Monday, February 25, 2008

Philip Seymour Hoffman loses again?? I demand a recount!

-Day 56. I forgot about the Oscars!-
How could I have done such a horrible thing!
I mean, this year, OZ's twin was nominated for... something and as Puddy said "Gotta support the team".
I got home just in time for his category. I sat there a few minutes before they called the winner, at the edge of my seat, and they didn't announce his name!

Nooooo!!! What a sad day. Or uhm... night. I blame John Travolta.
Besides being OZ's twin, he is one of the greatest actors I've ever seen.

Let me tell you how I judge this.

If I can watch "Along came Polly" and not know that Ben Stiller's friend is the same guy that came out in "Boogie Nights"/"Mission Impossible"/"Red Dragon", well, that is a true chameleon my friends because nobody can fool me.
Except that guy who sold me the genuine 30 kt diamond ring for 50 bucks at the corner of Western and Armitage.
Or the guy who sold me those speakers for $300 and when I got home the boxes were empty... I should have known better since the boxes were light as a feather.
The guy said it was because they were the newest technology in audiovigory.
Don't look up the word audiovigory, it doesn't exist.
As I was saying, I know he won one for "Capote" but I wasn't working at the Asylum yet. I would have loved to go in to work and say to OZ "PSH won an Oscar. Hey! I hadn't noticed before but you look just like him!"
I still don't know if he would be flattered or pissed.
Best part of the night?
I was chatting with Suzy Soro from HOLLYWOOD Where HOT Comes To Die ™ she's as cool and funny in person as she is on her blog!
Plus she also loves shoes and purses so she's obviously very smart.
Okay, later dude-- what?
Oh, you're asking if I saw the movie PSH was nominated for and therefore have an informed opinion?
No. [look away as I blush]
But that has never stopped me form talking nonsense before.
Please click on Humor-Blogs and check out Suzy's blog.
... You guys better not leave me, though.

Does anybody know how to give a male Crowntail Beta mouth to mouth resuscitation? I think he's on the verge of crossing over to the big lake in the sky. No, not Lake Michigan!


  1. I may have a little shrine in my furnace closet set up to PSH. There's pictures, some hair. Whatever.

    I watched him again in "The Big Lebowski" last night. Big, pasty white guys make my heart thump.

  2. Yo Bee, loved chatting with you during the Oscars. I'm pretty sure it was the best part of the entire night!

  3. I went to sleep early after skipping church and working myself into a baking frenzy. I made calzones and orange cinnamon rolls, Bee! But now I'm awake and can't go back to sleep because Papi who claims he never snores is freakin snoring!

  4. I don't like Awards Shows of any kind. Not even when it involves my kids or Papi. Papi and I both think that kind of thing is boring. Seriously. Papi won this medal thing for his academic achievements and got invited to an exclusive business fraternity. We totally blew off the award ceremony back in December.

    I make him wear the medal sometimes. I tell him he really won it for owning Squarest Azz In The Universe(The man does have a square butt. For realz)

  5. This latest injustice doesn't surprise me.

    I boycotted the Oscars this year because once again I didn't receive a nomination.

    I bet your short documentary "Water into Ice" didn't get a look in either...

  6. I am taking this liberty to enjoy a moment that it seems nobody else has........
    It counts right since NOBODY else claimed it?

  7. Dear Bee,
    I watched the beginning of the Oscars. You know, the first two hours, starting at six, with the most uncomfortable interviews in a row. I think they were trying to win some sort of spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for making things akward as ass. And it didn't matter what channel you turned on either. Everywhere, everyone was uncomfortable!

  8. On the one channel you had Joey Fatonen and Lisa Renna (sp.) Lisa was on the red carpet because she has the amazing ability of turning every interview into a conversation about herself and how long she's known the other celebrities.

  9. Then they would go to Joey who was standing up above the crowd in a room by himself so he did the inner monologes that were in the actors heads. He also sang everyone's name too. That never got old the ten million times he did it.

  10. So I turned it over to the other channel just in time to watch Ryan Seacrest be attacked by Gary Busey for a reason still unknown to Ryan.
    He then asked Jessica Alba if she was going to breastfeed. The look on her face was fun.

