Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just because I buy a jar of pickles does not mean I'm pregnant!

pepinosyicecreamI know it was sitting in the middle of the lemon swirl sherbet and the pistachio ice cream but that doesn't mean I was going to use the pickles as my spoon to eat my most delicious treats.




There was no need, my beloved husband, to give me this look


Beeeeelieve me when I say that if we were to be expecting a bundle of chaos (because let's face it, me + Andy = HIDE THE KNIVES!), I wouldn't keep the news quietly next to my heart like a treasured item. No, not me. I would say something like "Yo! WTF!! You knocked me up!!!!!" as soon as I found out AND AFTER YOU CAME TO. Because that my love, is something for us to suffer through together.


Andy quote of the night:

"Sometimes people have to get shot in order for them to know better!"

Luckily, he didn't mean me!



I mean, come on! It was just pickles! Granted I had forgotten how much I hate the texture of them when I bite through one. Grainy.


  1. Is does seem a TEENY bit unusual.

  2. Did you just decide to rest your pickle in the ice cream?

  3. Have you given up smoking recently?

  4. That's all wrong. Pickles are meant to be used to eat houmous with.

  5. My grandpa does that....

    and even now that i've found he's not the only person on earth... my opinion is still the same.

    That's just fuckin' weird.

  6. awwww Bee. You don't always realize for a while that you're knocked up

    I had no idea at all, it never once ocurred to me even though I had been trying for a while

  7. What is so wrong about eating pickles? I LOVE pickles! When I worked at the Brown's Chicken place, they had huge buckets of 'em and I'd go in and snack on yummy dill pickles.

    Chris, I've never smoked in my life so that's not it. I just had a taste (not craving) for pickles.

    Mmmm hummus!

    You say that because you've never seen a girl eat a pickle.

    jean knee:
    Nope. No bun in this oven. Did you decide on a name for yours??

  8. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving

  9. eeeesh. that's a rough one. just thought of pickles gives me the shivermetimbers.

  10. Oh Bee!
    You're growing a little mini Bee or mini Andy? That's precious and yet scary all at the same time!
    I am now announcing that I will be throwing your baby shower! It will be filled with pickles and lemon sherbert sundaes and anything else that does not involve plastic knives or real ones.
    Oh, congrats on your little mini spawn!

  11. Hey, speaking of pickles, I have a really gross pickle story to share...hang on..

  12. My very first job was working at this really gross biker bar called "The Hole in The Wall". Yeah, it was scary.
    Anyways, they had the "public pickle jar" which was this huge glass jar filled with the biggest pickles I had ever seen.
    So, a biker would come up, put his money on the bar for his pickle, then he would stick his arm in the pickle jar and fish around until he found the pickle that was just right for him.
    Then another would come and do it.
    And another.
    And another.
    And I haven't been able to eat pickles since!

  13. It looks to me like with all of my mentioning about you and your fertileness, something rubbed off (for lack of a better term, sorry Andy!), and you've gone and gotten preggers!

    Congrats Bee!

    How's that for having a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all rolled into one??

    You can thank me later!

  14. He's prolly thinking it's his pickle you should be sucking on. I mean, this type of tactic reduces the risk of pregnancy (our little swimmers tire out before they can reach the fallopian tubes on that route).

  15. Georgie:
    Thanks! Same to you and I’ll be by your place for some sweet taters!

    Well, it was yummy except for the graininess.

    No. No. No. The only think mini I will be having are mini éclairs.
    That story about the biker pickles made me nauseous WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME NOT BEING PREGNANT. Because I’m not.

    Whatcha talkin’ about Willis?? No way dude, if I were to be hosting a life form in me, I’d be pretty pissed at all the jinxing going on.

    I need you to come over to my office and explain to the old ladies I work with why I let out a “Oh shit! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!” because I don’t know how to explain your comment in old lady language.

  16. Sounds like this is a different version of the old "she has a great sense of humor" while setting up a blind date. It could mean gorgeous with a good sense of humor but is stereotyped into meaning 'ugly as hell' and used as a way to find something positive to say.

    Bottom're pregnant! ha ha ha. I'll mail you a supply of cutesy drool bibs shortly...

  17. BEE!!! :|

    I've seen plenty of girls eat a pickle... and bananas... and other long cylindrical items like Popsicles, but there's always biting at the end...

    never a happy ending. never.

  18. I never ate pickles when I was pregnant. Therefore, based on that logic, I deem you unfertilized. You're welcome. No co-oay necessary.

  19. I just bought a jar of pickles, and I am SO not pregnant. nope, can't happen. Unless that doctor who received a TON of money from mu insurance company two years ago, screwed up.

  20. I still have a curse on you !

  21. mmm...I love pickles. I'm not anywhere near pregnant either

  22. The more I'm around children, the more I welcome puppies into the world.

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