Sunday, September 23, 2007

7 Year Sentence.


I was listening to my radio show while getting ready for work on Thursday when I heard them say something about a politician in Germany wanting to pass a law that states marriages will expire after 7 years and if you'd like to remain hitched, you have to agree to extend the marriage otherwise it's bye-bye baby...
I was very interesed since I'm fast (as in we are on a Ferrari going at it's maximum speed!) approaching my 7th anniversary so I made it my goal in life on Sunday to ignore the nice day out and lock myself in to do research and bring it to your attention. Here is the story.

It took me 2 minutes to find. I guess I over estimated...

Still, I'd like to list Pros and Cons.

You save on attorney fees

Your Other saves on attorney fees.

You can ask the Copy Guy for his number... just in case.
Your Other can ask the Retail Clerk for their number... just in case (HELL NO OVER MY DEAD BODY!)

You know what forget it! I don't like where this is going. I think they should make the law more binding. Something along the lines of:

"Even after death you will be united as one. There is no escaping each other ever!"

Wow! Sounds kind of Fatal Attraction-y doesn't it? Well whatevah since it's Halloween time I can act as insane as I want! (day like any other day)

Now if only the sun would go away so that I can go look for prey...



  1. 7-year hitch:

    I can think of LOADS of problems with this...

    I can't see that you would save on lawyers. After all, it's the legal people who draft the laws, and they wouldn't be that stupid. If anything it would cost more, since at the very least they'd probably charge you a big renewal fee.

    And of course husbands would be expected to be on their best behaviour, and get all romantic around the 7 year mark (probably starting a year before), effectively "re-enacting" the whole proposal stuff. They wouldn't want to after 7, 14, etc, so that would lead to rows.

    It would be commercialised and couples would feel obliged to have renewals of vows, etc. One wedding's expensive enough!

    "Marriage is not a word. It's a sentence" ;-)

  2. I think you have taken all the romance out of the 7 year hitch, brian.

    bee- wait, you mean I shouldn't have given Andy my number??? uh oh
    faux pas

    Haaaa BOOO- were you scared? what? how insulting, have I just been virtually

    The Horror!!

  3. brian:
    Husbands should always be on their best behavior since we always are! Okay maybe not always but about 70% of the... well maybe like 25% of the time I'm on my best behavior. (15%?)

    I like your point about how expensive weddings are.
    Mine cost hold on to your seat...
    $300 dress and all! Yup! I'm cheap!

  4. jean knee:

    It is in your best interest to run...

  5. that was just a joke. it was funny, wasn't it?

  6. I hate to slap and run but I have to put the pizza in the oven now.

  7. $300: I'm impressed!

    Apparently my parents got married in 1969 for something like 15 Shillings (about 75p) for the marriage license, and my mother had to pay that, since my father was an impecunious soldier. I don't think either of them bothered with a dress...

  8. Mormons believe in eternal marriages. You take your average commitment-phobe guy and tell him 'There's no til death do we part for you, buddy!' and then enjoy the frenzied show of panic. Priceless.

  9. I'm compelled by jean knee to do this....


  10. brian:
    Do you think that your mom would be happy with you telling us about her state of un-dress?? ;o)

  11. CHM:
    Sounds evil!

    I like it!



  12. that's such crap! What do you know about mormons, you're one of those crapologists aren't you? yo;u and tom cruise

    The HORROR!!

  13. jean knee:
    The name of TC shall not be uttered on this blog! You know he's nuts right? Crazier than a clown!

  14. Okay, Bee, here's how it is.

    I'll clickety on your humor blog linkie every day if you clickety on mine. Let's raise the roof off this mutha and make lame ass blogs like Zoning Out Again beg for mercy.

    It only registers one ISP per day. You outrank me, so really you don't need my help. But like a great-fitting bra, I can still boost you if you boost me. Deal?

  15. what the hell are you two talking about?
    sounds.... suspicious

  16. EWBL:
    It's a dealio!

    Funny that you mentioned boobs...

    jean knee:
    You are welcome to join in and clik on the humor blogs to up our rating. Show us the love!



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