Monday, February 18, 2008

Color me red.♥

-Day 49.
On Saturday, I followed thru on the promise I'd made myself to dye my hair. My SIL Esmeralda took me to her "guy". Here's the before:

First, I'd like to tell you what Alberto, the male stylist, said to me when I told him what I wanted to do to my hair: "Are you crazy?" To which I responded "Yeah, a little bit." Agree or disagree?
I then said the words all stylist love to hear "I want these 2 colors and mid-length hair, other than that, you can do whatever you want". Alberto sighed with pleasure! By the way, that's his real name.
This was my first time doing something so drastic to my hair, other than chopping it off when the mood strikes, I mean.

Although I was prepared to get up at the crack of dawn, sit in a chair for hours without breakfast or ::gasp:: coffee, I was not prepared to to have an epiphany.
Maybe it was all the aluminum in my hair channeling all the wise old spirits like Einstein, Plato, Socrates and Elvis. Whatever it was, it made me realize something monumental.
This look, is not a good look.

If this would have been the first moment Andy laid eyes on me, he would have asked Alberto out before he would have even dared approach me.
I mean, look at this kid in the background!
At this moment he's thinking, "When I grow up, I'm marrying a bald woman!" or maybe he's jealous and wants to marinate his hair too. It might look exciting from a bored child perspective.
Anywho, even though I aged 2 years while sitting in that chair, I enjoyed my bonding moment with Crazy Ez. That's my nickname for her now, although not to her face since she might get mad and slap me. Or something worse... hug me. :o{
I promised pictures so I had to take them myself since Andy's hands are atrophied because he's been playing the Wizard World Crafters Game for 49 hours straight. In fact, he went to bed at 3 AM Saturday into Sunday. How hypocritical is that??? He makes my bedtime 10:30 no if ands or buts about it but when he's killing orcers the rules don't count!
I digress.
Here are the pictures.
Some are blurry, I might have moved at the last minute, but still came out cool.
Well, I think they're cool so anything I think is cool, is cool no matter what anybody else says.
I know you're shocked to see recent full frontal Bee since I've been so careful not to show my likeness in any form be it caricature, CGI or pictograph but there was no other way to show you my cool hair.
These I took in front of the mirror. Like it needed to be said, right? Duh! This will be the look I'm sporting at work since I always wear my hair up. I couldn't get the bottom part, due to my inability to twist my hand without breaking it, which is too bad cuz he did the bottom layer all in red.

There you have it, the coolness that is me just got cooler!
Now if I can figure out a way to bottle my coolness and sell it for major profit, I'd be golden!
I want to leave Mother Nature another little message.
Dear Mother Nature,
I would like to thank you for screwing us over with the big stick again.
First you give us below zero wind chills. Then you give us the North Pole's helping of snow. Now you've given us enough rain to water The Cranberry Orchards of Atoowalla.
To top it off, like a ginourmous cherry on our craptacular sundae, you're dropping the temperature so the water can freeze making our walking/driving a game of how many times will I fall on my ass or slide into a snow bank without braking a bone. Niiiice!
Next time you want to flex your muscle, just chop my hands off at the wrist and be done with your torture.
Thank you,
Nothing to do with any thing but...
I was watching Ghostbusters and they were eating Twinkies while smoking! Who does that? Everybody knows Twinkies are harmful to your health!
You may leave your comments on how much you love my hair now.


  1. FIIIIIIIIIIIRST!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS! AND I'll be 11th too...

  2. I've been enduring a blizzard here today. Cold is like a word that mocks how frigid and bad ass it is outside. Then I swung by here and was all "Why am I suddenly sweating? What the deuce, man?"

    And then I swung down this post. Hotness. Hotness personified. I need more Alberto and less Nice & Easy in my life!

  3. Is that blood on your hair? The blood of others?

    Maybe I should pick my battles more carefully.

