Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well, who wants to grow up to be Uranus??

Do you see my rosy cheeks? Can you hear my girlish giggles?

I, ladies and gents, have ARRIVED! You know you've hit the big time when you get insulted by ---wait for it--- FRANCE!

Yeah! And I was called "chaildeesh" that is how I'm pretending they said it. Of course, it might just be an American in France but for the purposes of this post, we will say it is a French person.

Demeda, took exception to my tighty whitey post and called me, little ole' Bee from Chicago, CHAILDEESH! Um hello? I don't think that's really news to anybody, right?

Hey Demeda, if you, your spouse, your dog, your cat, your hamster are into tight, constricting, bulge defining underwear, more power to you.

Don't let a silly post like mine make you feel self-conscious and/or STOOPIT.

I hope I didn't insult him/her/it! Please come back Demeda. Please??


Convo between me and Andy while on our way to my brother's house for dinner.

Hey, did you see my post from last night? Specifically the picture of the hot chick in the plumber getup?

Uh, no. I was too busy defending the world from evil creatures. [or something like that]

Well check it out when we get home. The chick had plumbers crack but I googled a picture of Uranus and I covered her butt crack.

What? Like the PLANET URANUS??

... ... ::blink:: No, YOUR ANUS! Yes the planet Uranus!! Do think I sit around waiting for the perfect picture opportunity to take a picture of YOUR ANUS??? More importantly, would I find your anus on google??

I don't know what you do once I fall asleep!

Dear God did I laugh for about a half hour! Incidentally, my mom was in the car too. She must think we're a couple of weirdos.

Okay! Now I'm off to find the cure for all that ails us. Later mis amigos!


To Brian, the system Demeda used was Linux. Just wanted you to be aware of the type of people you run with.


No offense to Suzy whose mother is French. I'm sure she's very nice.



  1. Congratulations. I eat Freedom Fries anyway, haha.

    buzz buzz

  2. My mother? Nice? Not so much.

  3. well if that's childish, I'm all in! woot! obviously the French have no sense when it comes to tighty whiteys.

  4. The French are more into "Au Naturale", so to speak, and I'd guess that tighty whiteys are quite out of the picture..

    Now Brazilians.. That's another matter entirely!

    I did have to laugh a little at Andy's Uranus comment.. You really never do know what you wife-type can be up to at all hours of the night....

  5. wow, I didn't know the French could rouse themselves enough to even read a blog much less to feel outraged by one. I'm also shocked she didn't get someone else to comment for her, they can't defend themselves you know.

    how childish of me :(

  6. if she thought that was childish she must be new to the blogosphere.

  7. Those damn French get all weird when you put down tighty whities and speedos!

  8. First of all, my question was never answered as to who/whom had offended you with their tighty whiteys? Who was the constricted offender Bee?

    And I think that is one of the great things about America and Father Al, he who invented the internet, because we can make a blog, name it whatever we want and then proceed to write about whatever we want. And another great thing is that nobody is forced to read it! You read it if you like it and if you don't you move on to a blog written by some other person wearing tight, whit, contricting under roos who complain about the injustice of it all.

    Just out of curiosity, if we were to google Andy's anus, how would we know it was in face his? Does he have any birthmarks, tattoos, strange hair patterns on his anus that would give it away?
    Just wondering.

  9. Hey Bee,
    I have another question.
    Why is it that every time I come over to visit, this very rude window pops up in my face that says something about "line overflow" or something? It's happened every time for the past two days!
    It's driving me crazy Bee!

  10. Well, now I don't want to be 9th. That's an odd number you know and I've kind of got a "thing" about odd numbers.

  11. Crap, now I was 11th too!


  12. That's a sure sign you've arrived!

  13. It's a person in France who has their browser set to English, so maybe not French. Anyway, I thought their point was perfectly valid. It was childish. Which is just what your readers want ;-)


    The problem with Linux users is that we have too much spare time, what with not having to constantly reboot our computers, defrag our disks, etc, though personally I wouldn't choose to waste it commenting on blogs I didn't like...

  14. childish is the new black

    I get the same popup box with message line overflow message too how weird

  15. yeah sure, demeda is way too rigid, tighty whities are the work of the devil, you're right bee, as always. WTF bee...are you spying on us? I don't even know my IP address, why do you get to? You better not be lurking in my computer right don't know where I've been do you? It was my little secret. I feel so violated...and guilty. It's like YOU KNOW.

  16. Jerry Lewis is one of France's most treasured comedians and she calls you childish?

    I wonder if he'll be up googling he anus for a few weeks...just to make sure.

  17. FLy:
    Mmmmm fries!

    I knew you wouldn't get mad! ;o)

    The must like ball(s) constrictors.

    The Brazillians are the ones that invented dental floss, right?

    Yeah, Andy has to sleep with one eye open! (what eye will be determined later)

    jean knee:


    I agree!

    Okay, the speedo thing. Unless you are super hot and have a nice set of... abs, we don't need to see it.

    I said on my post a patient flashed me when I went to interpret for him.

    I couldn't tell you how to identify Andy's anus because I have never been that up close and personal. I don't think he knows what it looks like either so he's no help there.

    Yup! I'm at the top!

    I said we were going to pretend it was a French person even if it wasn't.
    Pfft Linux! Vista has only crashed me 1,789 times.

    I don't know why it's coming up. I've removed widgets to see who is the culprit but so far no luck. It only happens with IE, though.

    I don't really look at the info unless someone leaves me a bad comment or when they search weird things like "monkey anus carrot". Then I have to giggle. I hate to break it to you Kirsten but almost everybody has a sitemeter on their site. I'll give you my IP address though, full disclosure and what not.

    Also? Regarding your surfing history, ummmm, wouldn't one that big chafe??

    It would serve him right if I did put it up on google! But, I don't think that would be good for our marriage. :o(

  18. "I don't know what you do once I fall asleep!"

    God help the men in our lives. :)

  19. Well f*** the b****! Oh, wait...that was probably childish. Hahaha Doesn't she know that humor bloggers never grow up? Sheesh, get a clue frenchy!

  20. I went to Paris once and was not impressed by the French people or their attitude. In the restaurants my boyfriend and I would try to order and they would pretend to not speak English, but you know as soon as they went back into the kitchen they would speak English.

  21. Bee, your mind is much much too fast for me, I am afraid I didn't "get" the first part. Who insulted whom, or is it all just a joke? She's mad, right?

    But the second part, I see now it Uranus. Veddy clevah!

    I'm off now to take a pic of my ass.

  22. Teri:
    Mine is always afraid. ;op

    You can swear here! I was kidding about the PG rating.

    I still want to go one day. I just won't say I'm Bee from Bee's Musings.

    Well, she insulted me by calling me childish but I don't mind because I kind of agree with her.

    If you take a picture of your ass, make sure you post it! :o)

  23. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! omg- my boyfriend and i are laughing at the uranus conversation because that absolutely could have transpired in our car. with either one of our mothers with us. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  24. 50 bucks says they wear "skinny jeans" too.

    tighty whiteys are cutting off the circulation to the brain.

  25. i happen to LOVE Uranus. you should too.

  26. Magpie:
    That's what I call true love!

    Those bastards!

    Well, I'm a Neptune girl myself but more power to you! ;o)

  27. What a poo-poo-head! She just made herself sound Jupiter and Jupiter the more she talked.

  28. I'm envious of Andy. He's so oblivious. He must have nothing but bliss...


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