Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is it me or is this commercial diiiiiiisturbing!!

Okay, I know I'm lame but I promised to post every day this month.

I leave you with one very important question:

If I were to change the name of my blog, what should I call it? The first person who says "Up yours with a rubber hose!" will get their ass kicked!

This is all hypothetical and allegedly-cal...

Too bad Brian is on hiatus because I'm sure he'd have a million and one suggestions, ALL MEAN.

If this bored you, go read yesterday's post on how I almost fried my eggs.


  1. I get the feeling we're supposed to think that what that beastie boy is providing is his hung like a horse qualities. That just grosses me out. This commercial doesn't make me want to dash (or trot or gallop) off to the store for Old Spice body wash. Not at all.

  2. Will it upset the balanace of things if I don't chime in as FIRST!!!!!!!


    I have zero name suggestions. I say you're established as the namesake Muse, so stick to what's stuck!

  3. I'd rename it "Up yours with a rubber hose"...

    But then again... I might have picked that up from some subliminal message somewhere...

  4. I think Bee's Musings is a pretty good name. I mean, yes you could call it something like Bee's Droolings or the Ravings of She or what have you, but they don't quite have the same ring.

  5. You should have see the look on my daughter's face when she saw this commercial on TV.

    Names? Um... I like the name of your blog.

  6. Yeah, I agree with the first is supposed to make us think he is hung like a horse. Weird.

    I like your name the way it is, but maybe something like "The Bee's Knees" because you post the most random things, and so something like "The Bee's Knees" is random, yet keeps the name Bee in there. I dunno.

  7. That commercial is disgusting. ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR THAT HORSE'S BODY ON HIM!!! Makes me want to RUN from that product.

    How 'bout To Bee Or Not To Bee.

    Kicking It One Ass At A Time

    I Am, Therefore I Bee

  8. Altho, I think Bee's Musings is just fine, don't get me wrong. :)

    But, since you had assed, I mean asked and all.

  9. Let's see..

    Names for a blog..

    "The A, Bee sees of life.."

    Aunt Bee's tales of horror

    Fertility Corner (couldn't help myself Bee!)


    Adjustments needed


    the list could go on, and on..

    Oh, I'm actually channelling Brian, since he's not here to do all the dirty work!

  10. Jorm!!! I am laughing my ass off!

  11. Just wait Bee.. I've got more!

    "Hey kids! Get off my lawn!"

    "One pull on the bottle, one message answered."

    "Female issues, and the men who love to read about them, by Bee"

    "The house at Fire Corner"

    *Edit* You can also put any other word in there for fire.. Fertility, boob, finger, drunk, etc...

    Hope you enjoy these!

  12. no. i refuse to participate in the desecration of this blog!! leave the name bee!! incidentally to all the ladies i'm hung like a horse.

  13. You could start a clothing and shoe blog called BeeWear.

    To Bee Or Not To Bee

    Fark The Butterfly, Sting Like Bee

    Bee's Buzz

    Moth To The Flower; Bee To The Flame

    I just can't top Jorm without my second pot of coffee.

  14. oh, gosh, that commercial is...weird. It just leaves you feeling a little...weird.

    bestiality implications in marketing are surely not a good thing...

  15. I hope the guy in that commercial never gets laid again cuz he deserves it. freak

    who's Brian?

  16. The Beehive of course.

    Or maybe Bee's Hives?

    Or Bee Gives Me Hives? :P

  17. Back for more!

    "The Bee's Knees"

    "The Busy Bee" *emphasis on 'busy'!*

    "1 Bee, 2 Bee, Red Bee, Blue Bee" (for all of those fertile mood swings!)

    "A Bee like Mee"

    Combine the two you've got now:


    and finally:

    "O-Bee 1, the blogging guru"

  18. We could just play with this blog naming thing all day couldn't we.

    To BEE or not to BEE


    Mouths are Optional ;)

    BEEcause I SAID SO!!!

    Like BEE GEES with all the GEES

    I AM the Queen BEE

    I am not a Spelling BEE

    BEEing There

    Ah, enough of this folly...I want to try your kitchen inferno tips from last post...

  19. I would love for your blog to be a part of – the world’s first blog-to-film competition. It’s free! All u do is link this blog to for a chance to win 2,000!

    – Kimberly (co-creator)

  20. But..but but the musings!
    Will you still muse Bee?

    I can't compete with any of the suggestions given. My brain is empty.

  21. Re the commercial:

    Wrong wrong wrong.

  22. My money is with "The Amy Winehouse Bee Hive Blog"

    I actually kind of like that commercial by the way. I think the actor does a pretty good job being funny.

  23. Damn. I can't see this at work. I'll look you up tonight, babe.

  24. Bee Dear,
    I'm going to address the posts the I've missed so this is going to be a doozy.
    I hate new bras! Did you know that the person that invented the bra was a man? I believe it might have been Howard Hughes if I'm not mistaken. Bras are like jail for our boobaloobies!
    And I think that you should have your mother read the post where you set your kitchen on fire! She would come home ASAP and start cooking!
    And, I hate this commercial! I don't understand it! Can you imagine the ideas that lost if this was the winning advertisiment?
    And where is Brian?? Oh and why would you want to change the name of your place? I like Bees Musings!
    If you're looking for new names...
    Let me think here...
    Bees Burnin Beans?
    Biancas Knockas?
    Oh I'm bad at this!

  25. Hmmm....

    I meant to say

    Like Bee Gess but without all the Gees

    You need to buy the VE translator I'm afraid...

  26. Hey Bee, yeah, I see Kimberly found you too. It looks legit but not my cup of tea. I don't blog for the money anyway... Are you gonna do it?

  27. New name

    The blog formally known as Bee's Musings.

    Hey, I just noticed we now have spell check !

  28. I kinda like the way he swishes his tail. Now I'm gonna have a nightmare! Why don't they have any girlataurs?

    Looks like you have PLENTY of name suggestions!

  29. That commercial makes me feel yucky inside.

    I think they want to make people feel dirty so they will buy the body wash.

  30. I think you should keep Bee's Musings, but other ideas:

    All About Bee
    Me Bee
    Plan Bee From Outer Space
    Let Me Bee
    Bee Bop (or Bee Bopper)

    And from the other suggestions, I liked "Bee's Buzz", though it sounds like it could be a euphemism for, say, a vibrator or something. Which might be a reason for going with it.

  31. Hmm, am I a retard? I was looking for a link to names for your blog. I guess I answered my own question?

  32. Bee Attitude
    Bee's Whacks
    Bee 'ell, Oh Gee!
    The Bee Report
    The World According to Bee
    Bee Land (or "New Beeland", I suppose)
    The A - Z of Bee (or "Bee's A - Z")
    A Bee, See?
    Bee-Logger (some lumberjack's probably already bagged that one)


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