Monday, May 26, 2008

It'd be my pleasure to make your nose bleed. Just try not to get it on my shoes.

Alright already! I'm back! Stop with the abusive/threatening e-mails! ;op

I had a nice long weekend and I'm feeling a little bitter about going back to work.
I was this close [picture my index finger and thumb almost touching] to walking out of the Asylum on Friday. But, whatever. Let us not dwell on the assholeyness of all the people who inhabit my work world.

Let's see... what happened this weekend?
Oh yeah! I had a volley game with a moth. I got out of the shower and reached for my towel only to have a moth fly at me! I swatted it but it ricocheted off the door and came back at me. I spiked it but after its dive, it spun and then headed for me again! Was this moth on a suicidal mission? I think so! Hey! I would have left it alone if it would have flown in an opposite direction but it started it! What's up with bugs trying to show me who's boss?? I felt ridiculous so I thought I'd share.
Anyway, we went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens on Saturday and the day couldn't have been better! I could show you picture after picture of the beautiful views but I'll just show you a few and let you imagine what my paradise looks like. I can't explain the sense of peace that engulfs me as soon as we near the outskirts of The Gardens.

Andy and Natalia at the bottom of the waterfalls. This picture cracks me up because you can't tell where I'm standing when I took the picture. Is he looking at me or is she???

Do you remember this picture from last year? No? Probably only Brian will remember.
Here is Natalia using her lungs just like Tio Andy.

Don't they look cute? Even if one of them acts like a 5 year old and is a pain in the ass, I think I'll still keep him. ;o)

As always, after hours of walking amongst beautiful flowers and plants I'd like to smuggle in Andy's pockets, my scalp and nose? Sunburned!

On a marital note:

We were supposed to see the new Indie film this weekend but Andy decided to throw a Cheetos-like tantrum so we didn't go. I guess that punished us both.

On a books I've read in one day note:

Speaking of Cheetos, I finished reading a book this weekend were they were featured prominently. It's called The Host by Stephanie Meyer of Twilight Series fame. I loved the story but the writing still seems like it's aimed at prepubescent teens. I'm not saying it's a bad thing so don't get all huffy with me, m'kay?

On a weather note:

I think mother nature has finally decided to make it spring and stopped playing the "ha! I was just kidding here's winter again!" game.


On a movie you cannot miss note:

We watched Across the Universe recommended by my hippie brother Rick and you know what? It was awesome!! I'm going to buy the soundtrack after work tomorrow (if my shoes aren't too bloody) because the the actors' (and some surprise cameos) interpretations of songs I've listened to since I was able to understand what music was, were so unbelievably radicus that it's going into my iPod labeled as 'Crappy Mood Slayer'. Bono sang my coo coo ka choo song. If you see that movie, you'll not what that means.


You can slay your crappy mood by clicking on Humor-Blogs and checking out the talent.

So... as Scarlett said "Tomorrow is another day and I'm wearing my new fuckin shoes so it better be a good day or I'll have to wash the blood out of them once I kick somebody in the face!"* Peace be with you.

*she didn't really say all that but I'm thinking she would have if the censor people didn't have sticks up their asses.



I just saved Andy from a vicious June Bug! His words to me, "My Hero!"


  1. Welcome back! I haven't read "The Host" yet, but I know her Twilight series is aimed at teens. Worth me reading?

    And I always appreciate a good made up Scarlett quote, because she soooo could have said that.

  2. I remember that picture - I think it was a little less than a year ago, but doesn't time fly?

  3. Hi! Ain't it amazing ow people don't want you to take even one day off from blogging? It must be that were are all totally nosy and want to know everything that happens in other lives... mostly because ours are so boring.

  4. June bugs suck. One time I was eating an absolutely decadent chocolate dessert at an outdoor party and I took a bite, was just about to crunch a nut, when it wrapped its prickly legs around my tongue--yes it was a June bug. and it wasn't even June. as swipe

  5. All the Mormon ladies are reading The Host and are like one of us now!

  6. I'm so grateful for having kids. They kill and remove the big bugs around here when Papi's gone.

    Infidel Extermination Team.

    Ooooh, that sounds really mercenary and awesome.

