Thursday, May 29, 2008

Isabella Sofia 5/29/08

I gave the evil gargoyle in me a sedative so that I may announce the birth of Isabella Sofia. I am truly lucky to be sharing the world with 2 special little girls. (Oh, and my sister's not so bad either!)

I was also informed that Natalia's (the older half of the angel nieces) middle name is now BIANCA*!! Yessss! My arduous harassment campaigning was rewarded!!

... Maybe I should run for president?

You may congratulate me now.

*If you're new to these here parts, that is my REAL LIFE name. The one I use at bars. And at the race track. Oh, and with my drug dealer.


  1. Oh my goooosssshhh.........

    Your new niece is so adorably gorgeous!

    Felicidades Tia Bee!!!!

  2. Have you watched this show on Sci-Fi called The Dresden Files? It got canceled already because those network mofos cancel all the shows I love prematurely. We rented the whole season from the library. One episode has two bad girl vampires named BIANCA and Natalie!

    Og course I thought of you immediately.

  3. Is this your sister, Nancy?

    They have GREAT tastes in names! The baby name police thanks them for their fine and rightly spelled contribution to humanity. :)

  4. Isabella is so gorgeous and adorable looking I swear my uterus just contracted. Both girls are beauties! Congratulations!

  5. Quick! Get that baby some foofy pink hair bows for all that fantasticly thick hair she has!

  6. Congrats Bee! I've seen so many baby shows in the last few days that I'm getting a little misty eyed. Have fun with your new niece. Smooches!

  7. Congratulations to Nancy and Big Tex!

    I want to see the photos of all the pink baby clothes that you've no doubt been busy knitting, like all good aunts...

  8. I am so jealous of all that hair! All of my babies were born bald and stayed that way atleast until their first birthday!
    Congrat to you Auntie Bianca!

    P.S. Oh and shouldn't we be congratulating your sister and BIL too? It seems only right since she did all the baby makin work right?

    Congratulation To Bee's Sister (whose name I do not know) and her husband (whose name I also do not know) for making beautiful babies with great heads of hair!!

  9. congratulations on being an aunt. again!

  10. So many people have been named after me that I can't even introduce myself without someone saying, "oh! That's my middle name!" It gets old after awhile (sigh).

  11. Well that's a purrty baby! And such a gorgeous name! Along with Natalia's name, which you complement well. :)

  12. Nancy looks so happy and glowing and beautiful, and not at all green.

    Congrats to the Bee family!!! Is that Big Tex?

  13. Congrats!!! You lucky lucky woman!!

  14. I'm confused. Is this your blog or elasticwaistbandlandy? Just kidding.

    Lovely baby! Are you sure you don't want one of your own?

  15. Yeah, Tia Bee, are you sure you don't want one???? uh. well are you????

    I beat you to the hospital so I saw her first.
    Ja Ja Ja

    Are you sure Bee, are you?


    Yeah, it was allot of hard work but I manged to come out of it with nothing more than pineapple juice on my chin. :o)

    jean knee, yes, that is Big Tex.

    Brian, ha ha! yeah! In another universe!

    Tracy, this here blog? Is all about me, myself and I. ;o) My sister's name is Nancy.

    Meg, Elastic is my sister from another dimension. I go bug her and she comes gives me laughs. ;o)
    Also, to your baby question? Umm... No. :o)

    Dan, no.

  17. ohhhhhhh cuteness!!!!!!!

    ...and SOFIA is the BEST name ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your sister is super lucky to have TWO girls...*sigh* Congrats to the family and CHEERS to the new Tia!!!


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