Monday, March 10, 2008

Real reason why I can no longer work in the fast food industry.

-Day 69. The secret to success is to treat all customers as if your world revolves around them.-

I'm finally coming clean and telling you why I retired from working in the fast food industry. I know you thought it was because I moved on to bigger and better things but no, it was the fact that I can't have more than 3 things in my brain at the same time.
If, for example, somebody were to order a chicken sandwich, fries, soda and then they'd sneak in an order of mushrooms BOOM! I'd forget my name.
I recognized this flaw in myself, I hung up my apron and moved on to bat wrestling.
My plea now is for my fellow FFW (Fast Food Workers). If you can't give somebody their Cheeseburger exactly as they ordered it (everything with grilled onions) maybe it's time you came to work with me at the Asylum.
I'm only suggesting this because I don't want another hungry soul to go home and bite into their burger only to be disappointed and cry because it's missing the grilled onions. What kind of barbarian eats burgers without grilled onions?
Anyway, give me a call and I'll hook you up with a registered nutcase.
I'm easily distracted by:
Tarako Kewpie 30 seconds. C R E E P Y


  1. Yea thats real funny when you think about the type of person who cant make a burger or hot dog the way it was asked for.

    The order contains only 1 thing out of the ordinary. ONE THING!

    How hard could it be?

    Minimum wage hard I guess.

  2. That's cheating!! He's in the next room, I'M FIRST!!

  3. As "they" say (who's "they"??) - you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. The main problem here is that at any one time at least half the staff appear to be new to the job, so have an excuse for not knowing what they're doing. There's also a language issue, though admittedly their English is better than my Polish...

  4. When Tammy Faye Baker died her soul was transported into one of those funky Kewpie dolls. She's the next Bride Of Chucky!

  5. I am so glad I never worked in a McJob. The one I had in a builder's merchant was bad enough. :D

  6. B O V
    As a teen I worked in fast food and made minimum wage. So was I a monkey? Evolution hit me hard I guess. Saturday I got an extra order of fries at Mcdonalds.

  7. Dear Bee-
    When I was 16, I interviewed for a waitress job at a restaraunt called Eat N Park. As I was sitting at the table with the manager, the guy at the next table flipped out on the waitress over his food being cold or something and I decided then and there that the food business was not the business for me. There's no way I could have stood there and apologized to this guy while he belittled me. He would have had a few f-bombs dropped on him as well as his food.

  8. Andy:
    How's Vinny? Oh wait never mind I just remembered you called me Vinny in front of Ez!

    His body is in the next room but his mind is in another dimension.

    What?? OH! You said PEANUTS!

    I must have seen every commerical they have on You Tube.

    You are lucky! The things I had to put up with... ::shiver::

    Well youare monkey, a lucky monkey to have gotten extra fries.

    I can totally top that story but it's not about me. ;op
    I'lll save it for another day. :o)

  9. I worked in a Chinese restaurant once and I was disciplined by my boss when I argued with a customer who said his order was wrong. I told him this is what you ordered; I had even repeated it back to him. But the boss said the customer is always right, so I quit shortly after. It’s hard to be a minimum wage monkey.

  10. If I'm a monkey for are you Sis

  11. since my blog is all about me here's a true story.

    When I was pregnant I wanted a filet o fish but wasn't sure about the tartar sauce so Drew asked for it on the side. The kid goes,"are you sure you want it on the side?" yes

    When I unwrapped it the kid had spread the tartar sauce around the outside of the burger "on the side"

  12. Well, Jean Knee, you can't say that kid wasn't listening! That's the funniest fast food story I've heard.

    Bee-I can't wait to hear your topper!

  13. bee - in texas we have a saying - if you don't check your order, you'll get effed in the drive through.

    what i CANNOT stand is arrogant pushy window attendants telling me EVERYTHING is in there (in an exasperated voice), while i check my order. and then being incredulous when it's not. bitch, i will hold up the line ALL DAY LONG if you get pissy with me.

    plus, your friend jean knee is freaking hilarious!!!!!! holy crap. well, someone had to do it.

  14. Marie:
    You might have messed UP and dim sum...

    Yay! Your first Eleventh! Was it good for you?

    Your adopted.

    jean knee:
    Ah! Now I see why you're all about you. It was the tartar sauce who dun it!

    You know I don't like talking abot myself but... If you insist! ;op


    Yeah, we were going to check our order but the guy told my sis 'Yup, everything grilled onions' He is such a bastard liar!

    Except for Brian in a speedo, he's such a show off!

  15. I've got one, when I was pregnant I went to the drive thru and ordered some fries with I don't know what else but I really wanted those fries. So of course once I started driving off I grab a fry and with it came the longest blackest hair you've ever seen. Can you say hair net! GROSS

  16. This isn't fast food but still funny.
    Rick asked me to take him to Walgreens once after work. When he came back to the car he told me he asked some punk.
    What can I buy to make my teeth whiter and the punk replied
    Uuuhhhhh....tooth paste.

  17. no one better be looking at those pictures while blogging, that's .. just.. sick

  18. The four words that killed my career in the fast food industry:


  19. I've never worked fast food. Take and order, ring a sale, AND take another order in the drive-thru, all while people are bitching at me? No thank you. I get that in my own damn kitchen.

    I did work in a cinnamon roll place during college, though. Selling point? Free day olds, baby!

  20. where's that hawt, um I mean intelligent Brian?


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