Sunday, September 30, 2007

Polly Pockets Does PSA.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I were at the store. We were going to meet my sister and Natalia for lunch so I wanted to get her a little something as a gesture of me trying to buy her love (Natalia's not my sister's).
I walked around the toy aisle looking for Polly Pockets stuff since I know she loves it.
After 3 laps around the aisle I found nothing. Ziltch! Nada!
Then I remembered the whole tainted paint/magnets = illness/death controversy...


I decided to contact Polly Pockets and ask her what her thoughts were.
This is her statement:

"I am very upset me and my friends have been making kids sick and want to make it up to the parents. I'm shooting some Public Service Announcements regarding the dangers of drinking and driving that will hopefully help us get back in their good graces."


I asked Polly (she said I could call her Polly) if she would be able to send me some pictures so that I may put them on my blog. She said coolio and sent me the pics below.

I did ask her why there was an Octopus and a Seal in the shots but she said it was supposed to be a "contemporary" PSA that also showed the things you might be seeing under the influence...

Huh! Maybe that's why I see fictional characters in my daily life. I learn something new everyday!
No booze was harmed in the making of this PSA.


  1. This is a very important message which I'm glad is now getting the prominence it deserves.

    Don't drive your car into a giant bottle of Baileys. Especially when you're drunk.

  2. Poor, Poor Polly...

    What has her life come down to... PSA for my crazy sister!

  3. I never knew Polly was such a lush.

    The Horror!

  4. Polly and I used to do body shots for The Girls Gone Wild film crew when we stayed in Cabo. I knew she was plastic and dangerous and tainted even back then. I wonder what took the media so long to figure it out. When she hit it big, she offered me a deal where they'd produce a sidekick version of me to go with the Polly line and I'd be called Melissa Mammoth.

    That's the last time we ever spoke.

  5. CLEEK!

    Well, that's how they say that word down in Cabo, you know.

  6. Polly Gone:

    The lead poisoning thing was a cover. The real reason for her absence is that she's checked into a drying-out clinic, where she'll become Polly Unsaturated...

  7. when she got back from Cabo, she cut her classes but claimed illness, she was playing mono-polly


    you better not be out somewhere having fun while I'm inside making dinner
    The Horror!

  8. brian:
    I think the important thing to remember is that Vodka and Bailey's don't mix, yuck!

    It could have been worse, she could be doing PSAs of STDs.

  9. EWBL:
    Oh.. she spoke about a Melissa.
    She said something about topless dancing in a bar... does that mean anything to you?

  10. jean knee:
    She said her lushyness stems from a deep fear of clowns, belly button lint and polka dots.
    I think we need to give her love and understanding... just don't put her in your mouth.

    What are you making for dinner?
    Maybe some bubble and squeak?

  11. don't put her in my mouth? too late

  12. jean knee:
    I hope you're up on your rabies vaccines otherwise you might get lock jaw.


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