Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What? No, that's not a tattoo it's just my hair.


I'm 34 going on 40...
I would really like a tattoo but I am deathly afraid of needles!

I'm trying to talk myself into it though. (Andy doesn't know yet and since he rarely reads my blog, he did yesterday so maybe 2 weeks from now will be the next time, he probably won't find out until it's too late... unless one of you turkeys tells him so shhh!)

Anyway, I'd really like the Chinese character for "Family" on the nape of my neck. My 2 brothers and my sister have tattoos, so if they can take the pain I'm sure I can.

It's a good idea right? RIGHT!? Come on talk me into it!!


I looked for "tough chick" and "bad ass chick" but it didn't come up...?
I did find one for "pretty" maybe I can just tell people it means "pretty bad ass"?


  1. The bravest part will be trusting that whoever tells you the meaning of these things is being honest - you might find Chinese people laughing and pointing wherever you go...

    How about having a "Best before" date (say the day you turn 40), or "Warning: May contain nuts"

    Or see the following:
    Hazard signs (I suggest "99 | 66" = high risk of spontaneious violent reaction / highly toxic substance).

  2. brian:
    Sorry to bother you but, I've gotten many many e-mails (2) saying the link thingy doesn't work.
    I guess people want to see what awful things you have in mind!

    RE: "Best before" "May contain nuts"

    Umm... maybe it can read "best ever" and the nut warning is not needed. I think everyone can plainly see I'm nuts but thanks for the suggestions! :op

  3. I told my Papi he should get a Made In Mexico stamp tattooed on his nalgas. He said he'd prefer getting a tattoo of a butt with a tattoo of a butt on his butt.

    Seriously, though, I loathe tattoos. If you feel you must get one, you should put it somewhere more discreet than your neck for when tattoo regret sinks in.

    Know what else? I was behind a lady in her 60's or so at the craft store telling her husband in animated detail about the Chinese symbols she was going to have put on her back. Yes, a senior citizen tramp stamp. I assumed she was joking around, but she really wasn't. She planned to do it the next day.

  4. Oh, and I'm a hypocrite because I don't mind piercings....within reason. I guess because it's not permanent.

  5. I don't know how elastic got here before me.

    I don't like tattoos much, except for on that guy from Hinder, but you must get it somewhere that can be covered

    how about 333 in your hair line because you are only half evil
    (I saw 333 half evil on a bumper sticker) how about 333 on your bumper

    my sister is 50 and has a peace sign tattoo. it doesn't look wierd-yet

    haa haaawwwww best before day you turn 40 haa hee
    wait a minute, that aint right

  6. elasticwaistbandlady: x2
    Loathe is such a strong word for an Infidel! Ha Ha! I used to hate them too but as the years are beating me up I feel like the little rebel girl I once was is slowly fading to an old bitter office worker! I need a transfusion!

    Piercings huh? I thought I saw something on your nose but I didn't want to say anything…

  7. jean knee:
    What does a girl have to do to be whole evil??
    Geez! Now I’m gonna have to beat up random strangers on the street! If you came here to insult me today, you did it! You sure did!

    By the way, I think woman of elastic is jealous of our special bond!
    Umm… don’t think I’m coming on to you cuz you know I’m not gay… [--not that there’s anything wrong with that!--]

  8. Re Hazard Sign: It's the standard sign for transportation of dangerous goods, and consists of an orange square with a black border and a black horizontal line halfway up, and one number above the line, and another below it. This is generally attached to the lorry or whatever containing the hazard.

    Of course, you could just have a skull & crossbones...

  9. I've just had a sensible idea: Why not have a pair of "vampire" puncture wounds tatooed on your neck?
    Get it done in time for Halloween and give the trick or treaters the fright of their lives...

  10. brian: x2
    I like the skull and cross bones good idea and I'll have the word Toxic on there.

    RE: sensible
    The puncture wounds would be too sensible as in discreet and if I'm gonna go thru the pain I want something I can brag (as everybody knows I like to brag) about at parties.

    See, I went from a nice little "family is love" tattoo to skull and cross bones...

    As jean knee would say:

  11. What? you're 34 and the years are weighing on you? shush

    in order to be all evil you'd haave to drink starbucks coffee and I know you don't do that,....right?

    I like how you are politically correct with your gay statement

    my policy is don't ask don't tell ,

  12. jean knee:
    No Starbucks for me they are way too expensive and I'd prefer to save my money for sh...uh bills.

    I do drink the office coffee. That should be worth some points, right?

    I gave up on decaf...

  13. Bee,

    Forget about the whole tattoo thing... Women are beautiful as they are... to me the equivalent of a man getting a tattoo is a woman putting on some makeup, getting a mani/pedi, getting her hair done.... it's just decorating a bit.

    Men are ugly, muscular, hairy, sweaty, and we need a little bit of color to enhance our otherwise pale/dull bodies, a "beauty mark".

    I love my tattoos, but they are located in a place where you can only see them if I allow you to see them. No one in my office knows I have tattoos, well except for "the guys".

    People who know about my "beauty marks" always ask "How will you feel about your tattoos when you are 80?” My answer is "If I am lucky enough to live until I'm 80, I will be just as happy to have them as I do now. No one will see them, except my 79 year old wife, as we are getting ready for some sweet lovin', ja!"

    Anyhow, when you feel the urge to get a Tattoo, buy a pair of nice earrings, dye your hair, or buy a new pair of hot shoes....


  14. So this is what the anonymous "read the blog" phone call was about.

    Well, as a kind, patient & caring.......



    No tattoo on my watch girly.

    You know why?

    Andy > Bee

    :) :p

  15. Aaaaaaandy,

    As a fifth grade teacher (I'm only as smart as fifth grade so I really do know my stuff), I recognize that symbol:

    "Andy > Bee"


    Sprmn Tattoo: You are soooo sweet! That's the most romantic thing you've said all day (we have to remember to remove our dentures though) ;)

  16. SprmanTATTOO:
    Thanks little bro that was really nice :o) BUT I am seriously thinking about this.

    Will I regret it? Maybe baby but then I've made allot of decisions in my life that at first didn't look so good but ended up being aces!

    Later gator!

  17. Go for it!! Do it!! What can be soooooo bad??? And then to celebrate get some Hot Shoes!

  18. esmeralda:
    I knew what it meant but I wiki'd it anyway and isn't it funny that this was the example:
    The notation a > b means that a is greater than b.

    however... it also shows

    The notation a < b means that a is less than b

  19. I just saw the Fox News and coincidentially (did I spell it right?) they had a short segment on this new ink that they plan on using for tattoos. With this ink, if you regret your tattoo, you will be able to remove it with just one laser treatment as opposed to many, many treatments as they do now.

    Check it out.

  20. esmeralda:
    I'll look into it! :o)

  21. M as anonymous:
    Always on the look out for hot shoes!

  22. If they have that new ink then cool! Go for it... I like where you are thinking of getting it. THat way you can hide it. I regret not getting mine where I did... If I could to it again I would get it on my shoulder or something...

    Oh well, we are not as smart as we think we are at 18...

  23. I'm 34 going on 40...

    I would really like a tattoo but I am deathly afraid of needles!

    Relax. That's not 34 going on 40; it's 34 going on 7. So, it's cool.

    (At least, I had a lot more trouble with needles when I was 7/8 than I do now at 50.)

  24. coincidentially (did I spell it right?)

    Really close. Just take out the "i" right after the "t".

  25. duckman:
    Good! I'm glad I'm reverting! :o)


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