Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance...

I don't know if you're aware but everybody in my immediate family is born in October. (If you didn't know, now you do and you can file it in the Bee Trivia notebook you have for when I do sell my game.)
My 3 brothers, my sister and my Andy where all born in the same month.
It's really hard to get them birthday gifts since Christmas is so close and... well, I'm cheap.
No, I'm not cheap. I just don't like spending money on anyone other than myself.
I deserve it, you know?
This year, I will buy them something special.
I found the perfect gift for all 5 of them.
My macho brothers, my sensitive hubby, my wacky sister, they will all love their gift!
I found out.

New Kids On The Block will be in Chicago on October 4th!!!

All five of them will be holding hands, singing along to 'Step by Step', 'Hangin' Tough', 'You got it (The Right Stuff)' and of course Jordan Knight's high pitched 'I'll be loving you (forever)'(and by all 5, I meant my family but I'm sure NKOTB will hold hands too)

I know what you're thinking "Bee, no way could you be a bad ass and have been a NKOTB groupie at the same time!"
Well I wasn't their groupie!
I thought their music was sappy and stupid and was all about GnR, Skid Row, Def Leppard, Metallica etc. and then Grunge. So I went from Hair Bands to unwashed bands but I was not a NKOTB chick.
Ignore anybody that tells you I had a Jordan Knight poster because they're probably on crack!
Did you guys see him on The Surreal Life 3? What a douche!
So, yeah. I don't know if I'll also give them money to buy themselves a T-Shirt. Probably not.
Humor-Blogs is giving away free NKOTB tickets so click on the link.

Thanks to everybody who took my side on the whole Cheetos controversy. Go out, buy yourselves a bag and send Andy the bill.
Bee is not responsible for what she types on her posts. She is usually lying and will not be buying anybody, anything, ever, so don't get your hopes up.
She is not lying about NKOTB sucking ass and her love of Metal and Grunge. That part is true. She also thinks you guys pay way too much attention to the fine print. Doesn't it hurt your eyes? Did you click on humor-blogs? Why not?? Do you want to see my cry? Is that it? Why am I friends with you if all you do is torture me so??


  1. I had several of their cassettes!! I even had the Christmas one! Can I come too?

    (BTW, I USED to like Jordan.)

  2. I really couldn't understand the interest in NKOTB myself.

    I do recall a song that one of the Buffalo radio stations used to play at Christmas time dedicated to them though, that I really liked.

    "The New Kids Got Run Over By a Reindeer...All The Little Children are in Shock...no more annoying high falsetto...ooos...now there is no more New Kids on the Block"

  3. Excuse me for a moment...

    "The first time was a great time
    The second time was a blast
    The third time I fell in love
    Now I hope it lasts..."

    I, um, had a cassette. I hid it behind my Bon Jovi and my Def Leppard. It came out only if no one else was home. But I always thought those boys were creepy looking. Good to see that hasn't changed.

    (the title of your last post would have made a nice subtitle to this one!)

  4. How nice. Is their favourite sister/wife going too?

  5. I.LOVED.NKOTB!!!!

    Of course I was an innocent 10 year old when they first came out and I thought that since everyone else in my class loved them then I must love them too. That's my story anyway.

    I even talked my mom in to taking me to a concert in Pittsburgh. I thought I was going to die.

    The only thing that makes me feel better about this is that my favorite was Donnie and he was the "bad boy" so atleast at the age of ten I knew what was right.

  6. I can safely say that as bad as my taste in music is, I was never into NKOTB. Probably the only thing I can be proud of.

  7. ohhh I will go to the concert in your place!! I wish they were coming to CT, but no, of course not......I was one of those people who liked everything...GnR, NKOTB, Aerosmith...seriously...I am still an eclectic music aficionado...and NKOTB puts on a damn fine show...I saw them in Providence back in the day....if anything it's entertaining!

  8. Bee, you never cease to amaze me! You are like so fabulous!

    I don't know the dudes' names, but that guy in the brown shirt and black tie (in the Old kids in the block picture) looks like an old lesbian.

    (Hope he isn't your favorite)

  9. To me, NKOTB was like Menudo. Never got the hype.

    That's how progressive and kewl I am.

  10. I was too old to like them, cuz I'm ancient. that one on the end looks like a monkey.

  11. I, on the other hand...er, wing...absolutely adore them! Jordan Knight is sooooo dreeeeamy...


  12. If only they could get Debbie Gibson out of retirement.
    I mean honestly, what's a New Kids show without a little Debbie?

  13. I’ve always wondered why people use avatars that are not their pictures. Yours for example, what was it that you liked about your avatar? Does it resemble you in anyway?

  14. Crazy Ez:
    Sure! The more the crapier!!

    I love that song!! I will be singing it next Christmas.

    The annoying upsetting part is I could probably sing all their popular songs. Because they would play them over and over on the radio.

    No. Nope. Uh-uh. Cuz I'm too cool.

    You get a free pass because you were TEN. Although, your mom should have known better. ;o)

    Good to hear. What did you listen to?

    I like all types of music too but theirs was just too sappy for me. I also didn't like Boyz to Men or Color Me Bad. Snow I liked even though he only had that one song Informer that didn't make sense.

    Yes I am so fabulous! I keep trying to get everybody to agree with me but they just roll their eyes! :o)
    MENUDO ::blech!::

    Hey there cock! Nice to see you here in Shangri-La Bee's!

    A little Debbie and some weed? That would be the only way to enjoy those two.

    I can't speak for everybody else but I liked my avatar because of the Scorpio written on its back. I also like the gothy-ness of it. No, it looks nothing like me. I'm more alive looking.

  15. You have to do it now. And you have to go with them, and you have to live-blog it.

  16. Look, it is possible to be a bad-ass rocker AND like NKOTB. They were never my thing, but along w/ my Def Leppard, Joan Jett, and GNR tapes, I also had Milli Vanilli, Color Me Badd, Animotion, Roxette...it's embarrassing.

    and Jordan WAS a douche on Surreal life. A FAT douche.

  17. Bee why are you embarrassed to admit that you liked them?

  18. My avatar is me.
    That's my picture.

  19. new kids on the menudoMay 14, 2008 at 9:46 PM

    You love us and you know it!

  20. personally, i preferred color me badd.

  21. Marie:
    I don't know. I mean, I'll do almost anything for my blog but... I won't do that.<-best Meatloaf impersonator ever!

    Milli Vanilli broke my heart! Then I blamed it on the rain.

    ... I. did. not.

    And a very beautiful avatar you are! With 20/20 vision.

    No señor!

    Color Me Badd gave me the creeps with the fake 5 o'clock shadows.

  22. I always liked Jonathan the best because his douchebag quotient seemed lower than the other douchebags.

    Besides I like quiet men because they let me talk, talk, talk, talk, uninterrupted.

  23. I was the right age for being a NKOTB groupie but I hated them. I liked alternative stuff like The Smiths and The Ramones and Debbie Gibson. Yeah, Debbie Gibson. Not only could she Shake Your Love but she also did a duet with The Circle Jerks!

  24. I saw baby onesies on ebay with a group picture of NKOTB on the front and something about being a fan of NKOTB on the back.

    A perfect gift for Nancy at her baby shower!!

  25. Papi and I made babies with births in 6 different months of the year.

    Papi's plan is to make 6 more in the months we missed which includes October. :0

    Papi is off his meds again!

  26. OMG did u see them on the Today show this morning??????? Singing, not so hot, but I have to say they LOOKED good!!!!! Even fatso Jordan dropped the pudge.

    p.s. Bee did you get a friend request from that creepy Anson84 today?


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