Sunday, May 4, 2008

I need to buy myself a magnetic suit.

The hubs and I went to see Iron Man.
I loved it!
I'm not a professional movie reviewer so don't get all pissy with me if you saw/see it and didn't/don't like it.

I've been a fan of Robert Downey Jr. since forever and always hoped he'd get his acting life back on the right track. He has a way of delivering lines with such a dry sense of humor... and looks cute doing it.

Being married to a comic book gee- uh... hmmm... (shaking my head around trying to dislodge the right word... oh!) comic book EXPERT, I've been lucky enough to hear all about every comic book character ever invented. He made me watch the
Captain America & The Avengers animated movie where I first *met* Tony Stark/Iron Man and when I saw the previews for the movie, I was super excited they picked RDJ.

I hope they make a sequel since even Gwyneth Paltrow (not a fan) was okay.

I wonder if this guy was their first choice but he had a prior commitment. Too bad cuz he is so hot!

One of the previews we saw was another comic book made into a movie called
The Spirit. I don't know anything about it now but I'm sure I'll be given all details about who created it, drew it, traced it, touched it, ate it, etc. It's done by the same guy who did Sin City and 300 with the same animated style so it looks pretty cool

If you go see Iron Man, stay until the credits are over because there's one last scene.

****Make sure you don't drink too much soda or play with your cellphone while waiting for the credits to end! Andy got mad at me because the screen on Scarlett was too bright. We had a mini fight when I started playing solitaire to distract myself from my full bladder.
I said something mean WHICH I WILL NOT REPEAT OR HE WILL MURDERIZE ME and he almost left me at our friendly neighborhood movie theater to wither and die!

Don't worry, he got back at me by letting me walk around all day with mud on my face after I cleaned out my flower beds. A regular Al and Peggy we are! Only without the children. Although, Mocha and Tazz can very well be Kelly and Bud. Mocha is ditzy and Tazz is a neutered horn dog.

I had a very fruitful gardening weekend and I'd like to give you some gardening advice they don't talk about in any gardening show I've ever seen.

I always make sure to wear granny panties, sweats that go above my waist and long T-shirts so as to avoid a full mooning of neighbors and passersby while I'm bent over pulling weeds and what not.

I wish the world would do the same for me since I DO NOT enjoy watching my neighbor Boomhauer or Wilson showing their ancient butt crack to any unlucky bastard that happens upon our street! And one unlucky cool little Bee minding her own business.

Also, don't plant Hostas! They spread like weeds and have roots the size of large trees! I fear I now have a hernia from trying to pull them up without hurting them so I could transplant them to a smaller flower bed.

I leave you to ogle my Magnolia Tree.



Thanks to all your clicks (willing and unwilling), I went from 17 to 15. Keep it up my legion of Humor-Blog clickers!! ;o) ***EDIT*** I'm back to #17 so let's keep on clicking on that Humor-Blog link! Thank you weary mucho!

If you're reading this on Cinco de Mayo, have a Margarita on me!


  1. Woo HOO Margaritas here i come!!!

    Well since I will be free on cinco de Mayo consider me.....

    "wasting away again in margaritaville, looking for my lost shaker of salt. Some people say that there is a woman to blame 'but I say hell no not even a man!!!

    Happy cinco de mayo!!!!

  2. BTW FIRST!!!!!! (and now second)

  3. Dear Bee
    Wanna know what's sad? I had to check my calendar on my computer to see if it was Cinco De Mayo. This used to be my most favoritest of holidays. I would have spent days already getting my glasses ready, making reservations at a mexican restaurant, getting ready to go.
    Those days are gone.

    I was happy to see that RDJ is making a comeback in this movie too. I love him. And I kind of secretly love super hero movies too. Although I've never read a comic book.

    Have you talked to Dan? He's really mad at me. He even sent me an email to my new account saying he's going to kick me in the nuts. Can you talk to him for me? Please? He's scary when he's angry.


  4. I can see that a bright cellphone screen would be an irritant when you're trying to read something important, like who was third assistant best gaffer ;-)

    A lot of these films are classified too high, at least here, which means that I can't watch them with Helena. I'll keep a look out for this one, though.

    Happy cinco de mayo

  5. bee, i saw this movie this weekend and loved, loved, loved it!! it made me remember why i loved RDJ. nobody's better at sarcastic banter than he is. initially i wasn't buying him as a superhero but in this case, i can't see anyone else playing iron man. of course there's going to be a sequel. the ending made that perfectly clear.

    but i left as the credits were playing! wah!!! what did i miss???!!!

  6. I can't WAIT to see IRON MAN! My hunny is coming to visit this weekend. He's so sweet. He waited to see it until we could be together! Too cute.