  11. Oh and I


    11th now too!!!!!!
    I kicking ass and taking names today!

  12. I meant to say
    "I'M kicking ass and taking names." It makes it so much less scary tough and more laugh at me when you forget a letter doesn't it?
    Ok I'm going to go harrass someone else's blog now for a little while.

  13. Ok one more thing Bee. I just clicked on your link to that scary chicks blog to see if she had replied to Elastic's comment and the blog has been deleted. You scared her right out of the blogosphere!

  14. tracy
    go back to sleep !!!!!!
    Why are you up so early ?

  15. Dan-
    If only I could go back to sleep, trust me, I would. I have a bit of a problem with insomnia. I'm not a crazy, manic insomniac, it's just that I have trouble going to sleep and when I do get to sleep, it usually doesn't last long. I'm sure you care about all of this but that is why I was up so early and able to kick ass on the 11th thing.
    And Elastic's comment wasn't bad she just called the scary girl out on copying Bee. I thought she did it in a nice way. I don't even remember her using any swear words. I was kind of proud of her for calling her on it but now the blog is gone and I'm really upset because I was the only one who read her really gross post on the poo porn video. It was GROSS and now I will never be able to heal my burned retinas.

  16. wow, things are happening all over the place over here.

    But first about me. My Beta Cupcake is dying too Bee. It is really sad, he will be three years old in April--ancient in beta months. Last time I changed his water, when I put him back in his bowl he just dropped to the bottom like a rock, didn't swim around at all. I'm scared to change his water again. I've had to put him on his anemone sooo many times lately.
    Lean has instructed me to not flush him down like the others( I went through 4 or 5 of them in a row right before we got Cupcake.

  17. oh yeah if the fish stops breathing you have to lift it to the top of the water in a spoon

  18. What does lifting it to the top of the water do to it Jean Knee?

  19. What if you use a fork instead of a spoon?

  20. Just your luck: I know how to do mouth to mouth on female crowntail betas. Sorry.

  21. This post alone beats them Oscars, by far.
    Booo to the oscars.
    YAY to Bee.

  22. PSH is destined it seems to be one of the great actors of this era of movies. However because he doesn't seem to have "Leading Man Good Looks" he will most likely be remembered like....

    "Hey what was the name of that actor in that one movie? You'd remember if you saw him. No thats not him. GRRRRRRRRRR You know I will remember his name like in 3 weeks not really knowing why I'm thinking of Phillip Seymour Hoffman...... OMG THATS HIS NAME!!!!!! Knew I'd remember!"

  23. I can't watch the oscars. I don't even have time to read blog posts where people say nice things about my blog (ahem). Thanks, Bee. I am beating my breast in shame.

    It looks like your blog thief deleted her blog. I'd take her theft as a compliment. No one has ever stolen any of my posts (though, since I don't have the time to check, that may actually not be true, and if anyone did I would never figure it out).

  24. I want to see Frogster beating his breast in the worst way......

  25. breast beaters of canadaFebruary 25, 2008 at 7:54 PM

    we approve!
    (and want pictures)

  26. FADKOG:
    Wow! Didn't know you had it in ya!

    Yeah, although the part where the cut off the woman who was gonna make her acceptance speech after winning the Song category was pretty funny.

    In this modern age of technology, why don't you record him? The proof is in the puddin'!

  27. Brian:
    Those bastards overlooked you AGAIN!! Well that's it! They're dead to me!

    Good going! I wasn't home so I missed all the dresses and gossip. :o(

    She told her she had seen that post on Bee's Musings. The chick ran like the little bitch she is! She was also here before she deleted her blog.


  28. jean knee:
    I'm really sad about Chilli Palmer. He won't eat and then the other day he was standing straight up. He is the best behaved of all my pets, even Andy. :o(

    Oh no! At least you tried.
    :oD Thank you!

    Yeah, wow that;s allot of words you've got there! Who knew?

    I forgive you because you were busy trying not to break your neck. It's all good!
    I think she was a serial thief because to took stuff from Kevin @ Pointless Banter too.


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