Saturday, September 15, 2007

What Has Changed??

Tazz the Spazz

Things I couldn't do when I was 13.

Drive a car. Well I did but I wasn't supposed to.

Drink beer. Uh... other than those stolen sips from when my father told me to get him a beer.

Work. Other than helping my father out in his office and getting paid in "here's a combination box full of change, if you can figure out the combination you can keep the money inside" (true story) (did I find the combination? FREAKIN' A I DID!) (then he made me split the money with the other rugrats!)

Sit at a booth in a restaurant with my feet touching the floor.

Things I can do now that I'm 34.

Drive a car. So what if I drive too fast! Just don't be in front of me!

Drink beer. Overrated!

Work. WTF! Son of a Witch! Mother Sausage!!!

Yup that's it.


Are you asking about the whole my feet touching the floor while I'm sitting at a booth in a restaurant???

I wish I could add that to my list but I found myself swinging my feet like a 5 year old in 4 inch heels while at a fancy shmancy restaurant.

Maybe when I'm sixty!!
What do you mean you shrink when you get older!?
I just re-read this shit and I think my father owes me some money!
Either him or the monkeys I call my brothers!!


  1. Hilarious! You made me think of a great story about driving at 13...I think I am going to have to share..stay tuned for that!

  2. You mean the restaurant doesn't provide highchairs or low seats? You should go somewhere more family orientated...

  3. your father owes you. don't forget to tack on years of interest.

    I'm 5'4 1/2", I'm not bragging or anything. I used to be an inch taller but scoliosis curled my spine.

    do you sit on a phone book when you drive?

    seriously, being a shrimp isn't something to be ashamed of, no really

  4. mrs. jo:
    Oh those teen years! :o)

    Mc Donald's again?
    Won't our fancy clothes look out of place there?

    jean knee:
    RE: Tallness
    Yeah, I know you're all about bragging and throwing your giganticism in my face!

    RE: driving
    I have special peddals made... shut up! :op

  5. Re Family Eateries: Actually, you can do even better. Forget the heels and the fancy clothes, and dress like a schoolgirl (i.e. Andy's daughter). Then you get to have the happy meal, toy, colouring book, or whatever (depending on where you go)...

  6. that's a bonus I bet you never thought of huh?

  7. Plan "B" guys cuz I do order off the children's menu since they always get all the cool stuff!

  8. haha. yeah, I remember when I would loooove helping my mom with the dishes. Then when I HAD to do it, different story.

    and I remember when I was in school, and just couldnt wait to get out there and work!!


  9. berta:
    I used to like folding laundry but now... yeah right!

  10. Hey, you forgot to say that I still ask for a Booster chair when we go out with you, only it's not for Natalia! :)

  11. Little sister you are just too funny!
    I dare you to say that infront of your daughter so she can defend me... :o)

  12. omg...i totally just pictured Natalia doing that...lmao
    ps. i miss you guys! :o{


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