Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'll keel ewe!

On my shit list for comments on yesterday's post:
Alice, Brian, Harris, and jean knee.
Consider yourselves smacked upside the head.
On my lovey dovey list:
Stay tuned for news on the amputation of my left arm that will determine if I live or die.
Remember I like to exaggerate/over dramatize/whine.


  1. Amputation or your left arm???

    Are you buying gas for both cars of your household at once?

    Do you get to keep your leg??

  2. Wow!
    My kitty has a puppet, cleverly named Bear Puppet, made exactly like that. The only diff is that ours is lighter in color.

    The cat has loved/hated that thing since he was a tiny kitten. He attacks it viciously. Before he was neutered, he would attempt to sexually humiliate the poor puppet.

    He especially hates when you tap the plastic nose on a hard surface. He will come bolting across the room, yowling ferociously, sink his teeth into the puppet's neck, drag it off our hands, and run away with it.

    Sometimes we find it in the garbage, or under his litter box.

    He doesn't treat any of his other toys like that.

  3. It's a little after 1 in the morning and you'll be happy to know that my allergies after mowing ARE IN FACT smacking me upside the head.

    It's like you'r magic.

  4. That's bad news about the arm - you'd better start practising the nose typing again...

  5. I would be in trouble if I lost my left arm as I am lefthanded. Just thought I'd share that with you.
    I'm glad I'm not on your shit list.
    although I did think Brian's comment about the biking to work would help the rls was funny.

  6. whew! i'm so glad i'm not on your shit list for asking if you were on your period. some people might have taken that the wrong way.

  7. This scares me.
    We have NEVER known the almighty Bee to exaggerate-over dramatize-whine-grouch-grump-moan-rant-groan-rave-complain-attenuate-overstate-put on- overdo-harangue-declaim-debilitate-devitalize-inflate-hyperbolize-undermine-or bitch about anything.

    (nice puppet though)click'

  8. Whining always goes over better when furry woodland creatures are involved. You can stun a person faster with the cuteness before attacking!

  9. do you really need two arms, isn't that sorta redundant

    yeeeees!! shit list!!

    that's good, right?

  10. hey bee,

    "shit list" is like "Yo, I'm the shit!", right?


    Rock on,


  11. Ενδέκατος!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I'm very glad that there's a very large stretch of water between here and Chicago. If you did ever try and come across to deliver your shit list thing personally you'd be one of the few women to fly the Atlantic single-handed ;-)


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