Thursday, February 28, 2008

My top 10 women? I AM an equal opportunist...

-Day 59.-
For Brother Dan, my top 10 list of women I want... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... to BE.
This was harder than I thought. I guess I'm pretty happy being me. Who knew!
These are in no particular order so don't get pissy with me.
Jean knee:
Nobody has more personalities than she does! No, that’s not a typo. I’m still working on mine, at the moment I only have 2. Sociopath and sleepy.
Angelina Jolie:
She looks like the type of chick who would kick ass and ask questions later. The Chuck Norris of women.

Princess Buttercup:
She has a Farm Boy
She has better access to nachos than I do. I only get them when I go to the movies and this makes me sad.
Jennifer Aniston:
I love her fashion sense. Hmmm... I bet she wishes to be AJ too.
Kathy Griffin:
CUZ SHE’S HILARIOUS!! Yeah, she’s somewhat of an ugmo but I’d rather be funny than hot. Although, some days I’m both! ;o)
The richest woman in the world:
Because she is the richest woman in the world. Don’t worry, I’d give you each a few million to lavish adoration upon mua. I know you already do but this way you’d get paid for it.

Because she just got a greenhouse and I've been wanting one for about 2 years. She also claims to have tattoos but I've never seen them, have you? Nah they must be the fake ones I keep buying.
Okay, that's all I was able to come up with and now I have a headache. I welcome any suggestions!
Please remember that tomorrow is my official Blogging Day Off. That doesn't mean it's your day off from clicking Humor-Blogs for me.


  1. HEY! My dream ccame true!!
    YAY! I want a million bucks and Brad Pitt...

  2. Awwww. Boooo.

    I would like to be Halle Berry WITHOUT her luck and taste in men, eewww.
    And AJ WITHOUT all the kids.


    See? I can be bad sometimes :(

    Sorry again.

  3. NCS:
    I wanted to put Super Happy Girl on my list but I didn't want to steal the picture. :o(
    I know, weird that I have some limits.
    You can't be bad not wearing that cute little hat!

  4. The Queen's very rich, so you could be her. You get to live in a big house, well, several, actually, in return for which you go round waving to people. You also get your face on all the money, but apparently the Queen doesn't handle cash anyway - she has people to do dirty jobs like that.

  5. Dear Bee-
    Are you doubting the existence of my tattoos??? HOW DARE YOU, I SAY! I have seven tats to be exact, no wait,... yes, that' right seven. I had to count. Sometimes you have SO MANY that you forget how many you actually have. I will take a picture of one that I think you will enjoy and post it but some of the others are in private spots that I will not post on anyones blog. But I seriously do have seven.
    Thanks for wanting to be me. As a reward, you wanna come grow something in my greenhouse? My hubby's voting for weed. (We're not really going to grow weed, I'm told that's frowned upon by the popo.)

  6. Hey, how come you have another blog that I can't get in to??? Huh?
    I didn't know about it before I've always just clicked on your link from my sidebar but this morning I clicked on your name from my comment section and THAT is how I found out that you have another blog that apparently I am not invited to. Now I feel like the nerd who didn't get invited to the cool kid's party.

  7. Bee
    I wanted a list of the girls you would go gay for, not the ones you wanted to be. Or is it one in the same ?

  8. of course that's what dan wanted. nicely played.

    hey, i'm from texas too and i'm willing to share the secret for the best nachos ever. one can of rotel hot + one large brick of velveeta = pure bliss. you will thank me later.

  9. Brian:
    The Queen is... how can I say this in proper English so as not offend any Brits... oh yeah, Bugly.

    Or maybe I was trying to get you to post a picture of said tattoos, how good am I at subliminal messages?? I've been wanting a greenhouse but now I'm thinking I'd like to turn my unheated back porch into one.

    Well, you said top 10 women and that's it so too bad for you.

    Maybe if Dan would post a list of his top 10 guys... ;o)
    Nachos Yum!

  10. those really are kick ass nachos.

    luv your list LOL!

  11. ??????????
    was that cupcake speaking????

  12. Am I alone in thinking that Angelina Jolie looks a little, well, odd?

  13. SB:
    She is odd but it seems to work for her. I mean, she has Brad Pitt after all. ;o)

  14. Odd???? Angelina Jolie is hideous. I don't know about Brad Pitt (maybe he's got Jean Knee shades), but I'd have to be very drunk...

  15. get off it people, Angelina doesn't look odd, she is odd.

    She left me for that simpering Brad Pitt.

    I still wear the vial containing her

  16. I saw on the cover of the latest US Weekly today that the richest woman in the world wants to be you,too. Can you confirm this? In the corner of the same cover was a picture of Angelina Joli, shooting the richest woman in the world the evil eye.

  17. Brian:
    You're just mad cuz i called your Queen and bugly.

    Most Prepossessing:
    That movie rocks!

    Do you do voodoo with her blood or do you sniff it?

    Uh-huh. I confirm this. I told her to give me her money and I'd give her an ounce of coolness. (It's only toilet water but don't tell her) ;o)

  18. Has anyone on this list not schtooped Brad Pitt?

    Well I'm pretty sure Kathy Griffin hasn't, not sure about the rest of em :)

  19. ------------------------------------

    Wot, no post?

    FIRST on the Leap Day...


  20. Bee, you can't not post on a Friday! That's just wrong! Friday's are the days I need a laugh the most! especially on close Friday!

    Can you send me a personal post to my e-mail? I wont tell anyone, I promise!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I roll the vial all over my body while reciting the pledge of allegiance

  23. I'm full of gas. Tracy is full of greenhouse gas!

  24. hey bee,

    kathy griffin is hilarious?!?

    i just died a lil.

    rock on,


  25. Andy:


    At least you're patriotic!


    No no no more gas!

    Well, I also find Benny Hill funny I guess my humor is all over the place. ;o)


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