Sunday, May 18, 2008

After reading this post, I've decided I might be a little bored.

While vegging on the couch today, I saw a commercial for some thing where a man and a woman were saying their fake vows and the woman says "I vow never to wear flannel pajamas"
I have to admit to rewinding that part to make sure I heard right (I am, after all, recovering from a vicious head injury)(I have the mother of all bumps on the top of my head!).
What the heck is wrong with flannel? The nights can be freakin' cold and anybody who would give up flannel for a GUY needs to have their head examined since they're breaking the laws (and hearts) of the feminist movement!
(Yeah, it was a slow and cold Sunday over at the beehive)
I've gotten a couple of requests for more details and pictures of the BS that took place on Saturday.
Being the brain donor I am, I forgot to take pictures besides the one I posted and I really don't know what games were played other than that one where they drew the penis headed people. I was busy grilling burgies and doggies for the hungry crowd. When I was done grilling, I helped my sister open up gifts then I had to practically hold someone's hand because they couldn't figure out how to get to our house (THEY WERE ONE BLOCK AWAY) (AND 3 HOURS LATE). I think I did have time to eat a hot dog but nobody needs to hear That story.
There was this one *guest* who I warned about Tazzer the Ferocious and she kept saying "Oh no, all dogs love me because they know I'm a dog lover" I told her not to be fooled by his cuteness because many have and he's walked away with their fingers. She kept going on and on about how he would love her and I finally had to snap at her "NO! He needs to come out to pee but don't TOUCH HIM!" If it weren't for the fact that any moron can hire a lawyer, I'd let them see for themselves just how psychotic Tazz can be.

Okay, I have to go back to work tomorrow. Yip. EE.
I have more reason to dread the Bats than ever since I heard on the news they might be rabid.
Per channel 2 news report:
Rabid Bat Warning Has Lake Co. Residents On Alert

People living in Lake county were out and about enjoying the weather Friday, but county health officials say they're not the only ones. Bats also seem to like the spring and summer months, and because of that, health officials are asking people to be aware of bats acting strangely, which could be an sign that a bat has rabies. "People should look out for bats that are flying around during the daytime, bats that are on the ground. That's very unusual behavior for bats," said Mike Adam of the Lake County Health Dept.
I knew they were rabid all along but people kept telling me I was exaggerating.

I just remembered something from the BS. I forgot we would need a cake until the day before so when we went to Costco, I bought the only one that didn't say happy birthday. It was a wedding cake but we pink'd it all up with frosting, rattles, and pacifiers. It came out so good people were asking where it had been decorated.
We are a bunch of multi-talented ladies!


  1. HEY! What happened to you?
    Where did you hit your head?
    How did you hit your head?
    Why did you hit your head?

  2. Tazz does look mildly satanic in that picture.

    HEY! I hate it when people can't find an address. In this modern times of Teh Internets there's just NO excuse people.

  3. As long as you don't let your bats bite you, you should be okay? They've not been acting strangely, have they?

    Of course I mean more strangely...

  4. My cake for my baby shower had little babies dressed in blue diapers made out of sugar. It felt wrong to eat them. But they were so good!

  5. how dare you not have a picture of the dolled up cake. I live for such party moments. sigh

  6. That Tazz does have quite the evil eye. And little dogs usually are more ruthless than their full-sized counterparts. You just don't hear about it as much because they have smaller teeth.

  7. If it weren't for flannel pajamas, then my husband would see me in raggedy sweatshirts and torn up long underwear. Oh wait...he does.

  8. I tried wearing flannel pajamas to meetings when I used to bother to go to work; seems that even though they are decorative, warm, comfy, the proper length and all of that...they don't conform to the dress code. Go figure.

  9. Internet dating is the new way of expanding your social network. I hate it when people make fun of those of us trying to find the right person! It’s getting harder and harder to find decent people to date and on top of that we get people who think they’re better than us for trying something different!

  10. how insensitive of you Bee.
    To all you desperate internet daters: good for you thinking outside the box.

  11. there is nothing wrong with internet dating. Other then all the creeps out there. Other then that its all good.

    Imagine if Tazz still had his balls, he'd be a killer.

  12. No shit - who gives up pajamas for a guy?!

  13. There's a pretty good chance I had flannel pajamas on under my wedding gown. Hell, I'd have walked down the aisle in flannels and big old slippers given the chance.

    Perhaps the next time....

  14. NCS:
    I was scared by a GIGANTIC BUG and hit my head while trying to run for my LIFE! ;op

    I hate the bats. Hate Them.

    Sugar babies are always de-lish!

    jean knee:
    Sorry. I asked my sis to email me some but she didn't. She's all pregnant and stuff so she's being selfish. :o)

    He is an evil little devil! But he loves me. :o)

    Ha! I only try for special occasions. ;op

    I used to have a jog where they didn't care what we wore as long as it was clean. I miss that job.

  15. AnonyMOUSE:
    I see you found me by searching sorry.

    Um... I'm all for getting some love wherever you can. More power to you! I found my love at a Brown's Chicken but try KFC since those are everywhere.

    jean knee:
    Sorry. :o{

    Maybe because he doesn't he's a killer...

    Not me that's for sure.

    I'm sure they make flannel pjs in white.


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