Thursday, November 13, 2008

Karate Chicken

So... Tracy posted about her crazy chicken who likes to follow her around WHILE SHE IS SMOKING!!! (Tracy, not the chicken) and basically begs to be petted (the chicken, not Tracy).

I want to share with you, my grandparents' pet... THE KARATE CHICKEN!

pollo karate

One of my uncles says that every time he would walk by the chicken, he had to go into Karate Kid protective mode because he never knew when the chicken would try to kick his ass.

pollo karate2

The poor little chickaroo was attacked by cats and left deformed with its little leg sticking straight out.

Sadly, it died earlier this year after chocking on what my grandmother thinks was a tortilla. I didn't ask if the Chicken stew came out good or not but I'm sure it did.

****I accidentally hit publish before finishing this post so my apologies if you got excited and rushed over here.*****

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It turns out that today, a new version of World of Wackies (The name is Wrath of the Lich King and it says he has necromantic powers... or something) came out.

Andy went during his "lunch" hour (at 10:30, I cnsider that still breakfast) (so does Mc Donald's) and bought it. The box is huge and comes with the game, a book, free passes for new recruits and the soundtrack for WoW. THE SOUNDTRACK.

I know I'm addicted to blogging but I can walk away from the computer. Andy? Well, he fell asleep in his chair last night while his avatar was being hacked to little pieces in the background (not really but it would have been funny if it was)!

I tried waking him up but the only thing that worked was me yelling "Andy! They're sticking something up your avatar's butt!" He jumped out of his chair then!

Anyway, I told him that now that my momma was leaving for Mexico, I was going to need more attention from him because I was going to be bored. His solution?

"I'll load the game into your computer so you can play too. That way we'll have a virtual marriage."

That all sounds fine and good but if I'm gonna have a virtual marriage, I'd rather it be with Ryan Reynolds (don't tell Brad Pitt but I'm this close to breaking up with him)(he's got too much baggage)(but don't think you can take him for yourself yet because I'm still not sure if that's the way I want to go)!



i have discovered a new feature provided to me by Ruby (my laptop). It's called Windows Live Writer and it only comes second to pistachio ice cream!

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  1. a virtual marriage? hmmm, I might try that someday, you know, since the real kind didn't really work out so well for me. ;)

  2. Brad Pitt will be gutted.

    I imagine that with a virtual marriage you'd get all of the hassle without the benefits. In particular virtual cooking is unlikely to be very satisfactory...

  3. World of WarCrack. Thats funny you should write about that, Im writing a post about that in the next couple of days.

    And that chicken looks hilarious. Sad it died, buts it still looks funny. I bet it didnt die on a tortilla at all, I bet some shaolin monks descended on him as he was fighting off some ninjas and he couldnt straight leg kick all of them and finally succumbed to their attacks. Poor poor Kung Pow Chicken.

    buzz buzz

  4. Addicted to blogging? Never felt that.

    (yeah, right?)

    Virtual Marriage sounds GOOD!

  5. Heh..

    My brother went and bought TWO of those WoW upgrades, so that I could "Be on par" with him..

    Now, I play, but I also take time out to Blog, play with my kids, do stuff around the house, etc..

    My bro? The only reason he unplugs from his is to eat, poop, sleep, or (occasionally) go to work!

    I don't understand how some people can be THAT addicted to this game..

    I mean, I'm honestly more addicted to Rock Band II than I am to World of Warcrazy..

    Please don't get me started on Rock Band.. You'll be here for AGES.

  6. LMAO!
    sorry bout the death in your family with karate chicken I know that must have been hard on everyone...

    where do i sign up for this virtual more wet spot ;-) I'm all in!

  7. HAHAHHAHA- omg- the chickens. i'm dying.

  8. Was he walking by the chicken with a bucket of KFC? mmmmmmm I want some, is it lunch time yet?

    Just stay away from Johnny Depp... he's mine.

    Addiction? pffffffffffffffffffft!

    Know what's good about being sick? I get to blog and surf blogs and discover new blogs and look for cool new widgets for...


  9. Wrath of Lich King? did I LIVE without that?

    My favorite are the SIMS people. They spend 17 hours decorating their virtual home online while their real home has dishes stacked to the ceiling...

  10. poor karate chicken choked on a tortilla

    now that's sad

  11. Anndi, I've been trying to get her to go for Johnny Depp but she won't so now he's mine

    how bout you take Daniel Craig-he's hawt

  12. I can't be bothered with complicated games that require years of attention. I just go with the quick fix kind.

    BTW, karate chicken may have been left with one knackered leg, but evidently had entered a rare state of poultry zen.

    We should be grateful for that.

  13. Awww...poor little karate chicken.

    Hahaha "virtual marriage" Where a hubs and wife play on the computer together -- stay together. I think we would begin to see a significant decrease in the divorce rate if all would practice virtual marriage. :D

  14. One of my readers SWEARS by Live Writer. I'll have to check it out. Poor Mr. Chicken.

    I mean Andy, of course.

  15. The Karate Chicken!!? That's awesome. I don't know why but chickens crack me up and I'm not sure why.

    Very funny stuff.


  16. Oooh, a virtual

    I really like live writer too. One trick: ctrl+enter puts in a line break instead of a return. Hey, it's important to us geeks.

  17. CRAP!!
    I left a message earlier but my computer decided that it wasn't going to happen. I'm about to flip out!!

    Hey, Bee,
    Umm, didn't you read the part where I said "yeah I'm smoking don't say anything about it?" Well, that also meant not to put it in the FIRST LINE OF YOUR POST!!
    Here's the thing. I hadn't smoked since I was a partying teenager. But then I got diagnosed with this crap and I got a little mad at my body for defying me so I decided to say "F U" right back and started smoking. It's actually been quite therapeutic.
    I know you'll think this is a crap excuse but I will quit. I promise. I just need to come to terms, you know?

    That chicken rocked! I have one that has a gimpy leg but it's not as cool as the Karate Chicken!

  18. Aw, poor chickie.

    Live Writer eh? I've heard of it before; I'll have to give it a try. NOT because I am addicted to blogging or anything...

  19. Hmmm. So this is the sort of post that gets you a #1 rating at HB. Hmmm.

  20. Chat:
    Let me know how that works out! ;o)

    Gah! Cooking! I'm going to go out and buy things in tins.

    Kung Pow Chicken I LOVE IT!! BWAHAHAHA!!

    Yup and I won't have to pick up after him.

    I've tried Rock BAnd but the bastards boo me off the stage!

    Off of the chair I went! ha ha!

    Wasn't it cute?

    Don't forget to breathe, very important!

    Johnny Depp is hawt... he's on my list.

    I was this close to buying a SIMS thing. This close.

    jean knee:
    And then it became a taco.

    Johnny Depp is hawt.

    We are very grateful and I'm sure it tasted great!

    I know I like mine better when he sits in another room. ;o)

    Ha ha! Yeah poor poor Andy!

    The Brain Twinkey:
    Chickens crack me up too. I love the savage ones!

    Thanks for the trick! Uh, the computer one. ;o)

    The Karate Chicken commands you to stop smoking!

    I just discovered it yesterday and now I love it!

    Listen man, we can't all be as wordy as you. I have to rely on props like chickens, coworkers and husbands.

  21. I know I shouldn't laugh about a deceased deformed chicken.
    But can you blame me?

  22. With a name like Karate Chicken .... I was hopin`, and this post delivers!!!!

    Srange truth always beats strange fiction hands down. I like the lil karate chicken, and would like to adopt it!

    Thanks for the pointer, this is a perfect addition to my list o poultry :-)


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