Tuesday, March 11, 2008

To the jag that splatted the mac, I still know your plates!

-Day 70.
2 Things before the serious post:
First, Check out Bloggers in a Swimsuit over at jean knee's! You'll laugh you'll cry. You'll want us to be on TV. Go! Then come back please.

Second, I just want all of you to know that Matt Roloff from Little People Big World is NOT guilty! I know you were worried! Oh, and it looks like Zach might have a girlfriend...

So... Tracy wishes to know my Fast Food Topper story.

Warning: This story is not even a little bit funny. It caused emotional distress, trauma and maybe some tears. Maybe.

I worked at a Brown’s Chicken for 9 years. "NINE YEARS??" you say. Yes. 9 years. That’s were I met my Andy.

My 3 brothers and sister worked there as well. The last 3 years there, I was promoted to GM (General Manger). I ran that place with love compassion and whips. The teenie boppers all loved me because I was a fair boss and they never hesitated when I asked them to do something. (Except Andy’s brother and my youngest brother but that’s another story).

One day, my sister was taking an order for a man and his mom. He ordered our special which was 8 pcs of chicken and a bowl of pasta. He had 4 choices of pasta and chose Macaroni.

As in Mac and Cheese. When my sister was pouring the cheese over the pasta, he said wait a minute that’s not what I want! My sis said "you said Mac n cheese but if you’d like, I can give you something else."

He said no, that it was fine and he seemed pretty calm about it. Once he paid and my sister gave him his food, he proceeded to take the Mac out of the bag and slam it on the lobby floor!

By the time I ran to the front, he had taken off in his pick up but I got the license plate # just in case.
Maybe if I would have jumped over the counter I could have caught up with him but I'm pretty short, no way would I have cleared it.

About 10 minutes later his wife calls saying we had forgotten his pasta and tried TRIED to tear me a new one.

I think by now you know I don’t take shit from anyone. I calmly told her what he did and basically told her it would be a cold day in hell if she thought they could ever come back. She called me a liar. I said "Oh yeah, I have him on video tape surveillance! Maybe you can tell him to come back and clean my lobby? Maybe you can tell him there’s cheese sauce on the walls he can pay to have cleaned." She paused but only for a second and continued her bitching tirade.

In the mean time, that asshole was in the background saying he was going to stuff my lies down my throat. I told the bitch wife that if he ever dared come over I was calling the police since those were real threats.

I finally hung up on her. I called the owner and explained what happened and he said he supported what I did since the guy sounded like an asshole.


The owner calls me back and says he got a call from corporate who asked him to call the customers. He did and now he wanted me to put a bowl of pasta on credit for this piece of shit.

I blew up and told him what I thought.

His response “Listen Bee, this is my business. I can’t turn away a customer just because he was mean to you.”

I agreed that it is his business but I asked him if he had heard the guy ranting and raving in the background. He said "Yeah, he was screaming and swearing. The guy is a real piece of work."

I had a nervous breakdown at Brown's Chicken and Pasta. Bastards!

There used to be a manger who worked @ Brown's when I first started. He was the owner's brother. A little Italian guy that knew people, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. He would have backed us up even if we were wrong.
Yeah, he was a racist but he was a cute and cuddly racist, kidding. She sold the business to these other guys who didn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

My sister and I quit shortly after.

What was their fate after we quit? They went out of business, the restaurant that had been there for 30 years was leveled to the ground and now that property has a bank settled nicely on top of it. Oh and the owner who made the worst decision of his life is now divorced.

Who won?

Naw, I'm not bitter
If the dickless wonder would have come back, I would have called the cops and then beat the shit out of him while we waited.
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  1. I could have told you the Roloff outcome Bee! I'm your link to the Pacific NW

  2. Hey, so I take it that day was not the best day to ask you for a ride.

  3. My dad owned a restaurant for most of my life (until he lost it because...well, he was good at losing good things) and I had to work there for most of my young life (bad pay, horrible boss, awful hours) as GM.
    Anyway, I was young and dumb and not strong like you, once in a blue moon we got an idiot client and it was tough dealing with them. But my crew always had my back.

    The client is always right, except if said client is a D.B....then all bets are off.

