Friday, February 22, 2008

10 funny "people" you'll "meet" on Humor-Blogs. (Excessive use of quotation marks pisses me off too.)

I’ve gotten a couple of people questioning me in regards to the clicking of Humor-Blogs.

The questions have been:

1) “Do I click from your blog there or from Humor-Blogs to you?”

2) “What do I do once I get there?”

3) “How much money do you make?”

4) "Why do you think you're so cool? Do you think maybe it's all in your head?"
1) Okay, in order for the click to count, you have to click from MY blog (my actual blog and not the Feed) to Humor-Blogs. This will propel me up the ranks to stardom. No, just kidding. I’m not greedy, I’ll settle for the top thirty which is always displayed on the main page.

2) Once you get to Humor-Blogs, stick around and enjoy the funny bloggers. I’m going to give you my personal favorites and tell you why they’re my personal favorites at the end of this post. Well, let’s not call it the end, more like the beginning of a fun new adventure. Or Bee & XYZ’s Excellent Adventure! Queue the air guitars!

3) I make more money than the anorexic twins from Full House put together!
Just kidding.
I don’t make any money off Humor-Blogs, the clicks are for the ranks only.

4) Yes.

Here are the funnies in no particular order: (After you visit them, click on their Humor-Blogs Icon so that you can keep them on their level of highness. Like I said, I’m not greedy and I like to share the LOVE! And don't get Jell-o these are just my favorite from Humor-Blogs, my other favorites know who you are, right? On with my list)

15 Minute Lunch.

That guy has a way of telling a story that has me prying my eyelids off my eyeballs after I finish reading his posts cuz the moisture has dried from lack of blinking. Plus he has bathroom stories too and I will always have a soft spot for bathroom stories.

Mattress Police Antisocial Commentary

It’s not just cuz he’s the founder of HB, honestly, the guy is funny. His blog is also interactive, he’ll put of pictures of famous and/or funny scenes, photo shop himself in there and creates a caption contest. Anybody can participate. Then you go back and vote for the funniest one.

Predator Press

Postings of an enigmatic funny dude that makes you THINK before you laugh. Did you hear me? You have to think about it first AND THEN LAUGH! But you will laugh.

The Ominous Comma

Be careful when you go over there cuz he is very ominous. You’ll probably laugh while you’re running away from his ominousness.

By the way, those last two are dangerous cuz they like to pick fights and duel, mostly with each other from what I’ve seen but you can never be too careful!

The Poke Show

He brings you a collection of funny, sometimes saucy, videos which you would probably never find on your own. I don’t want to know how he does it. Life is better with some mystery I always say. Okay, that’s the first time I’ve ever said that but I will from now on.

The Frog Bog

Frogster has been seen here now and then and he was the one that conducted the review of yours truly. Now now, don’t get mad at him since he was being fair. He has admitted to being a male housewife so you have to go check out some of his stories. He makes a better housewife than I do and less hairy.

The Blog of Bex, and On Many Subjects.

The reason I combined these two is cuz they tell you about their everyday lives (not with each other, I think they live in different states) in a humorous, sometimes a little grossy manner.

I think that’s it. I think I’m done oh… wait a minute!! I saved the best for last!

The Great The Unshakable The Fantastic Elastic The Smiling Infidel!!!!!

You guys all know I have special love for her since we're long distance kin. She and I have the same initials... only, substitute her first letter to a B and we could be interchangeable twins. Well, I’m sure her Papi and my Poli (Spanish slang for Cop, Warden, Pistol Whipper) (no, it has nothing to do with him being of Polish decent) wouldn’t like that one little bit so maybe we won’t do any type of INTER GALACTIC Wife Swap any time soon.

Anyway, let me tell you a cheesy story on how I came to find her.
It all started in a little village outside of Verona… no, that’s not it…

Once upon a time in a kingdom far far awa-…

Whatever man, just read her cuz she’s funny and then click on her Humor-Blog link and then come back and tell me how funny you think she is!

The end!


Please click for me too. Please, pretty please.


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  2. They sound great. I don't generally want to spend more time on blogs than I already do, which is why I tend to avoid humour blogs and read yours instead.

    The great thing about yours is the witty and masterful comments.

    Why haven't I recieved a cookie yet?

  3. Of course I meant to say "avoid OTHER humour blogs"

    and also "Another great thing about yours, in addition to the humour, the writing and the cookies..."

    Maybe that's what's in this grey mail bag...

