popping a few blood vessels.

Okay I typed the above at about 2:00 pm. Since then, I've reset my starting point about 7 times.

Giving Tazz a bath in his semi-conscious drugged out state was an adventure kids should know about when they ask their mommies and daddies for a puppy.

Midway thru his bath, he decided he needed to see what it felt like to chew on my arm, he also wanted to commit my taste to memory. Would I be spicy/salty or sugary/sweet. He didn 't get the chance because I have Tiger like reflexes but I was still just a little bit angry at him.

Next, how was I to know the oven would go kerplunky in the middle of making a delicious pizza?
I had to defend myself from Andy's mental assault against my mind reading skills! I should know he wants a flashlight when he grunts "I can't see the thermometer!"
Then, it turns out there's nothing wrong with the oven, Andy just turned it off accidentally while trying to turn on the oven light.
Oh well, starting... now! Uh... now.


  1. thank goodness you didn't have the repairman out for $200.00

    I won three pizzas last night at bingo, oh yeah.

  2. jean knee, you are so cool.
    What did you win?

  3. I like exclamation points, they get the point across

  4. Awesome. Not exclaiming is hard.

  5. actually, three pizza kits!!!!

  6. so just say no to exclamation limitation!!

  7. Wow. First and Eleventh. Nice.

  8. when you're the only one awake it's pretty easy, yesss

  9. Yup. That's how I get to Brian's so quick. Insomnia.

  10. Drew's all cutting into my computer use, night chickie

  11. I was awake but missed all the 11th, the 1st, the yelling...



  12. Anger management is a really bad idea.

    A Bad Idea!!

    All you'll do is hold it all in until something will make you explode.

    I read about a man who never lost his temper. One dinner time he had a disagreement with his wife over the ketchup and next thing he knew he'd totally lost it and killed her.

    A few Fs and excamation marks and she might still be alive.

  13. it's true Bee, are all the stupid eff ups in the world worth bursting a brain vein over?


  14. Dear Bee,
    I don't like all the change going on around here. First you said you were going to stop complaining (I think it was complaining) and now you're not going to use exclamation points???? What the F is going on around here? Who has breached your strong exterior and started rearranging the furnishing? I liked them where they were!!!!!!
    I! WANT! EXCLAMATIONS! FROM! YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. And honestly, what would "These pretzels are making me thirsty!" be without the exclaiming? Come on Bee!
    And I love all the Seinfeld quotes. I think you may be my soul mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tracy
    soulmates ? hummmmmm
    I'd love to read a post by you on that topic.

    I agree with Brian, the other day when I punched a hole in my basment wall the wife was mad,
    I told her it's better for me to release the stress, otherwise I can give myself a heart attack. She agreed but also told me next time to hit a part of the wall that is brick and not the drywall.

  17. NCS:
    Maybe next time...

    I think I'll be okay. Hold on a sec... ANDY JUST TOOK THE SALSA

    jean knee you're right there are allot of effups in the world... WHERE ARE MY TORTILLA CHIPS?

    "Who has breached your strong exterior and started rearranging the furnishing" I love it. Who knows how long it will last a day or to maebee.

    What could have gotten you so mad this time???

  18. My dog barks at the hussy Shi-Tzhu vixen next door. As if he's ever going to get a piece of that tail end.

  19. I abused exclamation points, too.

    But the !!!!!! wasn't alone. No, I'm an offender of the punctuation molestation proclamation. :(


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