Monday, September 10, 2007

Give me a B... B! Give me an E... E! Give me an E... E!



So there I was minding my own business looking thru the newspaper when I came across the title you see in the picture. Now I can't figure out if they are telling me to "be nice" or if they're saying "I am nice". I'll go with they're saying "I am nice"

I want to know who finishes crossword puzzles... is it you... how about you?
If it is you then I hate your guts! No, not really. Well maybe a little bit. Well maybe allot bit. Umm... are you still there?

All day yesterday I spent trying to finish a crossword puzzle with no success! It just kept taunting me over and over. I kept hearing my Advanced English teacher Mrs. Novinger saying "Finish it or I'll hang you from the ceiling fan!" yeah, she really said that! She was one crazy witch (my kinda lady) (in a non gay way) (because... well, you guys know right?).

Here are some of the ones I got right which I thought was pretty awesome of me.
11 Across -baby bed- 4 letters... CRIB!

34 Across -table insert- 4 letters... LEAF!

47 Across -roofing piece- 4 letters... TILE!

75 Across -Chaney Sr. and Jr.- 4 letters... ... ... ... ... ... DICK!
If you noticed a pattern you're pretty smart and should help me with this freakin' crossword puzzle! I have not given up yet! Even if I'm still working on it next Sunday when the answers come out!
Just when you thought you had me pegged for knowing only 4 letter words I come at you with:
61 Across -Bitter Feud- (hold on a sec while I count the letters, 1,2... carry the 4...) 8 letters... VENDETTA!!
Yeah baby! It's all the mobster movies I watch! school shmool!
Then I got one answer because well... it's a term of endearment used to describe me:
105 Down -Small fry- 5 letters... SHORT! ("small fry" would be the term Awww!)
There was one I thought I had but then they forgot to give me one more open square:
53 Across -Currency substitute- 5 letters I thought... CREDIT! [Ha!Ha!] it wasn't the answer.
Then a helpful soul gave me the answer for:
38 Down -Greek Lyric Poet- 6 letters... PINDAR!
Although I do take half the credit because I already had the letters "i" and "a" so... :op
Okay then the clues got um... kookier so I know they just want me to make up answers, right?
23 Across -I was so stiff, I couldn't...- 11 letters! my answer: DANCE FAST!

38 Across -I was so slow, I couldn't...- 10 letters! starts with "p" my answer: DO THIS CROSSWORD PUZZLE!

80 Across -I was so broke, I couldn't...- 12 letters! my answer: BUY SHIT!

94 Across -I was so hoarse, I couldn't...- 10 letters! my answer: BERATE MY CO-WORKERS PROPERLY! (because you know I would still try, right? You're not sure? Well maybe you should click on the work label and come back.)

116 Across -I was so clumsy, I couldn't...- 11 letters! ends with "o" my answer: KEEP A GIRLFRIEND!

16 Down -I was so inartistic, I couldn't...- 15(!) letters! my answer: DRAW A STICK FIGURE!

46 Down -I was so dizzy, I couldn't...- 15(!) letters! fourth letter "N" my answer: DRINK ANYMORE!
Aren't I the most awesomest crossword puzzle solver you have ever heard of?
Hey those are my answers right or wrong this is my blogus! If you are from the Crossword Mafia or if you disagree with my answers you can put the right ones in the comments.
You will be reward by me calling you a geek.
Uh... you know I'm kidding, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah... tell your friends!
I got my fist issue of Glamour on Friday and I have to say, so far so good!
If you want any advice, you know who to ask.
[Not me, just ask whoever you think can help you]


  1. You need more check squares for these long ones. They'll relate to some kind of theme, I expect.


    The O at the end of 116A is suggestive. Maybe all of the answers to these "I was so" clues are instructions for a dance? ("DO A FANDANGO" is 11, though I don't beleive it) Tango or Limbo, maybe.

    That would make 116A the last one? So you maybe should write them in numeric order.

    You know these songs they play at discos I don't go to, like YMCA or limbos, or the hokey cokey song? You might try something like that.

    Is that geeky enough? I'll give all this some more thought...

    You've not only made me later for work, I probably won't be able to concentrate when I get there ;-)


    Maybe dance is wrong. Some kind of set of "dos and dont's" you learn at school or something?

