Saturday, March 22, 2008

Don't step on my blue suedeless shoes!

-Day 81.-
Do you think I'm overreacting and should stop this whole complaining about the weather business??
I am submitting proof as to why I'm pulling out my eyelashes one at a time!!!!
Okay, here is a picture of what my backyard looked like on Thursday:

This is what it looked like on Friday!:

I might be exagerating just a little bit.

It didn't look exactly like the first picture but it was damn close!
No snow, sunny, and all around springy.
When I got out of work, I had to remove the mini North Pole that had formed on top of my car. Do you think I can get people to ski on my window?

Then I got stuck a couple of times because nobody told the plow guys it was going to snow therefore our escape from the parking lot was an adventure in bumper car driving. Look at my poor tire! It's being smothered!
Here's me right before I got splattered with muddy snow by a big truck going one thousand miles an hour. Don't worry, I was at a stop when I took the picture.

I think I've been going about this winter business all wrong. You see, I haven't been wearing the proper shoes to kick Mother Nature's frigid ass! I went out and bought a pair of nice Blue Suedeless Shoes.

Let me at her, I'll SPLAT HER CANDY ASS!!

Bye for now, I have to go dig Mocha out from under the pine trees.


  1. Give me an F!
    Give me an I!
    Give me an R!
    Give me an S!
    Give me a T!

    I'm sitting here looking at those shoes and sadly shaking my head...

    Next time wear your wellies.

  2. Ok now Brians just getting bitchy about being first. We might need to use those shoes on him to put him back in his place.

  3. I love the shoes and am so sorry about the snow. I'm sick of snow too.
    On an upside, you have a very pretty back yard minus the snow!

  4. I guess you'll have to wear your woolen socks with those new shoes.

  5. the weather hear is perfect. in two weeks it will be broiling until November.

  6. Those shoes would probably look kick ass with snow pants.

    (this comment brought to you thru the blinding sun shining on my computer screen. shining thru my dirty windows. becuase it's 41 degrees outside)

  7. I'll kick mother nature in the nuts for you.

  8. Wrap plastic bags around your feet.
    Make sure they are clear so everyone can see your cool shoes.
    You'll be the talk of the office!


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