Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"My List" of freebies begs for more. 10 is better than 5!

-Day 58. Don't let a man put anything over on you except an umbrella.- Mae West
**Warning contains expicit material! Okay, maybe not but this was posted with hub-ub's"permission".**

After watching Ryan Reynolds in "Definitely Maybe", I am currently in negotiations to up my "My List*” from 5 to 10.
I can’t keep removing men from it in good conscience. They’ll start getting jealous and fighting each other... who needs more trouble in Hollywood? Not me.
Here’s my list of likely suspects:
Brad Pitt:
Forever and ever Amen! Bex claims he changes his hair to match his current flame so I told her I'll be looking forward to him dying it black with burgundy/red streaks.
Paul Walker:
Smiley blue eyes! Great smile. Delicious to look at. All around hot guy on wheels.
Ryan Reynolds:
Guy next door. Guy I could have gone to school with and dated.
The dude from that one movie whose name I can’t remember:
Hispanic guy with a gorgeous voice. As soon as I typed that I remembered the name of the movie "Domino" and the guy's name is Edgar Ramirez yu-umm-o
(::sigh:: why must life always burst my rubber bubbles??? I just looked him up and he doesn't look as good. Probably because he cut his hair! Dang Nabbit people stop messing with the looks that make me want to put you on my list!) (I'll leave him on until I decide what to do, it's too much pressure right now.)
Jack Johnson:
His music makes me want to be on a beach with a Corona or Margarita in my hand, watching the sunset.
(Sorry EWBL, I know he makes you want to stick a knitting needle in your ear.)
Dirty smile. I like scruffy guys more than I like men who are always conscience of how they look. Sawyer, for you, I'm willing to say soap schmoap!
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:
Clean smile. Muscles galore! Nuff said.
Jason Bourne (not Matt Damon, JASON BOURNE):
There's something about a guy being able to kill with his bare hands that makes me swoooooooon. As long as he's not trying to kill me that is. Besides, we know who would win that fight, right Babe?
Obviously when he was thin AND alive. Very important for him to be alive.
(Did I ever tell you guys about the time my pops wore a shirt from Halloween that said "I'm a Necrophiliac"? He walked around the mall with me until I made him put on his jacket!?!?! Good times.)
Maroon Five (lead singer not the whole band):
I'm sure if I wiki'd him, I could find his name but I already did all that research on that Edgar Ramirez disappointment so we'll just pretend his name is Steve. Anyway, Steve's songs make me sigh for the past/present/future.
I was going around blogland on Tuesday, not doing much work, when I came across Leigh's post about bald men. Then Bex's about Brad Pitt and I'm thinking we might need to have us a chocolate fondue party! ;o)

*I've sent Urban Dictionary my definition and they said they'll get back to me. Since I couldn't wait, I joined up to be an editor because I have SO much time on my hands.

Don't forget to click for me cuz I'm slowly sliding off the face of the Earth.


  1. For what it's worh
    I've heard of three of them.
    Remembering that I'm not
    So well up on celebrities
    That aren't in 50's films

  2. What's the point in having a list? What do you actually do with it?

  3. Adam Levine!!! That's the lead singer of Maroon 5.

    I think you got it bad for the ex-Mormons, Bee. Both Paul Walker and Ryan Reynolds used to be members of the church.

  4. I love your pops! My dad likes to wear a shirt that declares him "State Farting Champion."

    I gave him that shirt.

  5. I have the matching one. I know. One state, TWO farting champions.

  6. Jack Johnson. Nice to look at, painful to listen to.

    I hate his new song, If I Had Eyes. And really, all his songs sound identical to each other. Hate one, hate them all.

    For me, I love black haired men with Roman noses. Aye Chi-hua-hua, bom-chicka-wah-wah. Interestingly enough all 3 of my mom's husbands were black haired men. I think it's something genetic.

  7. Dear Bee,
    I have a list too but it hasn't been revised for quite some time. I think I made it when I was pregnant with Pete and God only knows who will be on that thing since everybody looked good to me while I was pregnant. I do remember Brad being on it, because isn't he on EVERYONE's list? And I know Angelina is on there too. Yeah, I'd swing that way for her.

  8. I think if I were to revise it, I would also put Jake Gylanhaal, and I hope he'll forgive me for just butchering the spelling of his name. He's cute and funny. I like funny guys.

