Saturday, February 2, 2008

Don't eat yellow snow.

-Day 33. Will, America doesn't like to think of you as sexual. -Jack McFarlan

I have a huge problem and am a little bit embarrassed to admit it.

I was going to invite all of you to my house for a huge Garden Party on Sunday but now I can't because there is a leetle beet of snow in my backyard.

I guess I can dig out the table and clean off the grill... would you guys mind sitting on wet seats? It would be BYOB. Bring Your Own Blankets.

Unless... is there anyone out there in a nice warm climate? Maybe Hawaii? You can have us all over to your house where I would be your guest forever.

Okay, not forever, just until I become too sunburned to move without cracking my skin. (Been there, done that!)


I was visiting The Poke Show and he had a bunch of links for sketches that had me STDWMWNL -Scaring The Dogs With My Wild Nutso Laughter-! My favorite was the 50 impressions below. The guy has a talent! A talent I tell ya'!

Then I was visiting KayFour who has Riding Shotgun Rules print them, live by them and you will never have another argument ever again! About Riding Shotgun anyway...

Alrighty, going to bed now.


  1. Bring Your Own Blowtorch.

    I'd invite everyone here where we have sun and no sign of snow, only I don't have a patio.

    I enjoyed "The Tasty Burger" video.

  2. Dear Bee,
    I would love to have you over for a visit but, living in West Virginia, am in the same boat as you. Only instead of snow, I have a nice, thick sheet of ice outside. But you are still more than welcome.
    You know, I had asked in a post once if anyone lived in a warm climate and nobody answered. Maybe they thought I would be a terrible guest.
    And did you notice that in your last abbreviation the first three letters were STD? I did. :)
    And thank you for your wonderful comment yesterday. I feel the same about you, even though you are childless. Somehow I still feel like you get me.

  3. Do you have a pool? Cause if you do, I'm right there! :D

  4. Come on down here, Bee. The sun is out, the grill has gas but the wind is blowing like hell and since we are the only ones with a fence all the neighborhood trash and debris is caught on our fence. lovely

  5. when I retire ( at 40 ) I think I'm moving to a warm city, I hate snow !!!

  6. Thanks for the linkage Bee.

    I've always tried to live in a warm climate cause people wear less in warm climates -- when I say people I mean just that, I am in no way talking about dogs or cats.


  7. Brian:
    Do you have a courtyard? We'll be there at 1:00pm Chicago time.
    Tasty Burger ::blech::

    Ice Snow No More! >:o[

    I don't have one but if you're willing to go in in this weather I'll build one right now! ;o)

    jean knee:
    I'll knock on the door 3 times and do an eagle call. That way you know it's me and not some random hitch-hiker.

    We voted and you are staying put.



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