  4. Hehe. I just realised I knew 2 of those humor blogs you mentioned. ;)

  5. Dear Bee-
    I am so glad that you've given us permission to view other humor blogs because yesterday I went to the church sign one and then felt like a traitor. Whew. Now, with permission, I feel much better.
    Like Brian, I too am spending way to much time on blogs, it's a good thing that two out of my three children are pretty self efficient or we'd be in trouble.
    And also, like Brian, I too am waiting for some cookies. Are you not giving me my cookies as a way of saying that I don't need to eat another cookie? Are you saying I'm too chubby to recieve one of these cookies that you speak of? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ABOUT ME AND MY COOKIES BEE?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. heeeeyyyyy !!!!!!!
    No love for the Bro. I know I'm new to this and have like 5 readers ( thanks guys ) but you should at least give me an honorable mention. I'm leaving now to lay in the fetal postion.

  8. Knocked Up Seven Times BroadFebruary 22, 2008 at 8:23 AM

    You Forgot me Bee!
    Later I'll be shaving my bikini line while the neighbor kids watch and then out for a furious game of Bunco!!

  9. Bee:
    Hi Bee! Glad you finally were first on an excellent post!

    Joel B.:
    Props wHere props are due.

    Dang! I knew you’d be Jell-O.
    It says in the fine print that if you make me smile you’ll get a cookie but we all know you’re a Joker. No cookie for you!

    And top talking about your Male Grey Hag.

    I think I can guess which 2. ;o)

    Sarcasm has no place on this blog. None.
    See, you messed up again cuz you made me laugh. No cookie for you!

    You have your own little sidebar link on my blog. With the exception of my man, Stephen Colbert, nobody else can say that.

    When you lie down, make sure you but a blankie on the floor before you take a nappy.
    Oh and uh… NO COOKIE FOR YOU!

    OH! I will amend my post immediately!

  10. Brian:
    That's supposed to say STOP talking about your Male Grey Hag. Not TOP. Sorry about the mix up.

    jean knee:
    He's pretty sneaky!

  11. hey bee,

    I like my rank around 70 or so...keeps expectations low.

    rock on,


  12. Well, if Jean Knee will leave her comments lying around, what does she expect?

  13. hey bee,

    one last thing...if you "like" unnecessar quotation marks, check out this "blog" -

    rock on,


  14. Wiccan Crafter's UnitedFebruary 22, 2008 at 11:29 AM

    Jean Knee says you are spicy. We love herbs, care to join us????

  15. My love for you grows stronger everyday!

    I'm already on the Click-til-your-carpal-syndrome-won't-let-you-click-no-more for Diesel. I love that guy!

  16. Bee, Really??? ME??? You like ME????! WOW! Holy crap...I should go get out of my sweats and put on something pretty!

    Seriously...I'm STUNNED to have been mentioned along all of the Big Bloggers (yourself included).

  17. I am partial to

  18. Dear Bee-
    I am going to ignore the sarcasm comment and be bigger than that because we both know that there are a lot of things I could say about sarcasm not having a place on this blog. A LOT.
    Please come over to my blog because I just did a new post and I'm very proud of myself and I need someone else to come over and pat me on the back because my arms are getting tired from doing it myself. HURRY.

  19. Bee-
    You kind of sound like the soup Nazi from Seinfeld with all of the cookie denials.
    I just thought I would point it out.

  20. Cool originates in our heads and radiates outward. It's what I think is the mystery bumps people trip over that you pretend not to laugh at when you see, but you totally do. Totally.

    Well, I assume you laugh. I do.

  21. Thanks for the nod, Bee. I can't argue with your selection of funny blogs.

    For the record, I don't make any money on HB either. In fact, it's cost me a couple hundred bucks and more hours than I'd like to think about. All so that blogs like yours (and mine) can reach a few more people. :)

  22. watch out Bee, he'll try to sell you his book

    just sayin......

  23. I'm changing my first name to Babealicious just so we'll have matching initials.

  24. I only want to read your blog and Elastic's.
    My bladder can only take so much.

  25. Many, thanks Bee! Sorry I'm so late in the game here ... (the kids've been sick, so I've been memorizing such classics as 'Cars' and 'Finding Nemo'.)

    I'm deeply honored by the mention!


  26. You like me. You really do.

    Thank you for your wonderful contribution to my lagging self worth. I also want to thank the academy for whatever it is they do.

    I have to go now. I think my mascara is running.

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    anyhow thanks for the good read!

  29. Great blog post, I have been looking for that =D


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