  9. I also agree that them being alive is very important.

  10. Brian- The list is made up of ten people who our husbands will allow us to jump their bones should we ever get the chance. I know that I have a lot of hope, what with living in rural West Virginia of meeting all of the men/women on my list.

  11. And now I'm 11th ......whoooooooohhoooooo.

    i'm tired

  12. Bee
    I don't think you should be allowed to make the list bigger.
    5 is good enough.
    I have a new post, I know it's not cool to anounce it but last time she got mad that I didn't.

  13. dang, I don't have a list. And I know only a few on your list.

    crap, I've been making dippy crafts too long.


  14. Brian has a list, it just has one lovely lady on it

  15. Jean Knee:

    Since I'm no longer married, I don't need a list.

  16. Brad Pitt DOES match his hair to his women. So hopefully I'll soon see a snap of him in People with his burgandy and red locks shining. The obvious question is: Does the carpeting match the drapes?? Anyone with carnal knowledge, please report IMMEDIATELY.

    As for the list, my husband has Selma Hayek. And that's it. But he may have a chance as I think she used to go out with Edward Norton of all people. As for your list, I feel you on Brad and Jason Bourne. Back in the day I would have run my little brother over in the car to get a crack at Billy Idol...ok, you got me. I would have run him over just for the sheer joy of it.

  17. HEEEEEY!!!

    Hands off The Rock! He's the only one on my list. Bradd is not on my list so you my sister MUST remove The ROck from yours! :)

  18. awesome post. between you, me and bex, we've shown men don't own the horndog market.

    female ooglers unite!!!

  19. plus, oooh, the rock. he's almost a baldie.

  20. hey bee's musings,

    Brad Pitt's a weird dude, in that it's uncool for a guy to say he likes him BUT he's been teh star of several really cool guy flicks (e.g. Fight Club, Seven)

    rock on,


  21. WOW!!! You are like SO SUPER famous and stuff!!

    *Note to self, get a Bee autograph*

  22. That Ryan Reynolds is pure candy.
    And so is Brad Pitt.

    Adam Levine is handsome, but I can't get past what a douche...I mean jerk he seems to be :)

  23. are you doing a post tomorrow about your all girls list? I know you have one.

  24. You are KEWL.

    Did I say KEWL?
    I meant SUPER KEWL.

  25. I better be on that all girls list , Bee.

  26. When you're done with Ryan Reynolds, and assuming he's still up for anything, will you point him in my direction, give him a little shove out the door with a snack, and send him over?

  27. I have not authorized any such list, expansion of or creation of, & hereby claim that all of those guys only have a small portion qualities that I, myself exude.

    They only have a limited amount of said qualities because they are not man enough to have them all at once... unlike myself :)

  28. I'm pretty sure that if I was interested in looking for a man, I would have Cameron Matheson on my list.

  29. Dear Bee
    You know what I thought of when someone said something about the drapes matching the curtains. It made me think of the pictures of Brittany Spears' crotch shots getting out of the cars and her shaving her head. Now the curtains do match the drapes for her. hahahahahahahaaha

    And am I on your all girl list??? Please put me on your list. I NEED to be on somebody's list....I'll put you on mine.

  30. Tracy, You can be on my list, but only if we don't have to kiss

  31. Hey, Blair Underwood needs to be on the list

  32. Brian, oh Brian Brian. They are our hopes and fantasies.

    Yeah! HIM! ;o) How much did that bug you? You can have my pops if you want him. And congratulations on the odorous championship! Also, I'm more into sandy blonds with sky eyes which is why I married my little pirogi. ;o)

    Make a list. Make one everybody should. Especially now that it's been accepted into UD. ha Ha ha!

    Don't you have like 100 woman on yours?

  33. jean knee:
    Make one! Craft one! Embroider one! whatever but everybody should have one since it been entered into UD.

    You have a point. Well, maybe you can still have a fantasy one.

    I don't know about the drapes and the carpet. When I finally see Brad, I'll let you know. Unless Jennifer Aniston cares to comment...

    When you get a blog, I promise I'll remove The Rock. Now get your ROODIE POO CANDY ASS out of here!

    That's right! Great minds think alike!

    Believe it or not, my brother Danhas more Brad Pitt movies than I do!

    You said "douche". I. Am. In. Awe.
    Thank you for saying I'm super kewl! ::blushing::

  34. jean knee:
    Your wish...

    I'll think about it... ;op

    Yes babe, you've got The Rock's muscles, PW&BP's looks and AL&JJ voice. Yes you do.



    Yes, he does.


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