    I see pictures, I see full frontal Bee!! You make all my dreams come true.
    My favorite picture is Maybee3. Looks like uncomfortable position...You relaly love your readers!

  5. Crazy Ez strikes again!

    Alberto was in fact hot! I was a little intimidated (but not by much) due to his umm... package being so close to me but I carried on like the trooper I am! Plus, I don't think I was his type. As in I'm lacking in an area I cannot enhance without losing my identity.

    Mr. Comma:
    I'm glad we see eye to eye...

  6. NCS:
    Maybee3 was an uncomfortable possition and yes I ♥ you all.
    Thank you. :o)

  7. So is this so that your hair will match your new Blackjack?

    We don't have twinkies here - the only time I've seen one was on Ghostbusters. And I don't think they were smoking them in the film...

  8. OOohhh...I like it. I just might have to do something like that! I have been experimenting with a duo of caramel and cherry streaks on my brunette base. Hmm...I really like that red though.

  9. Dear Bee...
    Hang on...
    Wait for it....

  10. 11th.....YES EAT THAT SUCKERS..i AM 11TH!

  11. Ok...
    Dear Bee,
    Sorry about that. You of all people would understand that I saw an opportunity and I had to take it. Esmeralda got a little too cocky there what with her first and wanting to be the 11th too..
    On to the most important part. Your hair looks A.MAZ.ING! I have red streaks but they're a little darker than yours. Now I want yours. So when you figure out how to bottle your awesomeness, I'll take three cases!

  12. I think it is totally cool... and this from a girl who has dyed her hair red for most of the past thirty years. So, why does my mom always act surprised when she sees me?

    "Oh my GOD! why did you dye your hair THAT color? What is it? Slut Red?"

    Well, uh, OK, Mom. Telling her again that my hair has been slut red for at least 3o years doesn't seem to faze her.

  13. I think Brian's on to somthing.

  14. Blogger is being a bitch so I'm replying as Anonymous.

    No, they made the Blackjack to match my hair. Granted it came out before I dyed it but still.
    They were smoking while eating the Twinkies. Gru-hoss!

    Laura B:
    You will not regret it. I actually get up in the morning wanting to look in the mirror. I'm still late for work but at least I look good! ;o)

    I've always thought you were a woman of great taste. This just proves it!

    Moms! Everytime I'd tell mine what I was going to do, she would shake her head. She did like it though.

    Did you say Brian is on something? Yeah, I've always thought so too!

  15. crap, I barely got here at all... you know why....

    Your hair is kick ass, rockin girl awesome.

    nuff said

  16. OMGsh. Red streaks! You have just got my dream hairdo.

    And we have sheet ice everywhere here too. It's annoying. I haven't wiped out seriously... yet. I'm waiting anxiously, because I take this long wait as a sign the fall will just be more spectacular.

    The Ghostbusters were eating Twinkies while smoking because..... well, they know about ghosts, so maybe they didn't care if they died early?

    And Brian- NO TWINKIES IN THE UK??? WHAT?!?!!

  17. I'm with Alberto. Why would you mess with hair like that?

  18. My oldest daughter, Sunbum has been ddyyyiiinnngg for permission to put red streaks in her dark hair. I told her, no.

    She's totally envious of you right now, Bee!

  19. My hair is streaked too!!! (With long strands of gray):(

  20. The hair looks awesome, I think its even Jennifer Aniston/Friends worthy :)

  21. so, how did the bats take it? I know they don't like change......



  24. jean knee:
    Thanks! Eats lots of chocolate!

    Do it! Do it!
    Brian's country is lacking in tons of stuff. Luckily he found green beans.

    Vanity thy name is Bee.

    Thanks! :o)

    I told my eldest niece that I'll take her when she's 18 so maybe when can do a red highlighting party!

    Awww thanks babe! ;o)

    jean knee:
    Some liked it some decided to ignore me.

    Thanks! I will hopefully post about bat reactions another day.
    Don't work too hard, I never do.


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