Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What do you think OZ would say...

if I put this on his desk?


  1. he would probably squeal like a girl, then soil himself

  2. Is addiction to caffeine one of the tell-tale signs? If you do put it on his desk you'll have to get your hair done like that picture.

    These people need blogs.

  3. I came. I saw. I clickety.

    I was hoping that my Papi's laptop had a different ISP, but no such luck. My only regret is that I have but one clickety to give, bee.

  4. OZ sounds like the kind of guy who wouldn't get the subtle insinuation. I think you need to roll that up and beat him about the head with it.

  5. jean knee:
    Yeah but he does that anytime I come into the room so…


    Coffee Addicts and Funky Hair:
    My mission statement is “I came here to drink coffee and kick ass and I’m all out of coffee!” Also bad hair days make me moody-er-est.

    Blogs help curb (somewhat) the homicidal tendencies, yes.

    VIOLENCE? Hmm… I think I like your plan better.

    Uh… what are you implying? I know I said I’d do anything for a raise but that’s going too far!

  6. anytime??? I thought that was just when you had a wardrobe malfunction

  7. jean knee:
    no, according to Nancy, that's a different reaction...

  8. Oz would probably crack up histerically, the way he knows how to, and then, out of nowhere, seriously ask you, "Are you taking the tomatoes home?"

  9. jean knee:
    let's not bring that up again...
    BWAHAHA! get it? bring it up?
    I know I know I just amuse myself!

    I'm not falling for that trap again! :o)

  10. ha ha!

    Subtle, yet not so subtle that it's easy to miss. I love it.

  11. chris:
    My master plan is for him to think I might do something but think he might be wrong so yeah that's it in a nutshell! :o)


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