  4. Dear Bee,
    That was quite a story. But it just proves my point that people are crazy when it comes to their food. And also their electronics.
    I was manager of the customer service department at a Circuit City and I had grown men in my face screaming at me, calling me names, while pregnant. I also had a woman try to return a cordless phone that was ten years old and when I told her that we couldn't take it back, she threw it at me and missed my head by an inch. I swear, if your name tag says manager, they read "Target".
    I'm sorry that happened to you.

  5. That boss of yours was a real pansy. Type of people who willstand for nothing.

  6. Oy. What an ass that guy sounds like. The worst thing that ever happened to me in the food industry is I was a waitress at a restaurant. I can't even remember the name of it. Annabelles? Something like that. Anyway, it was nicer than a Denny's but not as nice as Bennigans. I was waiting on a table of two Wake Forest football players. One of them started violently shaking his leg under the table. He eventually jumps up and pulls something off of his foot and looks it. Seconds pass then he throws it while screaming like a girl. It was a mouse trap (the sticky kind) with a dead mouse in it.

    I had to CONVINCE my boss, the GM, to comp their meal.

  7. I have a boss like that. :( And when I tell him what's what (I can do that because I'm his number one carrier) he backs off and laughs and tells me I'm right.

    It stinks when he kisses butt to deadbeat customers who need to butch up and quit spending their life whining about a quarter newspaper.

  8. I worked fast food at Captain D's in high school. It sucked so hard I turned my grades of straight C's to straight A's because I didn't want to end up in that fish fry hellhole for the rest of my life.

    The fish jokes aimed at me were the worst. Seconded by lots of crab jokes. Thirded by vinegar bottle douche jokes. Fourthed by horny employees getting it on in the walk-in cooler jokes.

  9. omg. you need to tell the folks over at retail hell underground your story.

    mine's not quite as bad, but funny. i was working at a jewelry store. a woman came in demanding her jewlery from the repair guy who wasn't there, did NOT have a receipt, and wanted to go into the back of the store and find her own stuff - i don't think so. she then proceeded to begin screaming at me and saying she wanted to talk to the manager. when i told her she already was, then yelled, "just who the hell did you F*CK to get this job!" then i called mall security and had her thrown out.

    funny thing is, i was sleeping with the GM - my future husband. we had a good laugh about it!

  10. No-one should have to take abuse, and they should be backed up by their boss, no question.

    I luckily don't have horror stories like that from my 18 months as a full-time waiter (though it was a seriously shitty job). I think in all that time we had a couple of people run off without paying and one death.

  11. The death isn't that exciting, and the guy actually died in hospital, I think, but anyway:

    We had a very nice old couple that used to come in. One evening the guy yelled and then collapsed. It wasn't the quality of our food, but just one of those things - one of those burst vein things. Of course, he died. The sad thing was that his wife had Alzheimer's and wandered round the restaurant completely confused until her relatives turned up.

    A great pity. You can't afford to lose the nice customers ;-)

  12. I worked at McDonald's, no horror stories. I feel ripped off

  13. Two things:

    1) The Mac 'n Cheese slipped outta my hand.

    2) In the back ground, I said I would stuff my pies in your coat. That was my secret code language that only I could decipher. It means, "The Mac 'n Cheese slipped outta my hand."


  14. The customer is always...Yeah right. I can't even type it. Some people just gotta find a way to feel superior. What an ass.

  15. You're bad ass, Bee.

    I'm glad you didn't try to go all ninja on the guy by jumping the counter. I'd be afraid of the potential injury slipping on said splatted mac and cheese could have caused.

  16. NCS:
    I really want to go to Roloff farm! I'm trying to get OZ to sponsor an event there.

    I'd have your back too NCS! There's a story my brother tells of me, some bad people and a pocket knife when I was like 12 but it might not be true. ;op

    Ooh! You should have sued her ass for emotional distress while pregnant! Whatta BITCH! >:o[

    Yeah he was. Oh well, now I have one that will back me up no matter what I say.

    Sometimes the GMs are dumber than a box of matches! Present company excluded of course!

    Yeah, we got allot of those cooler jokes. Ask Dan. ;op

    Ha Ha HA! Awesome!

    Glad you cleared up the death... I was beginning to worry!

    jean knee:
    be thankful. I have a ton more but that to me was the worst one.

    Hey, then I have a good punch in the face waiting for you! Accidental punch in the face I mean.

    Yes he was an ass. I really wish he would have come back... ;o)

    Thank you! I hadn't thought about slipping on the cheese! That would have been embarrassing!


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