Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can someone please tell me what a hot chick has to do with football talk??


  1. First!

    Most sport is boring, and most "supporters" are only interested in what happens to their teams in the league, not the quality of the game. Sport is also visually very unappealing. Hence the need for some totty.

    I still don't watch it, though.

  2. Those women aren't real. They're CGI voiced by a guy, but a the guy's voice is changed by a machine to sound like a hot woman. It's done to make us think that sex is possible while watching a football game.

  3. what is "totty"
    Hot chicks are always welcome !

  4. well shoot, what does a hot chick have to do with a sports car or a harley?

  5. ...just sex appeal.'s the same with beer.

  6. I suppose she's there to add a little extra sparkle.

    And give the viewers a hard on, obviously.

  7. Oh, Bee,
    Everyone knows that the two go hand in hand.
    Watching football is a waste of time and so is yelling at the t.v. because THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU DAMNITT! (sorry)
    And the hot chick is a waste of time because most of the guys sitting at home, ignoring their families and yelling at their t.v.'s, wouldn't even be able to get the hot chick to look at them.

    It's all Fantasy, Bee.

  8. hot chicks will always rule.

    It would have been fun to be one if even only for a day to see what the fuss is all about.

  9. Nothing says sports like a hot chick. Hot chicks make men feel even more manly. I've got numbers to prove it.

  10. I don't understand Sornie's comment. How do hot chicks make you feel more manly?
    No offense but that hot chick wouldn't pee on most of you if you all were on fire.
    That's not manly.


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