Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tiredness BS and de-evolution

I. Am. Exhausted!

Sooooo tired I can't talk my legs into supporting my body to go for a water run. Okay, that's just an excuse since I know that if I get up, I might as well get some cake... ooh or maybe some couscous salad! Be right back.

Back. I chose the couscous made by SIL Crazy Ez.

The party rocked! There were drawings of people with penis' on their heads and questions about what layette meant. I think SOMEBODY forgot it was a baby shower and not a bachelorette party! Bunch of sickies! There I was with my pure, pristine mind, blushing away!

I want to thank SILs Marie and Crazy Ez for co-hosting the BS with me. No way would I have been able to pull off the BS without them and I think they deserve a standing *O* for all their help with the BS!

Anyway, thank you for coming in to check on me even though I was rude and didn't visit your awesome blogs until today-night.

I'm going to bed now but I leave you with this one question, do you think the big guy in the sky has sent someone to realign my soul?

I received a religious music CD ANONYMOUSLY and I've been jammin' to it since Tuesday! That is the way to hook me you know, give me a good beat and a hippie playing a guitar while singing (this explains my love for Jack Johnson) and I'm following you like a rat following the Pied Piper.

Hasta Lumbago peoples and don't forget to click on Humor-Blogs for me!
Why is it that every time I watch a TV show or movie where they're centered around Christmas I want it to be December?? I mean, we FINALLY won the battle over mother nature and have awesome weather and here I want to go back to snow!
Why do people still ask me WHY I don't want children?? It's the twenty-first fuckin century assholes! How about you evolve and wrap your head around people who might not think like you?? Oh! You think you might be able to change my mind? You think that after seeing me a handful of times in a year YOU are going to be that person who *fixed* me? If my mom and other family members couldn't do it, what makes you think you A STRANGER will? If you're that egotistical, maybe you're the one that needs *fixin'*!
(unless you're a hippie playing a guitar, then you can brainwash me into shooting babies outta my nose if you want)


  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm glad the shower thing went without any major issues, injuries, arrests, etc.

    I haven't had my first coffee of the day, so my addled brain is wondering:

    1. Why do they call it a shower? Did anyone get wet?

    2. Who sends anonymous religious CDS?

  3. I kept thinking that BS meant bullsh*t. It's early.

    I'm glad it went well. You know, nobody gave me a baby shower UNTIL I was pregnant with my third child! What's up with that? I would have enjoyed showers for them too. But, alas, it was not to be.

    You know what's funny. Since we've become blog buddies, I've never thought "why doesn't she want kids" or "maybe I should convince her that she wants kids". I totally respect that. Trust me, there are days that I'm reminded that parenthood isn't for everyone. I love my kids dearly and would give my left arm for them, and that's saying something since I'm lefthanded, but sometimes they drive me NUTS!

  4. It sounds like you had a great party and with food more awesome than my pigs-in-a-blanket. Glad the weather was nice too and we didn't have to fulfill that suicide pact.

    I'm with you on the Jack Johnson train. His voice just sooooothes me. Love him.

  5. Next time someone asks you why you don't want children, just give them my blog address. They'll figure it out.

  6. Bee
    I still have the curse on you, you know the one were I cursed you to birth two kids before you hit forty.
    JA JA JA (evil laugh) JA JA JA.

  7. And to think one of those babies might grow up to be a hippie playing the guitar.

  8. The baby shower was GREAT!

    Thanks Beepers, Marie and Ezz!

    Maybe Wilson sent the CD to you? He wanted to see if maybe you would jam to it like you jam to Dean Martin when you clean. You should check to see if the ladder is back.

  9. Those standing Os are hard to have. There's the tricky alignment factor if the dude is taller, then there's the gripping...


    Sorry. I got to thinking about strumming hippies...


    I am so off track here. I need cake.

  10. Cake....

    I think I want some cake now...

  11. that's it? one stinkin picture? I wanna see the penis things or at least learn what a layette is, and possibly try it out this weekend. or something

  12. I love Jack Johnson too. I think that's why I don't mind watching Curious George with Peter fifty two times a day.

    Oh, and I guess all of our invites to the BS got lost in the mail? Not that I'm bitter. :)

  13. What would people think if they hear that you're a Jesus Freak???

    (My son plays that DC Talk Jesus Freak CD all day, everyday. I don't think Jesus would have wanted to torment my ears in this way.)

