Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Rambler


Tuesday night Andy and I went to see the Bourne Ultimatium.
I just want to say that Matt Damon as Jason Bourne = Hot!

We went to a new theater that just opened up by our house and you know what I realized about myself?
My like or dislike of a movie theater is solely based on their Nachos.
This new movie theater gets two thumbs down!

RE: The Freakin' Mosquito Bites!!! <-color of my blood

I want to thank all the "well wishers" that are predicting when exactly my West Nile Virus symptoms will start showing up.
No. Really. Thanks.
I'm not worried at all!
Thank you from the bottom of my... middle finger!

Here is my theory (or denial):

If any or all of those (bloodthirsty sons/daughters of one winged mothers) mosquitos had the West Nile Virus, I would like to believe that my blood cured them.
Not only did it cure them but anybody else they bit after me has now got Beebadassness Syndrome.
Look out world, I may be coming to a neighborhood near you!
No need to thank me, as I've stated before, I'm just a public servant. (that says "public" right? yeah? okay!)
And to Brother Dan and Husband (for how long hmmm??) Andy I say 'way to gang up on the short girl wusses!' :op

On to the Mall

I was so stressed I had to buy myself something nice.
Maybe you guys can tell the undertaker to put these on me in case... well you know!
Are they super cool or what! I got 'em on sale for a fraction of their original price! Since Andy tortured me at dinner with the help of my traitor sibling I made him pay for them.
Dontcha love that my mind is in the right place?
So pretty.


  1. So, so, so pretty! Shoes are our friends....West Nile Virus?!?! WTF!!!

  2. They look good for coffin-wear - I mean, you wouldn't actually try and walk in things like that, would you?

    The faces of WNV victims are so contorted in agony that they usually cover them up, leaving your feet sticking out for the viewing - thanks for the sneak preview!

  3. somegirl:
    Yesssss shoesssss are precioussss.

    Heck yeah I walk in 'em.
    In fact when I got home I was so happy I put them on to do the dishes! :o)

    RE: face contortion
    Thanks! :op
    So I should add you my list of "well wishers" then?

  4. "So I should add you my list of "well wishers" then?"

    umm... There should be a "to" in the middle of "you" and "my".

    Blame it on my decaf...

  5. Those are nice!!!

    YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME YOU WHERE GOING SHOPPING!!! I had such a bad day yesterday and I was sooooooooooooooooooooo crabby shopping woul dhave been nice!

    I did go to church instead and stopped at walgreens and bought 30 bucks of NOTHING!

  6. Nancy:
    Sorry about you being crabby... (or should I say I feel sorry for the people in your path??)
    I kid. I kid because I love!

    I didn't know you wanted to buy me something too...

  7. those are not shoes. they are implements of torture devised by gay men designers to punish real women for being real women and thus being able to wear women shoes out in public

    they are rather attractive though

  8. jean knee:
    I would agree on the torture description.
    I suffered many a fall but then I learned to walk on stilts… these shoes are a piece of cake now.

  9. Bee (Rolling dice): "C'mon, Mama needs a new pair of shoes! Aw, [deleted]! Boxcars! And last time it was snake eyes. Who do you have to breathe on around here...?"

  10. Re: "Well Wishers" - It's incurable and untreatable, so what's the point in worrying about it? Don't spend all your money on shoes though, just in case you do survive the next 11 days...

    Leaving aside Nachos & Matt Damon's "hotness", was the Bourne film as good as the first two? I loved the first one and was pleasantly surprised to find that the second was almost as good.

  11. Those shoes rankle...
    Girls with cankles.

    That would be me. I judge the worth and value of a convenience store by their nachos too. Mushy jalapenos get bad reviews from me.

  12. Matt Damon is always hot.

    Those shoes are killer. Perfect for!

  13. duckman:
    mama nevah loses! :o)

    Way to cheer me up! :op
    If I do survive, I'll be sending all my well wishers flowers. Still don't have your address though...?

    I agree, I loved the first 2.
    Putting aside MD's hottness (can't forget about the nachos), the movie was okay. The action was great and the husband liked it so maybe it's more a guy movie...?
    I would recomend everybody seeing it, girls for MD and boys for the action.

  14. ELW:
    Amen to the soggy Jalapenos! I like mine nice and crunchy!

    I wish I would have had them before they gave me (maybe)this horrible disease! :o)


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