Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Public Service Announcement #135

If you take tomatoes home from the office on Friday.
If they spill out of the plastic bag in your car on Friday.
If you think you’ve picked them all up on Friday.
If you have a few 80º days from Friday to Wednesday.
If you drop your cell phone for the 1 millionth time (okay more like fling it in annoyance) on Wednesday.
If you find it under the seat along with something squishy...

It means you did not pick up all the FREAKIN' tomatoes!

PSA: Don't leave tomatoes in a hot car for more than 1 day tops.

Yeah, I thought the tomatoes had no relevance in my Dance of the Windbags story, how was I to know it was Karma payback?

Don’t make fun of me... I’m armed and dangerous! Rotten Tomatoes will come flying your way!


In my research to get pictures of rotten tomatoes, the cyber gods decided to punish my impudence by providing me with pictures of 30 or so half nahhkked women and only 5 or so pictures of tomatoes...??????

It's a good thing I'm at work and not at home... oh wait, maybe that should be the other way around...?

Speaking of HOT tomatoes... Paul Walker! (he came up on my search too???)




Why didn't anybody tell me there was an Elvis special on TV last night?? I came into it half an hour late!


  1. Tomato Porn: This is probably just my angel-like innocence, but ??? What phrase did you try? Were the pics any good?

    Mobile Greenhouse: I transported a barrel of beer to a pub in the back of my car years ago, and I ended up with all sorts of plant life growing in my boot ("trunk" to you lot). So you might want to try spraying some plant food around - could save you a fortune in tomatoes.

  2. brian:
    The phrase I used was...
    not telling!
    Do your own porn research!

    Were the pics good?:
    Um... I'm not gay so... no.

    BWAHAHA! Why would you guys call it "boot"?

    In all seriousness though...
    nope, can't do it... still laughing!

    [--not that there's anything wrong with it--]

  3. We put luggage in the boot. The engine is under the bonnet, and our cars are fitted with bumpers in case we crash.

    Our cars run on petrol, the wheels have tyres and we drive along carriageways and walk on pavements.

    We have junctions and roundabouts. People use zebra and pelican crossings (I think there are also toucan crossings) to get across the road.

    Taxis are still officially referred to as "Hackney carriages", and bulk items are transported in lorries.

    Oh, and we drive on the correct side of the road ;-)

  4. brian:
    I don’t want to (keep) laugh (ing) at the silliness that is your language so I’ll just say one thing.

    Go to the bookstore and buy a book called:
    The American Way,
    Right way to do and say things.

    If you don't find it let me know, you might be looking it up wrong.

    J/K British Mafia!

  5. At least we don't have any car parts named after (sorry, "named for") bits of an elephant's anatomy!

    Or have liquids that are called "gas".

    Two nations divided by a common language...

  6. bee, if you are very good I'll email you that, um, beef picture

    that is a good point about callin a liquid gas, however, since the car was invented here all the stuff we say about or on it is the right way.

    as for the uh other thing,,,type in candy and see what comes up, tsk tsk tsk tsk

  7. brian:
    I wish you would stop distracting me by forcing me to school(to teach in a dramatic fashion) you! ;op

    PSA #135.5:

    Gasoline or petrol is a petroleum-derived liquid mixture consisting mostly of aliphatic hydrocarbons and enhanced with aromatic hydrocarbons toluene, benzene or iso-octane to increase octane ratings, primarily used as fuel in internal combustion engines. Most Commonwealth countries or former Commonwealth countries, with the exception of Canada, use the term "petrol" (abbreviated from petroleum spirit).
    The term "gasoline" is commonly used in North America where it is often shortened in colloquial usage to "gas". This should be distinguished in usage from genuinely gaseous fuels used in internal combustion engines such as liquified petroleum gas (which is stored pressurised as a liquid but is allowed to return naturally to a gaseous state before combustion).

    I could go on but I don’t like to brag…

  8. jean knee:
    Where in hades have you been!!!

    Uh... what beef picture don't know what you're talking about-- put down the glue!

  9. JK: They invented the CAR in Germany. They invented the FORD in the US.

    Vorsprung Durch Technic!

  10. brian, don't trust that wicked wikipedia, full of lies

  11. jean knee:
    tell me more about this wicked wiki...?

    Sounds... interesting...!


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