Thursday, September 13, 2007

It’s just a phucking highlighter!!!!!

I use a highlighter allot.
When it runs out I grab another one.
I didn’t know someone was keeping track.
I guess that was stupid of me.

My highlighter ran out.
I went to the cabinet.
I took a new one.

Milton asked, another one already?
Bee asked, huh?
Milton said, this is your 3rd this year.
Bee asked, do I need a requisition form?
Milton said, no, I’m just surprised.
Bee asked, you know what’s a surprise?
Milton [falling into the trap] asked, what?
Bee said, that I’ve let you live this long.


Bee pissed off!
[third person, first person, second person, all three of us!]

Are you sitting there staring at your screen asking "Why the hell is it important to tell a story about a highlighter!?"

Well it was a very traumatic situation okay! I nearly cried!

Just kidding! :o)


Did you think this was a poem?

Sorry, maybe next time!


  1. what??? that wasn't a dirty limerick??
    The Outrage!

    3 is a bit much isn't it?

  2. The obvious answer is to ask her every time you get any stationary items. "Is it okay to get some more paperclips, or do you think I'm using them a bit fast?". At some point she'll break...

  3. jean knee:
    Don't have to go tend to your crazy Zoo??? I've heard what your animals say about you.

    Don't be surprised if they take over like in the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell.

    You should read to prevent disaster.

  4. brian:
    Good idea!

    I'm always running out of paper clips and staples (because I use my stapler as a gun and shoot them at people as they walk by)

    I guess after everything I put them thru they deserve a little payback. [maybe?]

  5. Ever hear the comedy bit by Mitch Hedberg? He says, "I got my hair highlighted the other day.......I made sure that they only highlighted the most important strands."

    I don't think much about highlighters. Highlanders, though, that's another subject all together. Mmmmmmm, Duncan McLeod from the Clan McLeod.

  6. EWBL:
    Highlander, I don't like guys with purtier hair than me... even if it is a wig!

  7. I was going to comment something brilliant and witty then someone brought up highlanders and Duncan Mcleod.

    I have since lost all viable brain function in order to drool more efficiently.


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