Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bee, the next Stevie Nicks?

-Day 48 of my quest to post 365 days. As you all know, my day off will be February 29th so you'll be able to take a deep breath and say "It's about damn time she shut her yap!"
Mean. You guys are mean.

Tracy has come to my rescue and found a solution to my marriage woes!

Thank you Tracy! Thanks to you, we might make it to our 7th anniversary without any blood shed.

I will post the pics of my fantabulous hair tomorrow here's a hint:

We have a new toy!
We finally got Rock Band and I'm dying to play the drums! And maybe do some singing raspy voiced chick style like Bonnie Tyler.

Oh-Oh! Andy keeps getting Boo'd off the stage! Now he's pissed and telling the game it's a c*ck sucking mother effer. Yikes! I guess we're not out of the woods yet... Nah, I'm sure we'll have tons of fun! [help me!]

Hasta La Bye Bye!

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Thank you kindly.


  1. First!! ha, that never happens

    wheres the hair, we want the hair, yea for the hair

  2. Just last night someone asked on her blog what crazy hair thing would we do to our hair if possible (I bet her grammar and sentence structure was waaay better). I said "Fiery red streaks".

    But I see you want to have cartoon hair. Hmmm.

  3. Nah! I kid.

    Pictures! pictures!!!!!

  4. I just wanted to say that while others are 11th, I'm

    Teh 11th\*


  5. Dear Bee,
    Hey that looks like my hair. Are you so grateful to me for saving your marriage that now you want to look like me too? You have my permission because I am fab.o.lous!

    I want to guitar hero for our Wii machine. I don't know if I could do the rock band. Have fun. Maybe you should think about getting Andy some Valium. Works for me ;)


  6. 6 th yes 6 th

    I haven't killed anyone yet---or made anyone cry--I'm doing good

  7. That drum kit looks like a good way to relieve tension...

    Only 6 hours to go before your blog explodes. I might stay up to see what happens.

  8. I don't think the drums are that impressive in Rock Band- Even the most magnificent drum solo comes out sounding like tap-tap-tap... tap tap tap because they aren't real drums. But the singing would definitely be fun. What's your band name? Bee Rocks?

    And we NEED photos of the hair. NEED. *hyperventilates*

  9. I reallly want to see the hair.

    You must post pics sooon!!!

    And I'm very glad we don't have rock band or guitar hero. PC would be saying a lot worse!! HAHA

  10. I'm just filling something in here so I can be................

  11. There aren't any skin flutes in your band? What's that all about?

  12. I play the electric tambourine. Can I join you guys?

  13. I'm sorry I was unable to respond to your hilarious comments but the freakin' rain flooded us again. We spent our time vacuuming out water and then mopping it up. This made my head explode and is now just hanging on by a thread!

    jean knee! HOORAY!

  14. That sound you here over the cheers of the crowd and the flicking of Bics is me, knocking on your door, wanting to join the band. Please. Please let me. I promise not to screw things up by making a play for the guitar player.

  15. I miss my games. I havent been able to play since I started my internship. Now I lead a sad existence with no real life.


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