  3. So 16D could be DRAW (somethiing), e.g. "DRAW A DEEP BREATH"

  4. I love crossword puzzles but I rarely finish them. in fact the first time I finished one from the paper we hung it up with a nice border arouind it for all to see. sounds like I'm kidding but, sadly I'm not.

    that google type in thing was waaay coool
    I never pop up on any interesting phrases

    I'm seeing if I can go a whole day without writing anything inflammatory. you know I only do that to compensate for any mental deficiencies I may have

  5. Brian:
    Has anybody ever told you have an obsessive personality? Why is that you need to solve this crossword puzzle so badly?
    Do you have to take it with you everywhere you go in case inspiration hits while you’re driving? If you’re walking and reading the clues at the same time you can trip over stuff… okay maybe that’s just me.

    I’m still working on it but if I find the answers I’ll let you know. Hopefully I’ll find them before all my hair is gone!

  6. jean knee:
    don’t just sit there! help us with this crossword puzzle!!

    uh… don’t stop being inflammatory it’s part of your charm!

    I’m surprised you don’t pop up in odd searches considering you have comments about cocks (rooster) and pussycats…

  7. Obsessive: No-one (else) has ever accused me of this. I prefer "tenacious" myself.

    Why: Because it's there, and once you start it's difficult to stop. It's just begging to be filled in!

    Jean Knee: If you look closely at the image (which I have done in my tenacity), the title of this crossword is "Excuses Excuses". Which means that I believe my answers for 46D and 80A, and I think we're looking for good manners. Presumably as Kindergarten Queen you taught some of that stuff ("Stand up straight"), or at least shouted it at the, em, little darlings? Was there some kind of list, or song about it?

  8. luckily Barney has an entire video about manners. Shall I send it to you?? I'm guessing you probably missed that one.

    I love unicorns

  9. bee,.. where are you? I'm being picked on here.

  10. JK: Barney: I know, I'm uncooth and ill-mannered. I'm so terribly sorry about that. Would you mind awfully sharing the benefits of your vast experience on the subject of manners, please?

  11. JK & brian:
    Stop with the Barney talk I hate hate hate Barney. What was the name of that Robin Williams movie Death to something. (I also hate Robin Williams) anyway that's how I feel about Barney.

    I guess now I'm really going to have to figure out this crossword puzzle since I've created 2 monsters. (Purple)

    jean knee:
    Unicorns, really? My fave are peacocks...!

  12. okay, here goes .. if you want to use your best manners:

    right before you say something sarcastic or scathing you say: May I please tell you something..then let it rip... and end by saying: thank you for letting me share

    please and thank you are the magic words
    lucky for me I'm non- inflammatory so I don't have to use them

  13. bee: I sent yours, Tori's and elastic's prizes on the same day.
    yours will arrive in a coffee can as well. Tori was very excited for that contraband coffee, then she opened it to her disappointment.
    since I am assuming nothing is really contraband to you you won't really notice that naughty coffee packaging.

    Oh wait I was supposed to begin that with; May I tell you something?
    whatever, takes too long

  14. jean knee! how long have you known me? how long? like 2 weeks or something? don't you know by now that to send me a package with coffee only no coffee is an OUTRAGE! :o)

  15. I know you have coffee. It's probably starbucks.






  17. I don't like Cross Words....they just seem so dang mean. Why can't they have puzzles called Happy Words?

  18. Jean Knee seems waaaayyyyy too interested in your package, Bee.

    Maybe you should worry about that.

  19. Aawww, some of the best memories I have are from when I was 17 and had my first serious boyfriend, "Porky". He wasn't really a pig though, just a nickname for his favorite past time... did I say too much?

    August 2, 2007 8:24 PM

    This was the first time you commented on my blog. as you can see you have known me for over a month. two weeks? The OUTR:AGE

  20. jean knee:
    Not yet but the mail is slow over here. Too many mobsters high jacking the mail trucks... ha ha just kidding goverment people!

    Hopefully tomorrow!

  21. ELBW:
    I think you're right! You've known her longer does she send little animals in the mail?

  22. jean knee:
    Awww we missed out monthaversary!

    Those comments were meant for your perverted blog! :o)

    Uh... I would like to explain myself khmm! Uh... she had a post about a pig...

  23. ha did that hole dig it deep.

    for anyone who was wondering there was a sweet pic of a little tyke kissing a pig with his tongue up the nostril..awwwwww

    it reminded bee of her first boyfriend who liked to put his tongue in her nostril, hence the nickname porky

  24. Ha!
    Best kiss I've ever had! :op


  25. you slacker, this is the same old post... I have three posts just today

  26. patience my pretty! brilliance can't be rushed!!!


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