Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a Heinous Meme

Heinous from Irregularly Periodic Ruminations has hit me with the 7 things Meme so I'm going to go ahead and share 7 random things about me.

1) I used to iron my work clothes the night before and I still do for Fridays but I've become so lazy, I iron my clothes on a daily basis after I shower in the morning. This is what makes me very late for work.

2) I usually get dressed in my kitchen since this where I iron my clothes (the ironing board is in a kitchen cabinet).

3) I always freak out when I'm getting dressed in the kitchen because the dogs will sit there staring at me like little Pervy Mcpervs.

4) I find myself apologizing to the dogs because I haven't lost the weight I want to lose.

5) I can feel their judgmental gaze as I suck in my gut to button my pants.

6) They are one of the reasons I leave my house depressed and ashamed of myself.

7) I like peanuts.

I am tagging Chris from Chris Wood's Blog, Mike from The Miker Side of Life, Ettarose from Sanity on Edge, Mine by Magpie, Nooter from Nooter the Dog (I'd like his point of view on the whole watching your owner's flabby near nakedness) and Jormengrund from Yet Another Day in Paradise.


  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Given that the dogs are quite happy to perform all of their revolting bodily functions in your presence, it's good that you're getting your own back...

  2. Thanks for playing along with the meme. I iron about once a month when I realize I have no viable shirts left after they're all washed.

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about the dogs judgment... Remember, they drink from the toilet and sniff each others assholes regularly.

  4. So you iron your clothes in the "less than dressed state" in your kitchen? Are there windows?

  5. Peanuts rock.

    Getting dressed in your kitchen? Ironing before work? Ugh.

    I think Just Sayin' has a fair point about dogs & their opinions.

  6. My dog stares when I get dressed in front of the heater in the living room on the morning. She loves squeaky toys so I get even by yelling "SQUEAKIES! GET THE SQUEAKY!" while she is in mid squat doing her poopies outside. Her eyes get real big and she squat-walks back towards the house as fast as she can. Works every time.

  7. Um, Bee? I don't know what happened there but you forgot to put me in the links of people that you were tagging. I'm sure it was just an honest mistake. You know, much like the ones the post office makes?

    And I don't iron clothes. In fact, I informed the hubs of this on our first date. I figured that if it was going to be a deal breaker, I wanted to get it done and over with before I had invested too much into the relationship.
    And why do dogs like to watch their owners get dressed? Ours did that too. So, I would shut the door. He would then spend the entire time in the hallway, outside my door, whining and scratching, wanting to get in.

  8. seriously, whoever says pets are nonjudgmental is dead friggin' wrong!

  9. Brian:
    Thanks. (:op

    I hate ironing! I didn't have to before, when we had a washer dryer.

    Just sayin':
    Ha ha You're right! They are sick little bastards.

    Yes but anybody looking in is only punishing themselves. No, my house is high up and it's too early for anybody to be flying about.

    They do rock!

    Ha ha ha! score one for the humans!

    Father Muskrat:

    They are pervs. I hate ironing!

    Maybe it's all the times we laugh at them?

  10. Thank you for not tagging me!

  11. The dogs aren't judging you ... as long as you are feeding THEM, they could care less.

    Too bad you didn't tag me for this ... someone sent it to me like a year ago and I never finished it. Oh well. My weirdness will remain a mystery.

  12. oooh- i've been away and just got your message about the tag! i'll totally do it!

    okay- don't you give those dogs the satisfaction. they lick their own poopchutes. just remember that when they're giving you the stink-eye.

  13. Bee:

    Thanks for the tag, I'll see about fitting it into my schedule today!

    Oh, and let's just see what kind of laughter I can get out of you with my answers!!

  14. when youre naked and we stare, we are wondering where you keep your keys. and our snaks.


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