Thursday, April 17, 2008

This is not about Madonna's big dick.

-Day 107-
The anniversary dinner was a success! A success I tell you!
It also made me realize the reason why Andy and I will be together until the day I have to change his diapers (hopefully a very long long time from now!) (I need to build a resistance first) is because we haven't changed! Sure, our salaries are higher since we no longer have to live off a fast food nickles and pennies paycheck, but us? We're still the same.

What were we doing 9 years ago? You ask.
Well, I can guarantee I went to pick Andy up at Brown's in my car (he didn't have one back then), then he drove us to his comic book store while I waited in the car. We went to Baker's Square for dinner. I had a pita, he had a burger and we shared pie a-la-mode. We also imagined winning the lottery...

He then did a one man reenactment of the opening dialogue for Reservoir Dogs (After Madonna's big dick).

Below is the scene he re-enacts. It's a Tarantino movie so F-bombs are liberally thrown about as if they were rose petals at a wedding.

Flash forward 9 years and this what happened:

I picked up Andy at home after work (his car is in the shop because some old lady thought she was rich enough to go thru Andy's car), he drove us to his comic book store while I waited in the car. Then we went to Baker's Square for dinner, I had a pita, he had a burger and we shared a brownie a-la-mode. We imagined winning the lottery...

He then did a one man reenactment of the opening dialogue for Reservoir Dogs (After Madonna's big dick).

I called him a nerd he called me a butthole*. Ah true love!
By the way, if you haven't seen Reservoir Dogs (PROBABLY BRIAN!) why? Mr. Pink kicks fuckin ass and Mr. White is HAWT! If you're a girly squeamish girly girl get over yourself and watch it anyway!

Changing the subject. Do you know what this is?

This is a Dunkin Donuts that's literally ONE BLOCK AWAY FROM MY HOUSE! One block. Only, it's not a Dunkin' Donuts yet. It's been under construction for 100 years! Please tell me what's taking so long. I'm not a fan of the donuts but their coffee? I would gladly substitute breathing air to be able to inhale their coffee.

Hook me up with a coffeexygen machine and I'm a more lovable, easy manageable human being.
I do not agree with Mr. Pink and always always over tip. Unless the waitress is a character in "Waiting..." then I just throw up and ask for a hammer.
*He called me a butthole because after he ordered I said "Ha! I knew you'd order a burger I even put it up on the blogus!" just thought you should know.


  1. First...AGAIN!

    I always thought that scenes was about Madonna liking big dick...not having one.


  2. It is but I'm hoping enough people will ask themselves "What? Madonna has a dick?" then mosey on down here to find out.

    I say down here because let's face it, the title is not heaven worthy.

  3. OK, am I the ONLY HUMAN ALIVE who hasn't had DD coffee yet?

    I swear, everyone says it is the best coffee ever. I wish they'd build one near me so I can at least find out one way or the other, dammit!!

    Oh, and 'butthole' is such a cute little nickname! From now on, I will always think of it when I visit you.


  4. I'm glad the re-enacment went well.

    I've seen RD many times, though my favourite QT film is Jackie Brown.

    Tipping in restaurants is even becoming common here. When I was a waiter the tips were enough to buy a few drinks, certainly not to live off...

    I always tip unless the service is rubbish.

    Maybe they should tip bloggers? Though where would they tip us?

  5. Maybe the Dunkin Donuts is taking so long because they have to put all the donutty goodness into every brick?

    I'm glad that your anniversary date went so well and I have to say, yes, I clicked on your wedding picture and that was a dirty trick Bee!
    Dirty Dirty Trick!

  6. My mom told me that Natalia makes her drive by it because she like to she the progress made.

  7. It's been a long time since I saw RD, I didn't even remember who was in it, gotta watch it again.

    when Drew and I got engaged he got this champagne that came with 2 champagne glasses to toast yourself with. we vowed to drink champagne out of them every year on our anniversary--we never have, we usually forget it til days later. sigh

  8. I clicked the wedding picture, too, Tracy! I was STUNNED by the trickery! are a sly one!!! Naturally I immediately implemented similar tactics on my blog. Mwu-ha-ha!

    Down to business: when the Dunkin Donuts opens up your life will be BETTER than if you won the lottery. The coffee is just THAT good. And I love that you just tell them, coffee with cream and sugar and then they hook it up for you. Meow!

  9. sounds like the perfect, romantic, bb moment evah.

  10. I would have much rather seen a video of Andy doing his reenactment :-D That's what you really needed!

    And DD is awesome, but Starbucks still beats them ;-)

  11. I have heard of the greatness that is DD coffee. No one speaks of the donuts, just the addictive coffee. We don't have any DD's here (except just under my neck. Woo hoo! that's right! I went there!), so I can't test it out.

    In a surprising twist, I, too, always call my hubs a butthole when we go out to eat. He pours over a menu for so long I actually start to think he's not going to switch things up a bit. Alas. Chicken fingers. Always with the chicken fingers.

  12. I'm the other way around. Tell you what. You take the coffee, and give me all the donuts!

  13. Change is scary, staying the same always means no surprises & long life.

    If you want an early death go for change.

    If you wanna live longer stay the same.

  14. Chelle B:
    You go dunkin and you never go back.

    Ha ha!
    Yeah tip bloggers! ;op
    There are some (I'M NOT KIDDING) that have a paypal link on their side bar. I can't get people to click on humor-blogs for me I doubt I can get tips from 'em!

    Ha! I have to get people to click for me somehow. I'm slowly slipping away into oblivion.

    Natalia is only interested because of the donuts. She said 'coffee for Tia Bee Donuts for me!'

    jean knee:
    BB... that's all I'm sayin'!

    I got the idea when people kept searching for pictures of a cartoon pig I posted. ;op
    DD-I love it!

    jean knee:
    BB... that's all I'm sayin'!

    I've had Starbucks... meh. I love the nuttiness in the DD coffee. Maybe cuz I'm a nut?

    I have to mail you some. Once you go DD, you never go back!

    I heart Krispy Creams.

    What the hell?? Did you just have a Silent Bob moment???

  15. I LOVE this scene! So true :)

    And wow, that's translation to Español is TEH suck.

  16. But I'll be honest: I have watched RD three times and NEVER made it to the end :(
    It's too sad! :(

  17. When I said "translation" I really meant "subtitles".

    HEY! Sounds like you guys had fun. I wonder what you'll be doing next year.

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