Saturday, February 16, 2008

My piggies are frozen!!

-Day 47. Yeah yeah, I said I loved winter but it's time to plant my freakin' flowers already!


I called in sick on Friday thinking I would stick it to Glynda and the bats while I enjoyed a nice peaceful day doin' nothing. Nothing, I tell ya'!

I hung out with a cool 4 AND 3 QUARTERS year old and we got to see the coolest thing this year!

We had a family of deer across the street from our house eating the neighbor's bush. [uh... let's leave that one alone, 'kay?]
I also took some video but it looks crappy and there's allot of noise in the background, Tazz was in his kennel crying after being punished for trying to take a chunk out of my chunky skin-people calling me on the phone-Noggin blasting in the background-my email notification going off-not to mention Natalia and I disagreeing as to how many deer we saw, so I decided not to post it.
Anyway, in the second picture you see the "lookout" behind the mountain of snow. Click to see it better.

Halfway thru the day, I got a massive migraine! MASSIVE! And to top things off, the sun decided to come out today and burn the retinas right out of my head!

I was almost tempted to go outside in just a sweater but the sunshine was deceiving. It was sooo cold I decided to bust these puppies out.

I have come to the conclusion that they make my feet look waaay unattractive. And where did my pinkie toe go? To the market?
Whatever, it was too cold for me to care about fashion.
Wish me luck guys, today is the day I change my hair... drastically!


  1. I'm so glad you called in sick yesterday. Who can work with a massive migraine and burned up retinas and deer pracing around?

    Not me, I can tell you that much.

  2. I hope there are drastic hair pictures posted on this blog mañana.

  3. So you're not getting cold feet about the hair thing?

    You should have let us vote on the style. I'd have voted for mohican...

  4. Dear Bee,
    I was so relieved to read that those were socks. At first I thought you had massive problems with your big toenail...blech..
    Do you not see deer at your house often? Here they're so annoying because they eat all of my flowers and veggies in my garden. I still think that they're beautiful creatures though. And the picture of "the lookout" was funny.
    Sorry about your migraine. I have major problems with those too. Feel better, stay warm.

  5. I'm a crazy sock addict and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your piggy socks!

  6. Bee Gets A Don King Haircut....

    Bee Gets A Sanjaya Faux Hawk.....

    Bee Gets A Dorothy Hamill Mushroom Wdge....

    Bee Gets A Flock Of Seagulls Cut...

    Bee Gets An All Over Hair-Free Yul Brenner Look And Starts To Wear Shiny Genie Pants...

    So, which is it?

  7. I love those deer. We don't see them very often, usually just running across the road.

    The lookout knew they weren't supposed to be eating that bush

  8. Whatever you do, do not mention Peter Pan, it's not a good look

  9. 11 th, the true 11 th

    the fur real ya'll, only 11 th

  10. In Britain #11 is second best. #10 is best ;-)

  11. Fortunately for you, nothing works better to soothe blistered retinas than to plunge into a refreshing snow bank (or twelve) while blinded.

  12. Awesome pics!!! The only time I get to see deer is when we drive to georgia. I see them sleeping on the side of the road. Don't they know that's dangerous?

  13. Dear Bee,
    I just wanted to let you know two things:
    1. I expect to see pictures of this drastic hair change. I want before and afters. No I demand them.

    2. I wrote a post for you today. I know that this is the second post dedicated to you. I hope you enjoy this one. I put A LOT of thought into it.


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