  7. It's hovering in the mid 90's here. It is so freakin hot. My Papi got heat rash. Our A/C doesn't work and we're relying on crappy window units because we can't afford to fix it. And I took my kids swimming and now have a matching set of red lobsters sticking out of my chest complete with nipples. Seriously, my boobs are teh OW! right now. No, I don't swim naked but the sun is so intense I swear it burned right through my suit.

    That must be why "Pube Lady" at the pool won't shave. She trying to shield her thighs from the sun. Sadly it still BLINDS the rest of us!

  8. If we lived closer we could totally get Natalia and Melody together for playdates.

    Melody has been in Kung Fu since January. All my kids including her have kicked azz so hard they've been advanced to Bo Staff training already. Okay, we went to a party for my niece yesterday and they had a pinata. All the other kids were just lamely swatting at it like they were using a flyswatter. My Melody got up there and smacked and smacked and smacked the pinata stick and never missed a hit. Everyone was laughing at her determination but I chalk that up to the "Mexi-Advantage." There's pinata destruction blood practically flowing through her veins!

  9. First of all, neither of them seems to be looking at the person who is holding the camera.

    Second of all, is that Andy in the red shirt and Andy in the black shirt? And is Andy Natalia's uncle? Isn't that what Tio means? Are you trying to confuse me on purpose? You're so meen!

    Third of all... what does that "of all" mean?

    Fourth, I won't be reading any book unless it is written in the manner of exceptional literary genius. Like Vonnegut, for instance. I just don't have time to read amateurish stuff. Unless it's stuff my granddaughter writes. Which may fall into the category of genius. :)

    And (C) ~ That Universe movie better be good because now I'm going to see it!

  10. Alice:
    The story is entertaining. I wouldn’t pay full price for it. Maybe wait for it to come out on paperback or steal it from an old lady. Oh! I guess you can get it from the library. I love the Twilight series. It takes me back to my younger more INNOCENT years.

    I know! That was my first time at CBG.

    Well, that’s why we blog. ;op

    jean knee:
    I have to admit they’re icky looking but Andy must have jumped 5 feet when he saw it coming towards him…

    I’m the bug killer in my house :o(
    The heat is the main reason I could not move to Texas. I know I complained allot about winter this year but I really do like it.
    I think they’re gonna enroll Natalia in Karate next year. She needs to improve her motor skills since she’s taller than average.

    First of all, I was waiting for someone to point that out since I was actually standing in the middle.
    Second of all, yes that’s Andy in the red shirt and the black shirt. The picture in the black shirt is from last year and the picture in the red shirt is from this past Saturday. Andy is Natalia’s uncle because I am her Tia. She’s my sister’s daughter whom I love more than butter pecan ice cream.
    Third of all, that means ‘of all’ ;op
    Fourth, I love reading. I’ll read anything that is within arms reach, shampoo bottles, water bottles, Kotex wrappers…
    And (C) I loved it!

  11. In truth, I read all those things, too. :)

    But if they have more than three or four pages, they have to be really really good!

  12. You obviously had a bad hair day when you took that first photo; they're BOTH trying to avoid looking at you...

  13. Oh, I don't want to be 13th. ;(

  14. Ok, that's better.
    Your pictures were great. I wish we had a botanical garden close to here. I wonder if we do? I should look.
    Anyways, I'm glad to have you back in bloggie land. I was getting tired of coming over for a visit and seeing the lady dressed in sausages.
    Glad you had a good weekend!

  15. drunken co-workers UnitedMay 27, 2008 at 3:43 PM

    crap, I just x-rayed my own foot. where'd that huge sausage come from!!!! oh, right

  16. I wrote a gigantic comment about the gigantic fly that was in my house all weekend. How the damn thing made me fear for my life. The comment was funny and charming and I was very proud of it.

    Then blogger ate it!!!

    I believe the ghost of the now dead gigantic fly is behind this. I now live in fear in my own house!

  17. Pass the book down... Oh Wait.. I might never really get to read it, especially now.. A five year old and a soon to be newborn might not let me.

    Maybe one day.... The movie I can do. Do you still have it or did you return it?

    I love the pictures, you need to share the album :)

  18. Indiana Jones Sucked !!!!!

  19. I'm reading the Host (bought it yesterday) as soon as I'm done with Duma key (S. King).

    I'm wathcing Across the universe per your recommendation.

    Sorry about no Indy for you. On the other hand, how much do you trust Dan? Does it really suck?
    Will you do a review when/if you watch it?


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