    I have to admit that I love a lot of Christian rock going on. It's not preachy, dismal, or cheesy like it used to be. My oldest has a ton of Christian alternative music on her blog playlist.

  14. Did you play the safety pin game? Did you wrap the mom-to-be up in toilet paper? Did you serve a tres leches cake?


  15. When I was pregnant with our second son who was also baby number 5, Papi's all female co-worker staff threw HIM a baby shower. It was a surprise thing and boy was Papi surprised. They brought baby boy gifts, cake, finger foods, and decorated the break room.

    I, the gestating princess, was not invited to the soiree.

  16. Am I the lone Jack Johnson dissenter here?!!!??

    He's nice to look at but his music bores me. You heard one JJ song, you heard em all.

  17. Juanes!

    Now he's a hippie hottie with a guitar that I'd follow around.

    Adios Le Pido
    Volverte A Ver

    I learned a lot of Espanol words from Juanes. Mentiras, mentirosos, mala gente......

  18. I do like Juanes but honestly my numero uno rock enespanol guy is and always will be ALEKS SYNTEK!!

    And he has a little Natalia also. Have you heard his newer stuff? The whole thing was dedictaed to his Natalia.

  19. ki just remember my BS. My mom hosted and served along with tamales coronas and jello shots.

    No wonder I left hoping that I was not prego at the next baby shower!!!

    Hint Hint Crazy Ez.

  20. Brian:
    I have no idea why they call it a shower. This was my second one and the first was when Nancy was preggos with Natalia.
    I don't know who sends anonymous CDs but they obviously have too much money laying around.

    BS = ;o)
    People tend to be extremely judgmental. I blame on the lack of oxygen when their moms were pushing them out of her special area.

    The weather was windy and slightly chilly but it was still better than it has been.
    JJ is sooooo cute!

    Ha! :o)

    I'll keel you!

    Not one of my babies. If I had one it'd probably be the total opposite of me. God's way of paying me back.

    Oh Lord! Wilson is on my SHIT LIST!

    HA HA!
    I can offer you some cake...

    jean knee:
    I was the one makin' the off color jokes. Amongst women my sis goes to church with (:-O

    Hey, if I would have known you'd come, I would have totally sent it to you!

    I used to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir but they no longer play it on the Sunday morning radio.
    JJ's music soothes the savage beast within me.
    Juanes is awesome!
    I'm going to check that Aleks guy out.

  21. Marisol:
    I had a Corona before the party to socialize myself a bit. ;o)

  22. Lake County....Florida?

    And don't worry about the babies know, I didn't want them for a long long time. They aren't for everyone. People just *think* they are. Babies do not = Happiness.

    Good on you for knowing what you want and sticking to it.

    Sounds like your Shower was good, except the annoying dog-lover. you should have let her get bit....hehe

  23. Hello! I'm an avid reader of your blog but I've never been one to comment as... well, you do such a good job of entertaining me, I was always content to sit back and giggle. This topic, however, brings it very close to home as I was JUST discussing this with my husband.

    My mother still keeps waving the kid banner, however, and just won't understand that she's going to hav to get her grandchildren from my brother and sister. Call it selfish, call it a desire to sleep... whatever you call it, the boyo and I decided no to kids, and we're pretty happy with the decision. He decided a long time ago that kids were not on his agenda, and when things were getting serious between us, I figured I needed to make a decision. Well, he did too, don't get me wrong... but he decided that if I wanted kids, then we'd better say our good-byes and I... was still on the fence.
    Here was my thing: if this guy knew what he wanted and I was still on the fence (hell no to anytime soon but... would I want them later?), was I willing to give up the person I loved for a maybe later?
    I know people who have made the opposite decision that I've made and they're happy that way. Me... I think I'd rather have the guy I love and... well if it REALLY gets all that important later, maybe adopt? I dunno. I'm very happy with the choice I've made, and every time I see one of my friends with no sleep and less time to hang out, well I feel pretty damn good about my choice.

    People say that the reward one gets at the end of the day from being a parent is the love of one's child. I say, that's what they have to tell themselves when they're facing another sleepless night! I joke, I joke! Still, I'm not feeling like I'm missing anything... and maybe they're not either. So why can't we all just be friends and get along????


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