Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Somebody gave my Leprechaun the wrong directions

-DAY 77. The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.- Dolly Parton

I was sitting at my desk yesterday, waiting for my Lucky Leprechaun to arrive with my pot of gold.
No pot!
Not even a little pot.
How sad.
I wasted hours sitting under a homemade rainbow for nothing!
Oh well, maybe next year?


As random piece of information, I have eaten enough oranges to start my own orchard. Well, not really since I ate them uh... I have eaten enough oranges to start my own orange juice factory. Hee Hee if you got that you're grossed out right now.

"Why so many oranges?" you ask. The decongestants, Nquil, and Vicks cough drops have left a horrible taste in my mouth. The only thing that's been helping is the oranges. It eliminates the flavor of wet hamster. If anybody has any other suggestions, OTHER THAN BRUSHING MY TEETH (wise guys!), I'd really appreciate it.


  1. LOL. Love your blog. Orange juice is great for getting your V-C but it can be death on your tooth enamel. Have you tried chewing on a piece of parsley? I hate a "tasty" mouth. :)
    I got a reaction to antibotics once and it looked like green fur growing on my tongue. Now that's gross! I had to go back to the DR. and get meds for the reaction.
    Take care and hope you feel better.

  2. Okay, enquiring minds want to know - how do you know what wet hamsters taste like?

    What is the best way to prepare hamster? Obviously not wet, so I presume poaching is out, so grilled?

  3. Bee
    Have a shot of Jager or Tequila.
    I agree with you that wet hamster tastes like dog ass.

  4. I want snow!! I don't care it's almost April. I waited for snow and waited and no snow for me :(

    How about chewing on a cinnamon stick?

  5. How about eclipse gum? That works for me. Ever since I started these Iron pills I have this horrible taste in my mouth every day! So I have been chewing on eclipse gum and it helps ‘cause it's sooooo strong. However, the oranges are a much healthier solution that’s for sure.

  6. Here's how Lean does it. sucks on a mint , takes mint out, takes med, drinks cold water, reinserts mint. she swears by it

    hamsters are too small to bother with--all that skinning for two bites

  7. Dear Bee-
    Brian took my first question about how do you know what a hamster tastes like but now I would like to know how in the world Dan knows what a dog's ass tastes like. This is exactly why I put everyone's names on their cups at the party. We have NO idea where Dan's mouth has been.
    As you read on my blog, not only did the Leprechan NOT come and visit me, he didn't even write it on my calendar so that I would know that it was yesterday. They must be on strike.
    Feel better. I would like to suggest Altoids mints. They're strong but would definately wipe out the taste of wet hamster that also tastes like dogs ass.

  8. Just a tip - Don't eat the orange snow, Bee. You'll totally regret it.

  9. tracy
    Haven't you ever owned a dog and been sleeping and woken up by your dogs ass in your face and licked it by accident ?
    UUUhhhhh, neither have I.
    Just figured it would taste bad.

  10. Dear Dan,
    I am not a dog person for exactly that reason. They get to know people by sniffing their asses, they lick their own genetalia, and then they want to lick all over you face.
    This is also the same reason I do not have morning sex. Morning breath is disgusting.

  11. Next time have the hamster eat some strong mints...ah forget it, dipp the hamster in pure mint.
    That ought to do it.

    ;) You are so very welcome!

  12. I got one more: Next time, wipe the dog's rear end with Fruit Rolls!!

    (NCS always looking out for friends)

  13. Brian & Jean KneeMarch 18, 2008 at 8:03 PM

    jean Knee: Knock knock
    Brian: Who's there?
    Jean Knee: Ha
    Brian: ha who?
    Jean Knee: it's hooha, ya dork.

  14. MMW:
    Thanks! :o)
    I'm feel way better now!

    It's a long story. I'm traumatized and rather not talk about it.


    Jager tastes worse than hamster and the after taste last decades!

    You can have all of our snow. All of it. :o)
    I will dip the hamster!

  15. nancy:
    Yeah. I'm still on the oranges.

    jean knee:
    Lean should write a book!

    Dan is pretty gross... and weird.

    Hee hee! I'll stay away from it. I wouldn't even want to know what that's about.


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