Friday, March 21, 2008

"Snizzel"??? They're predicting 6 inches of snizzle???

-Day 80!-
I'm not kidding. The news said we were getting snizzle!
I cannot believe winter is being such a BITCH!! I was walking around with just a sweater these past few days and now back to shoveling snow!!
Well, I don't shovel snow personally, I have a boy who does that. Don't feel too bad for him, he gets paid in kisses. ;o)

Anyway, disturbing searches reported to me by my trusty Sitemeter. You can click on the links to see what else came up for these sickos! Uh... unless they found me so entertaining they kept coming back. If that's the case they're not sickos, they're inquisitive peers.

Aaaand away we go!

red streaks in crotch
::shiver:: I'm afraid to ask who would do this search! The dye burned my head, I can't imagine what it would do to the sensitive zone!

woman crushes a bee
The innocent always suffer. Whatever I did to you... I'm sure it was on purpose.

how long is a bee an egg?
Until somebody makes me an omelet.

gap in front teeth sign of promiscuity
For the love of skittles!!!! I have a gap in between my front two teeth but I'm not a hoochie!

dictionary for buenos nachos
If you find it let me know. I'm always on the hunt for buenos nachos.

naughty pregos
::shiver:: For the love of mike! Don't click on that one!

what i do if i will bee abducted by aliens
I was the number one site to come up on this one! Yeah! Here's what you do:

Stop. Drop. And roll!

buy meet the fockers fake man boob
Be careful with that link cuz one of the blogs says "Suck my man boobs"...
I come up on the second page.

bee begs
Not on your life.
Unless it’s me begging for people to click on
I know when you do. I know when you don’t. Must I beg some more?

Okay that's it for this installation of meet my Sitemeter.


  1. First!!!!!


    But enough about me...

    I don't need to tell you this as your Big Brother Meter will do that, but I've just used "elbow sweat bee" to get here. You come up first on that one.

    Helpfully, I now know that "The sweat bee is not aggressive, but will sting if caught".

  2. What the heck is a snizzle?
    Is your weatherman Dr. Seuss?

  3. yeah snizzles and gustnados are pains in the nether regions all right.

    shudders at thought of sucking on man boobs

  4. shudder at the thought of man boobs period!

    my favorite weird search i got was 80s porn! like how's that different from any other porn?!

    bee - have you noticed something weird going on with HB? i know i'm getting clicks but my blog seems to have stalled and i lost a few points this week.

  5. Brian:
    I’d like to correct your search, did you mean "sweEt bee"? ;op

    I agree with their proclamation that I’m not aggressive unless caught. I’m sweet as honey until you piss-eth me off-eth! :o) <- sweet smile.

    By the way, I don’t Big Brother my buddies, but now that I have your permission… you didn’t click on humor-blogs. Did my beggin’ do nothing for you? Is it because I’m not spelling it HumoUr?? Would you like a piece of this aggression???
    J/K. We’re buds again.

    My weather lady’s name is Amy Freeze. Fo' rizzle!
    Funny because my first thought was 'has she been having a little something with my dog Snoop?'
    The rest of the night I was talking in “izzle”
    Bee, did you take out the dogs?
    Fo’ shizzle my hizzle!
    Do you want tuna for lunch tomorrow?
    No wizzle are you crizzle!?

    ::sigh:: I should have married a deaf/mute.

    Meanwhile I’m doing the Snoop Dog "gin and juice" dance.

    jean knee:
    I think they’re just making up words as they go along. I HATE people who do that… without consulting me first.

    For some reason, one of the most popular searches (besides poop) for my blog is “pig butt” I once put up a picture of a pig and mentioned a butt cake but that was such a long time ago!

    Regarding H-B, I think Diesel is still doing maintenance. I never worry about it because he’s said he’s still trying to iron out the kinks. My fear is that when he fixes it I’ll be knocked down all the way to number 150. :o{
    That’s okay, I’ll just have to keep harassing Brian to click on humor-blogs for me. :o)

    As you all can see, this blizzard is making me want to blog instead of WORK.

  6. Maybe they mean red streaks in the crotch of their bathing suits to make them look faster. We can only hope.

    I wish we got more snizzle here. I love snizzle.

  7. Do you know why Snoop Dogg always carries an umbrella?

  8. You know its me doin all the porn searches righ??
    Maybe they meant snow blizzard sounds good to me.

  9. I googled it and it's a for real word ya'll

    snow drizzle= snizzle

    not as impressive as a gustnado

  10. dictionary for buenos nachosMarch 21, 2008 at 11:29 PM


  11. I can't understnad all the -izzle talk. If I see it written then I can figure it our. Sort of.

    Those searches are weird. I don't want to see no fake man boob.

  12. Frogster:
    I'm sending the snizzle over to you right now. You'll need that super snizzle remover you bought for 11.95 or 7.95.

    Fo' drizzle my sizzle!

    Whatcha doing my frizzle??

    jean knee:
    That makes complete sense!

    Wise choice in not clicking! One of the searches transalted my age to Spanish and I was so haaaappy! :o)

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  14. I have some naughty theories about the importance of the gap-teeth when it comes to matters of oral relations. :)

  15. I used to write down the weird google searches that led to me. I'll have to start doing it again.

    I got burned this week big time. See I wrote this really unflattering piece two years ago about my mom and her penchant for Indiana convicts and how my kids named these two pairs of sport sandals after the convicts. See, she bought them for the convicts but they never got to use them because she kicked them to the curb before they had a chance and so she gave them to me. Mr. Mike and Mr. Jim were the names of the shoes. Well, someone in Indiana googled the Mr. Mike guy. I told my mom about the google search. Oh holy crap, she saw the google listing with the brief blurb from that blog post. Thank heavens I had already taken it down before she could read the whole thing. I convinced her that I just said something in the comments. I don't want her to know that I blogged her whole sordid and unseemly story.:0

  16. I've never had buenos nachos, but I've had some really crappy tortillas.


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