Saturday, September 8, 2007


I wish this picture of the Sun would have come out clearer. It was so beautiful when I saw it Friday morning, with the clouds traveling at such a high speed it was as if once they touched the Sun they needed to get away as fast as possible. My cell doesn't do it justice!

Friday was my day to relieve Cowardly Lion for lunch since Dorothy went back to school.
I was sitting at the front desk when a couple came in, they had to be in their early forties.

He'd had surgery on his foot and was on crutches. He smiled at me gave his name and went to go sit down. Since the waiting room is right in front of the reception desk I could hear them talking. The tone of their voice as they addressed each other was what I can only describe as resentful.

He asked her: 'where do you want to sit?'

she: 'I don't care anywheres fine.'

he: 'maybe here?'

she: 'it's up to you I don't care! you're the one who should figure it out since you're the one in crutches!'

he: 'you know what, I'll sit here you can sit where ever the hell you want!'

All this over a seat. It continued but I think you get the picture.
It's not for me to ask the question but how does one get to that place? They might have just been having a fight that day but their tone of voice was what was shocking to me.

I'm sure at one point in their lives they talked to each other in soft voices with each word showing how much they loved each other.

How did they get to where even a simple question is an annoyance?
I obviously don't know them so I don't know what they've gone thru in their lives but it just made me feel hopeless.

On a positive note I made OZ blush like a school girl!
He came in to tell me our meeting was cancelled then said 'nice shoes!'
I said 'why thank you! It's a habit now right? To check out my shoes?'
He laughed and turned all kinds of red! SCORE!

Who's not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Me! Uh huh!


  1. Re Shoe Envy:

    He probably just wanted to know where he could get some - maybe he's a transvestite in his spare time? Next time you have a meeting with him try to picture it...

  2. HA! HA! HA!

    I can't post his picture of course so I will let y'all know why I laughed so hard when I read Brian's suggestion to picture OZ in drag.

    He's 55 about 6'2 "husky" well... he resembles Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

    He didn't scare me before put picturing him in a pair of my shoes will probably make my mind wander in our meetings!

  3. OK... I tried clicking on the link with no result!

    I'm putting up PSH picture up.

  4. Have you seen that film PSH is in with Robert de Niro, where he plays a drag queen (Flawless)? If not, you'd better watch it before your next meeting, it might help you visualise it ;-)

  5. haven't seen it but I'll look it up right now.

  6. it'll be your fault if that poor guy develops a shoe fetish where he can only go poo while holding a high heel.

    but something tells me that may have happened to your previous employers? huh?

  7. Oh yeah, the party went great. There was this one guy with a cheeky little accent........

  8. jean knee: x2
    RE: Previous Employers
    It's not my fault they all went crazy!
    Poo comment pretty gross! Does this look like the type of place for discussions like those? :op

    RE: Accent
    Was it Antonio Banderas? I have Zorro in the background

  9. sorry, I meant poop not poo; I can be confusing like that.

    not Zorro, this guy sounded like Matthew Mccaughnehay except he had his shirt on

    Is Mc caughnahay one word or two?

  10. And the reason I wasn't invited was????
    Well if he had his shirt on then it would not have been worth the drive I guess...

  11. You know what? I bet that little B of a wifey wouldn't 'Leggo His Eggo' waffle in the morning and it triggered a downward spiral of crappiness.

    Waffle Wars are one of the leading causes of divorce these days.


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