    I'm off to have my margs!

  7. I saw the previews for Iron Man (looked very cool - but will need to wait for video due to theater aversion). LOVED your magnolias!! I thought my two baby magnolias died in the drought last summer, but I'm seeing the littlest bit of green now. I can only hope they'll turn out as nice as yours!

  8. yeah, but can you do the Hootchie Kootchie dance??

  9. Marisol:
    Happy Cinco!
    I have a bottle of Margaritas I'll be drinking while having grilled pork chops with veggies, sitting on my patio watching the flames dance! Join me?

    I stopped going to clubs before it became a trend to lush out on CDM. My celebration was St. Paddy's day.

    Do you know how many people were in the theater besides us? ZERO! Everybody had left! And we were all the way in the back! He is such a meany pants!

    Everybody can celebrate it just have some Tequila!

    Yes they do.

    Yeah I thought they might make a sequel but you never know if actors want to come back.
    It was just one small scene that lasted ONE minute. My bladder was NOT happy.

    You'll love it cuz RDJ looks smokin'!

    I need NEED to hear about this aversion!

    jean knee:
    Me and Charro can shake it like nobody's business!

  10. Tracy:
    Don't worry about Dan. He's a big ole' softy but I'll give him the big sister pow wow.

  11. Omigod! I just wanted to come here to your blog and I couldn't fucking find you at my own damn fucking blogroll! I have you under "M" for Musings of the Bee, and I was looking all over under "B."

    I'm a dork.

    Cheers. (More margaritas, please.)

  12. I find my husband really digs it when I refer to him as a comic book/Star Wars/Star Trek/Battlestar Galacitca/action figure connoisseur. It makes him purr like a kitten, and nothing is funnier than a dde who purrs.

    Except you, Bee. You're funnier. Sometimes I hope I'm funny, but you're funny+!

    That doesn't mean I wouldn't fight you for RDJ, though.

  13. I love the Spirit. He wasn't really a super hero though; more of a detective really. A very famous comic line.

  14. The Spirit was a detective & wasnt created by Frank Miller, rather by a comic legend Will Eisner.

    They give out awards( similar to Oscars for movies) each year that bear his name for certain achievements in the comic book industry.

    The Spirit has been around for I don't know how long but without doing any research its been 20+ years which is unbelievable for an independent comic.

    Will Eisner also passed away in recent months, he kept working on the comic till he passed away into his 80's if I remember right.

  15. I'm a mother of a teenager on this day. Cinco De Mayo.

    Pass me the margarita pitcher, por favor.

  16. The coolest is that my Sunbum's birthday is 5-5-95. She turned 10 on 05-05-05. Isn't that just the cat's pajamas?

    Did I write cat's pajamas?

    I need an age reducer. STAT!

  17. I was out throwing papers last Wednesday and this old, old, old, old lady came out wearing a long orangey tank top. She bent over and revealed that she was totally freakin naked underneath and that her wrinkly butt tissues hung down to the back of her thighs.


    We live on a busy street. I face the street when I bend over to spare passing motorists from wrecking their vehicles due to temporary blindness.

  18. Never liked RDJ but I'll see the movie, you better hope I like it.
    By the way the nachos at Muvico are awesome !!!!!

  19. Love Robert Downy Jr. did not know he was popular, never heard of any of the comic stuff

    eww Elastic, that old lady story is giving me dejavous and the shivers, did she look like that wrinkly gal in the swimsuit photo??

  20. Craaap, where's my crack pipe

  21. CT:
    Ha! No worries I haven't moved one inch and am still here! ;op

    Ha! Have you gone to any conventions? ;op
    You charmer you! You can have 'em when I'm done.

    Hmmmm. I see we have another expert.

    Uh. Huh?
    Thanks for commenting! It means you are no longer mad at me, right? Look how adoringly I'm looking at you right now! Well, not AT you since you're in another room...
    And I meant the MOVIE was from the same guy. Not the comic.

    Oy! I wish ou luck!
    That is very cool! In order for mine to have worked... AH! Mine is coming up 2011!!! It'd be 11-11-11 and I'll be 31.
    Old peeps are way blech!

    remember what I told you to do? I told you to buy some for me but not to mix the cheese with the chips. You'll like it! Wait... there's no nudie women so maybe not.

    jean knee:
    Lucky! J/K!

    I have it and I'm selling it on ebay.

  22. You know which hero is totally useless?
    No, not aquaman.

    The guy is blind. His suit is hideous.

    And that's my review.

  23. Cinco de Mayo was good.
    I ate too much.
    Now I'm fat.

    The End.


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